Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So many crises, so little time!

Each of us needs to think through how the effects of a dollar devaluation will affect us personally. This is an excellent summary. Iceland and Zimbabwe provide current examples. The always entertaining Mogambo Guru thinks we'll see hyperinflation within 18 months! "Hell, everybody with any brains knows that if the government keeps creating more and more money and credit, then consumer prices will rise exponentially and the economy will be ruined, just like Zimbabwe today, and just like every other example in all of history where a stupid bunch of governmental dirtbags created too much money!"

With corporate pension funds at risk, we can expect the Fed to create more money to help keep payments going to retirees. We can expect a steady stream of corporations, corporate credit unions, cities, states, you name it, making pilgrimages to Washington to get their bailout. With unemployment slated to rise much more than the 16.5% it currently is (if calculated the old way before the Clintonistas redefined it for political advantage in 1994), pressure to spend will continue to rise. Keynesianism is slated to go out with a bang in another bubble. That bubble is the doomed US Dollar.

All these efforts are bound to make the problem worse, as they have historically. Salvation by earmarks? Sounds like the "New Deal." I can't even imagine the deals that will be made, as politicians decide who lives and who dies financially. Ain't fascism great! Why am I humming "And the Money Kept Rollin' In" from Evita?

As an additional reality check, Coach Dave speculates that we might experience real (not false flag like 9-11) terrorist attacks concurrently with the perfect financial storm that's forming. This is another good reason to make preparations. Check out his links, especially this one that makes a good case our own government is targeting patriots, Constitutionalists, anti-war activists, truthers and the like as "terrorists." I've seen reports for years about 800 FEMA concentration camps with a capacity of 16-million staffed and ready to go in the US.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of pending domestic chaos, FEMA bureau-rats are busy polishing their plans for martial law in the US. Steve Quayle's report from inside law enforcement sources indicates that the Bushama administration is gearing up for martial law, gun confiscation and civil war in America. (Listen to the report, please.) Remember Paulson's Banker Bailout Bill was rammed through under threat of martial law according the Rep. Brad Sherman and Sen. Jim Inhofe.

ObamaWatch: Even though the courts are still dismissing the numerous cases challenging Obama's eligibility to be President, the issue won't go away. And the consequences for America are staggering. In a related story, Illinois' Governor has been indicted for wide-ranging corruption charges, including trying to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat. I'm sure Obama, whose career is rooted in the Chicago political machine, is somehow unrelated to all that corrupion. Right!

The Obama Presidency still looks like Groundhog Day. Same old, same old. Business as usual.

George Ure's Urban Survival site this morning (12-8-08) has a fascinating discussion of the twin earthquake events predicted by the time monks at HalfPastHuman. If they happen within the next week or so, as predicted, these will be major events. Also, this "future leaking into the present" information technology will gain even more credibility.

Meanwhile, food shortages (i.e., famine) may be looming in the US because of shortages of diesel and propane in the far reaches of the US growing areas. The author of this article makes a good case that the Obama administration should hit the ground running on preventing this. Therefore, they probably won't, because it's not sexy enough, and it actually makes common sense.

With all these threats, it makes more sense to make at least basic survivalist preparations. I, and many others, did this for the Y2K threat that failed to manifest (thankfully). The same situation seems to be facing us today, but with far more tangible and threatening precipitating causes than a computer glitch.

The big kahuna for Y2K was the possibility of "cascading cross defaults" in the financial system which would bring the banking and commerce system to a halt. We are seeing this happening today with the collapse of commercial credit and the nuking of currencies through hyperinflation. Throw in massive unemployment in a depression, civil unrest, martial law, terrorist attacks, WMD attacks, war, outbreak of possible plagues (bird flu, etc.) and there are good reasons to make at least the most basic of preparations. It is a simple insurance issue, for the same reason you buy home, car, health, and life insurance.

Many people are already looking to survivalists for advice. The question is: do you want to prepare for these possibilities hoping that the system will continue to deliver and that the government will successfully step in if the system fails? Or do you want to have some control over your destiny by laying in basic emergency food storage, non-hybrid seeds for a victory garden, water filters, medicine, etc.? I'll be spending more time in future posts on these resources.

And please, don't send me an email saying your "preparation" is putting your faith in God and letting Him handle all these issues. Of course faith is important. Preparation is totally biblical. Witness Joseph discerning the times and storing up in times of plenty for seven years of scarcity, among others. The kind of "faith" that won't prepare is simply shifting the responsibility to others -- not a very Christian thing to do.

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Crackmaggot said...

Not to mention the plastic coffins located at at least one FEMA camp, but I am sure there are more with these types of preparations.

The teachings of the bible are about being prepared. You prepare your soul to be taken care of in the afterlife. Prepare yourself to be taken care on the physical life.

Good article. Thank you for the information.