Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama Stiffs the Anti-War Movement

Afghanistan has never been conquered by an invading force. Many credit the Afghan quagmire for the downfall of the USSR. Sun Tzu gives good reasons why the US and NATO will also fail. Indeed, it has almost failed already.

Questions abound about Obama's official eligiblity for the Presidency. He has left so few footprints, he probably couldn't get a simple security clearance. Is a a CIA spook? The US Supreme Court has scheduled a conference for December 5th concerning Obama's citizenship. Yet, except for the Christian Science Monitor, there is still nary a word about the issue in the Main Stream Media. Media bias? Intimidation? Both?

The Supremes are in a bind. Since they gave the 2000 election to Bush, they'd be severely criticized if they demand certified evidence, especially if it does not exist (likely, since the issue would have been put to rest long ago if it were groundless.) If they ignore the lack of evidence, or say the Constitutional requirement is somehow "outdated," then the door is open for Arnold Schwarzenegger after Obama.

Is Obama confident, or more -- a person with narcissistic personality disorder? We'd better find out.

And then there's Larry Sinclair's forthcoming book. Obama's reign is bound to be surrounded by scandals and rumors.

Surprise, surprise! "Obama's Security Team Delights Hawks." How fun it will be to hear the Obots explaining how this is really consistent with his campaign promises. Just like the Bushbots rationalized trashing the Constitution after 9-11. Justin Raimondo calls it the "End of the Affair" with the anti-war left. Let's see how long they hold the torch for Obama.

PoliceState Watch: In violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, the Pentagon plans to station 20,000 uniformed troops in the US by 2011. The first 5,000 deployed from Iraq last October.

DepressionWatch: One of my favorite financial newsletters got me thinking last week that maybe my gloom-and-doom about the economy is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. As in, fear of the future causing people to stop spending, which slows down the economy unnecessarily and causes job layoffs, all in a self-feeding downward spiral. With psychology at the heart of it. While worth pondering, I prefer to be prepared. There are too many signs that we've overreached ourselves in a big way. Ben Stein gives good reasons why the "slowdown" may be a never-ending story. Still looks like a hyperinflationary depression to me.

It won't help for credit card companies to shrink credit lines by $2 trillion over the next 18 months.

One of the reasons why this depression will be worse than the first is deteriorating moral standards in America. This new ethics study shows that today's high school students lie, steal and cheat more than any time in history. Ethical relativism reaps its predicted harvest.

To clear your palette, you might like to see these 50 strange buildings from around the world.

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