Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As the Worm Turns

Blogogate: More evidence appears that shows Rahm Emanuel was involved in discussions about the replacement for Obama's senate seat. Tony Rezko, who gave the Obama's sweetheart deal on land for their home, is tied up in the scandal. The Chicago Tribune prematurely (on purpose?) released the story before Blago's entire scheme could unfold on tape. Obama continues to insist that he was unaware of any discussions, despite clear implication that he was. Politics, scandal is thy name. Thomas DiLorenzo wonders why the outrage over political "pay-to-play?" That's the norm!

Breaking news: an internal investigation by the Obama team has cleared itself of any wrong doing with Blago. Well, I'm glad that's taken care of!

"Frighteningly accurate trends forecaster Gerald Celente says that America will see riots similar to those currently ongoing in Greece and that the cause will be a hyper-inflationary depression, leading to the inevitable use of troops and mercenaries to deal with the crisis as Americans are incarcerated in internment camps." Fears of riots spread across Europe or, as the head of the IMF fears, worldwide. Anarchy may be our planet's future. This sets the stage for martial law, of course. As a sign of the times, we see more domestic militarization of American law enforcement.
The dollar rally may be over. If you're planning on getting some gold or silver protection for your financial assets, your time is almost up. Using the prices at Goldmasters, the premium for 1 oz. gold eagles is today up to 16%, one-percent higher than last week. If you're still putting off buying gold and silver insurance positions because of deflation, then you'll want to understand how deflation creates hyperinflation.

As I've warned before on this blog, do not purchase gold and silver ETF's in the belief that you are protecting your assets by holding gold and silver. As substitutes or surrogates for the real thing, they are deficient. They may be convenient, but when the time comes that you want to own gold and silver, you may be left holding the bag instead.

A new study indicates that the Paulsen-Bernanke takeover of the financial services industry was based on unsubstantiated claims that we had a credit crisis. The likely result is hyperinflation as in the Weimar Republic of 1922.

Jim Willie observes that "The USFed has begun to take on some curious similarities to a crime syndicate central clearinghouse. It refuses to disclose which banks received bond swaps, and refuses to reveal what assets it accepted as collateral. Before long, RICO Laws against racketeering might be invoked."

Grassroots activists helped derail the Republican-led effort in Ohio to pass legislation calling for a Constitional Convention. These aren't Goldwater-Reagan Republicans.

A "tax holiday" on payroll taxes would be a great way to preserve jobs and stimulate spending at the grassroots, where the people are. With no graft to spread around, such a fair, sensible idea probably has no chance of passing. Instead, we'll get New Deal II, which will fail to pull us out of the Depression, just as its predecessor failed. Only FDR's entering the war with Japan and Germany after his provocation of Japan did that trick.

ObamaWatch: Scotus again refuses to hear Obama citizenship case. Obama could totally defuse the issue by producing a valid Certificate of Live Birth. Tellingly, he has not. With the fix in to seat a Constitutionally unqualified man, Obama will be putty in the hands of his Establishment controllers (as if there was ever any question about it.) Blackmail can accomplish wonders.

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