Friday, December 19, 2008

Closer to the financial cliff

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente on Alex Jones' radio show Thursday continues to paint a bleak forecast for the US and world economy. Washington has been taken over in a coup d'etat by Wall Street. The problem has gotten beyond their control. His list of Top Ten Trends for 2009 is not encouraging.

"When people lose everything, they lose it." He is expecting riots for food and housing starting as early as this winter.

Revolution will happen by 2012. In the forefront will be college students and recent graduates with massive loans, no jobs, youthful energy, and lots of time on their hands. The United States will come to look more like the Soviet Union after its break up, with a number of secessionist states and a weak, ineffective central government. The Powerz often instigate a false flag operation to start a war and institute a draft to sop up excessive manpower.

Survival is going to be a big business. Growing food in victory gardens, bartering basic skills, training and supplying training and products for self-defense will be growth areas. Another big business will be a form of private banking with gold-backed deposits.

Government will try to control and censor free speech on the internet. Obama has already announced plans to provide a "new, improved" internet that will be "free." Rumors of Internet II have picked up a lot lately, with Canada and Australia floating trial balloons in this direction. The NWO folks know that the biggest threat they face is freedom of information. Look also for Obama to push through a new "fairness doctrine," that will censor free speech in the name of free speech. Note to self: time to re-read "1984" and "Brave New World."

LEAP/E2020 predicts a global tipping point in March "when the world becomes aware that this crisis is worse than the 1930s crisis." They believe, along with Celente, that the crisis is out of the control of every public authority. Public pensions will fail, and widespread social chaos is likely. Pension funds (and I would assume, IRA's and 401-Ks) will be nationalized. The report continues:

". . . we anticipate that the minimum duration of the decanting phase of the crisis is 3 years . . . only towards the end of 2010 that the situation will start stabilizing again and improving a little in some regions of the world, i.e. Asia and the Eurozone, as well as in countries producing energy, mineral and food commodities. Elsewhere, it will continue; in particular in the US and UK, and in all the countries depending on their economy, were the duration could approximate a decade. In fact these countries should not expect any real return to growth before 2018.

Their combination and the public becoming aware of the consequences they could entail, will result in the great collective psychological trauma of Spring 2009, when everyone will realize that we are all trapped into a crisis worse than in the 1930s and that there is no possible way out in the short-term. The impact on the world’s collective mentalities of people and policy-makers will be decisive and modify significantly the course of the crisis in its next stage. Based on greater disillusion and fewer beliefs, social and political instability will settle down worldwide."

This prediction fits well with their earlier predictions that the US will default on its bond obligations in the summer of 2009 and the time monk's at Half Past Human predicting it to be the "summer from Hell." Mark Farber says that the last bubble to crash in the US will be long-term treasury bonds, and the US will go bankrupt.

Here's a great explanation of the recent bubbles in oil and commodities. He thinks we'll be lucky if the current Depression is only as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930's. His fear is that it will be worse, like the panic of 1873! Read about it and see what you think.

Perhaps the real bubble popping now is the empire bubble. "For sixty-some years we've been high on the delusion of our God-given omnipotence and inherent goodness, convinced we can and should right every wrong, police every border (but our own), and fulfill our alleged destiny as the Promethean light-bearer of the world. This is mental and moral inflation, which was certainly encouraged by the monetary phenomenon: these absurdly inflated goals were financed by imaginary wealth, a good proportion of which has already disappeared."

Peter Schiff, who predicted today's financial turmoil years ago only to be ridiculed by the establishment financial media, explains clearly why the USG's own Ponzi scheme makes the Madoff scandal look like gnat in comparison. When belief in the "full faith and credit of the US Government" fails, the seeds of revolution will sprout.

It may well be that the Fed's recent lowering of interest rates to zero was prompted by the Madoff fraud revelations. Expect an increase in swindles as the Depression moves along. The Madoff story gets even weirder, as it appears that many of his investors probably thought he was doing something illegal to get the spectacular returns reported. They say its easier to con a dishonest man.

In related news, Obama's choice for new SEC Chairman, Mary Schapiro, seems to be an industry-friendly fox to guard the hen house. Another analyst observes: "Without exception, his team assures business as usual, a near-seamless transition from George Bush, and not 'change to believe in.' His latest choices raise more cause for concern and with good reason." Wake up Obama supporters!

Obama seems fatally committed to continuing and expanding Bush's war on Afghanistan. It seems that the CIA and its cohorts on the darkside still use illegal drug trade to fund a big portion of their off-budget operations. (Presidents cross the CIA at their own peril, as JFK found out.) This happened big time during the Viet Nam war. Drugs were run often through Mena, Arkansas during the reigns of Presidet Bush I (former CIA director) and then-Governor Clinton. The hated Taliban killed all the drug trade when they controlled Afghanistan. Since we toppled them, the heroin traffic flourishes again.

Blagogate: Indicted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was a bookie paying protection money to the mob in the 1980's, according to a government informant. Blago looks like a character actor from central casting for this part, doesn't he? (Reportedly, pundit Dick Morris said that Obama and Rahm Emanuel recruited Blago to run for Governor.) Emanuel reportedly talked directly with Blago about Obama's Senate replacement, despite denials by the TeamObama.

Here's one to file for future reference. If we see a "Maitreya" coming on the scene, things will really get interesting.

Sign of the times: Swat team raids a family-run food coop in rural Ohio. "This incident has raised the ominous specter of a restrictive new era in State regulation and enforcement over the nation's private food supply."

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