Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kiss the Dollar Goodbye

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Franklin Sanders, of The Money Changer and trusted seller of precious metals, summed up our situation well in his daily (mostly) free email newsletter:

Tuesday, 16 December a.d. 2008
Whoa! You men paying attention? Stand up where
you are, twist your body to the right, place your right
hand in your back pocket, withdraw your wallet, pull
out a green federal reserve note, lift it to your lips,

You women will have to fish in your purses ten
minutes to find your wallets, then dig out a
out a buck and kiss it good-bye.

Not only have the Fed & the Treasury executed a
coup d'etat & taken over the yankee government entire, the
Fed reduced the Fed Funds rate to 0.5%, lowest level
in history. But in case that doesn't work, they also have
yet another new strategy: "quantitative easing." That
is "Fedspeak" for printing money. Let the presses begin!
Let there be money, and let it flood the hills & valleys,
yea, let it flow into the shallowest pockets in the land,
& let the desert economy bloom!

Folks, if any of y'all yet cling to the "deflationary"
outcome, you had best let it go today. Although the
economic outcome will be depression, the monetary
outcome will be massive inflation, & quite likely,
hyperinflation. The dollar will evaporate, while silver &
gold will skyrocket, unless the laws of cause & effect
have been repealed by a compliant congress.

Gold closed at US$841.70, up 6.30, until the Fed announced
its "plans", sending gold up to US$861, another US$19.30.
Silver, which had closed up 8.5 cents to 1067.40 cents,
jumped 70 more cents to 1137 cents. The prices show for
gold & silver items below derive from those higher
aftermarket prices.

All bets are off, friends, for any sort of peaceful landing.
Every man for himself! Today your government & the
private corporation that controls the economy & the
money, the Federal Reserve, threw you, and the US dollar,
out of the boat, with an anvil tied to your feet. Every
one of us had better learn to swim.

As proof, he brings forth the next exhibit, the US
Dollar Index, which today posted its biggest swing yet
in a mighty long string of big swings, down a full 186
basis points to close at 80.22. Mercy! This isn't currency
exchange, it's Las Vegas. Stocks liked the lower dollar.
The Dow rose 310 and the S&P500 37, but stocks still
haven't broken out above the critical 9,000 Dow level.

Today silver closed above the 1050 first hurdle, but
gold didn't quite make the 850 resistance. In the
aftermarket, both metals shot through resistance levels,
especially silver. Tomorrow should produce yet
more gains.

Do not wait now to buy silver & gold. This is the
breakout. Buy now or pay much, much more later."

Gold 1 oz. Eagles are now selling for over $1,000. Buy physical metals for delivery. Stay away from ETF's like the plague. Think Madoff (who "made off" with his investor's money to the tune of $50 billion plus). Don't bet your savings that the ETF's actually have all the gold they say, or that they will deliver any of it to you. Gold is money; therefore a hedge against inflation and deflation.

The Dollar rally is over. It seems that the Fed and Treasury are determined to destroy the US Dollar, therefore forcing consumers to spend in a last ditch effort to postpone the death of the economy for a little while longer. They are now out of bullets. They will destroy the American middle class. Evil is thy name. Predictably, in a final act of delusion, he stock market is soaring in a death rally.

Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Everything) says "the economy is f****d." He'd never make a good Fed chairman or politician with straight talk like that. We have sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind.

Blogogate: Now we know why Blago was outed. Yes, he is corrupt like the rest of them. He was just defying the Banksters in favor of small business and workers. That is not the spirit of the bailouts. Think of the phrase "honor among thieves." Blago violated the criminal code of "honor." Do you think this message is not being lost on all the other governors and elected officials? Was Rahm Emanuel on 21 of these tapes? Michelle Obama is probably one of the "specifically named individuals" in the Blago indictment.

Army 'Strategic Shock' Report Says Troops May Be Needed To Quell U.S. Civil Unrest The Army is getting ready for civil unrest and martial law. Shouldn't you?

Journalist Muntader Al-Zaidi may have thrown the "shoe heard round the world" at Bush. His act "may launch a revolution in the Muslim world against the dictatorial oppressive Arab and Muslim leaders as well as the American-Israeli hegemony upon their lives, lands, and resources. His courageous deed is the single most meaningful action done to restore Arab dignity, honor, and courage in the face of the one man who took the opportunity of a tragic terrorist attack on the WTC and the Pentagon with the resultant death of 3,000 Americans to unleash the world’s most powerful military against any Muslim nation of choice, resulting in the murder of millions with tens of thousands of destroyed villages, bridges, hospitals, schools, orphanages, electric and water plants, roads, stores, mosques, and domestic animals."

No one suggests that Al-Zaidi hated America for its freedom and values. Though he missed his target, perhaps he will inspire not only Muslims, but others around the world to resist the war of the elites against the people. He certainly puts the cowardly White House press corps to shame. Bush is but a puppet for the Globalist/New World Order crowd. If you don't believe the NWO exists, and that they have an agenda to rule the world and enslave the rest of us, you had better start your research now. Will you go quietly? Or will you prepare and resist?

I urge you again, try to listen to Alex Jones' show Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm, CST. His show then re-runs 24/7 until the next one, so you can listen anytime. You can also download podcasts. You must begin to bring yourself up to speed. There is so much more happening than I can begin to cover. Time is short.

For a little comic relief, you can test your own show-throwing skills at "Sock and Awe." I like this one even better.

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