Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Obama Eligible to be President?

The issue of Obama's eligibility for President won't go away. We the People Foundation placed a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune today. This is where Obama's transition team is headquartered, as well as his home and the heart of his political base. The story is most interesting. And more.

Obama needs to deal with this issue in a decisive way. We may be headed towards a Constitutional crisis. The US Supreme Court may choose the hear the case based on their deliberations on December 5. The Main Stream Media still refuses to cover the story.

And ho-hum, the US is officially in a recession, and has been for a year now. Apparently surprised by the news, the DJIA had its fourth largest drop in history. The Eurozone has followed suit with its first recession in its ten-year existence.

Hillary Clinton has officially taken the job of Secretary of State. Surely it is in jest the Bill Clinton has been mentioned as a possible replacement for her Senate seat. Is this a great country, or what?

Obama priomises more war in "South Asia." Uh-ho, now that we've had terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we can add India's terrorists to our own hit list. According to this Reuters article, Obama still thinks Bin Laden is alive, or at least wants you and me to believe that. Still wondering if Mumbai was a false flag operation. Little reported is that the attackers were white, blond, well dressed, had punkish hair. And apparently, Indian security forces helped and/or stood down during the attacks.

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