Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The golden drama heats up

Strong evidence exists that the gold market (and derivatively, silver) has been manipulated as a matter of economic policy for many years. This new white paper is the best summary I've seen. If you're at all interested in understanding this market, as well as the urgency to make any planned purchases soon, this is convincing reading. The report concludes:

"the trap is snapping shut on who will own the gold in 2009. Free-market supplies of gold are drying up, but the price is being kept low as global institutions sop up whatever crumbs are left.

Several very serious implications can be drawn:

  • The massive amounts of gold leased to bullion banks will ultimately be seized by these same banks as collateral against worthless paper loans made to the Central Banks.
  • Central Banks (including the Federal Reserve) could well be left to disintegrate in order to give way to a single global central bank controlled and fueled by the bullion banks who have monopoly control over the world's gold.
  • These superbanks are all closely tied to the goals and membership of the Trilateral Commission, whose members have methodically carried out a monetary policy designed to bring about this eventuality.
  • For all practical intent, individuals will be frozen out of the gold market at any price.

Indeed, a global totalitarian state may be closer than we think; as the globalist's golden rule states, 'He who has the gold, makes the rules.'"

As a chaser, we have a disturbing follow up from Antal Fekete who wrote about the "backwardation" in gold that I wrote about in "the dollar is doomed." If he is correct, the Comex gold exchange may well be unable to deliver the gold being demanded by options holders when their options expire. Not only would this be de facto bankruptcy, but it could pull the last legs out from under the dollar.

The mirage of dollar strength has been kept up mainly by the manipulation of the gold price. But the gold bulls are calling their bluff and taking delivery. We will likely see this drama played out by the end of December or the end of next February. This is powerful, folks, and you won't be hearing about it on CNN or Faux News. You've got to read this so you can appreciate the history unfolding before our eyes. And buy some gold coins if you can find them.

Speaking of globalism, Justin Raimondo discusses the push to global government/governance/New World Order and how the Obama administration is likely to push for surrendering more American sovereignty (i.e., freedom) to international governing bodies. Obama's appointments indicate he will follow the Bush-Clinton-Bush practice of going "over the heads of voters and add on new commitments to existing international structures, such as the UN and NATO [and the North American Union]. This is the motivating factor behind the new multilateralism that will energize the foreign policy of the Obama administration, the sort of internationalism that is routinely described by its advocates as 'robust.'" Why bother with consulting Congress or obeying the confines of the Constitution?

The push to globalism could easily be the purpose behind the financial crisis. " The purpose of the current financial catastrophe was to infect the entire world financial system with toxic waste and other unregulated derivatives, also known as financial weapons of mass destruction, to bring it crashing down so that a single world financial system with a single medium of exchange could be set forth as the suggested solution and then crammed down our throats in yet another nauseating and tiresome iteration of the Hegelian Dialectic."

In spite of all this, it is quite likely that we'll see a big bounce back in the stock market concurrent with Obama's inauguration. It happened several times during the depression of the 30's. Bear market rallies are built on pessimism and climb a wall of worrry. With forecasts of the the world economy shrinking for the first time since 1945, the end of the Chinese manufacturing boom, plummeting oil demand, zero-or-lower interest on T-Bills, Forbes magazine calling Wall Street "banksters," the US economy in a rapidly-accelterating freefall, and these eight scary predictions by market experts, we have a sufficiently pessimistic base for a bounce. If it does, sell and recoup some of your losses.

Obama's massive fiscal stimulus is going to pour lots of money into the economy and create some big winners. Wouldn't you like to have insider knowledge like Obama-Rahmbo's friends on Wall Street and in Chicago will be getting? Buy low, sell high they say. The net result, though, will still be hyperinflation.

It seems that Central American nations will be instituting a new continental currency in response to the financial crisis.

I've written numerous times lately about the real Constitutional problem questioning Obama's eligibility to be President. Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin observes the hypocrisy of many "conservatives" on this issue. It seems they only care about the Constitution when it suits their partisan purposes. "Most of them really could not care less about adherence to the Constitution. If they did, they would have been up in arms for the last eight years as President George W. Bush repeatedly ignored--and even trampled--the U.S. Constitution."

Daily hyperinflation reminder: in Oldsmoblie Nation Dr. Gary North writes "The world we grew up in has been lost since August 2007. The man who saw this coming and warned about it, Dr. Kurt Richeb├Ącher, died that month. He had predicted the worst capital crisis in our era. This is what it is becoming. . . . Inflation is coming. Then controls. Then rationing." Time to prepare, folks.

Here's a nice story about how precocious Obama controller Rahm Emanuel learned investment banking so well that he earned $16 million in 3 years so he could buy a Congressional seat in the corrupt state of Illinois. His Bankster pals on Wall Street should have continued success with their continuing begging for taxpayer bailouts in the Obama administration.

From the same nest of Chicago corruption, the story about Governor Blagojevich continues to unfold. "What did Obama know, and when did he know it" is a pertinent question. With so many Clintonistas in the Obama administration, will we see a bizarre marriage of rural Arkansas corruption with the pros from Chicago? Speaking of, I'm not the only one wondering "What Do the Clintons Have on Obama?"

Panama Legal, a Panamanian law firm, seems to agree a lot with me: Some Things to Look for in 2009. I wish they'd prove me wrong, instead.

These photos of the destructive wildfires in California last month are dramatic.

And finally, enjoy a trip to the edge of the universe. This is truly mind-boggling and seems to put everything in perspective.


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