Monday, June 23, 2014

Porter's Picks for Primary -- Oklahoma Republican Candidates

Oklahoma's political races may turn out to be more surprising than anyone thinks. A seismic shift in the political landscape could be shocking in November. With Oklahoma's primary tomorrow, I thought I'd share my thoughts. I've already surprised myself by coming out for Steve Russell for 5th District Congress. If you had told me that 2 months ago I wouldn't have believed you. More on that below.

Governor -- Dax Ewbank. Government has grown much more expensive, more intrusive and more special interest-driven under Fallin's watch. “Stop It!,” says this father of seven. Dax is a man of integrity, a pastor, and a man of strong libertarian principle. I recommend him without reservation.

4th District Congress -- Anna Flatt. I used to be a great admirer of Tom Cole. But in his years in Congress, he has played the game well and is now firmly entrenched in the political establishment. Anna is a long-time political activist and principled libertarian, with a strong backbone. I'd love to see her in Congress. She would really shake things up!

5th District Congress – Steve Russell. I hadn't really paid much attention this race until I heard him speak last month. I was impressed by his presentation, his passion, and his presence. He is a man on a mission to help turn this country around.

My endorsement is based on two subsequent conversations I've had with him. Russell is open to reasoned, factual dialog on the issues. While he has reservations about some aspects of consistent libertarianism, he is devoted to Liberty. His favorite economist is Bastiat.

Russell exudes confidence, intelligence and leadership. A retired Lt. Colonel, he served 3 combat tours. He is aware how the military has been used and abused, and has a great grasp of history. He is running in response to the national crisis, not because there is an open congressional seat needing a new politician.

Based on our conversations, I believe he will:
* work to oppose further roll out of the police state by IRS, DEA, NSA, NDAA, etc.
* vote in favor of State's Rights under the 10th Amendment
* continue his work to protect the 2nd Amendment
* keep us out of any more unconstitutional wars
* lead the opposition to Obama's unconstitutional policies.

I'm not starry eyed with this endorsement. I've been around politics too long for that. But based on the short time I've known Steve, I think he could be a great improvement over what we have. If he is not, be sure you will hear it from me.

Corporation Commission -- Todd Hiett. Many leaders I respect are for him. Good enough for me. The problem is that this job is too often used as a springboard to higher political office or a better paying job. So special interests can be very "persuasive." As they can be if one stays in that office too long.

Senator (replacing Coburn) -- Randy Brogdon. Randy has the best guiding political philosophy, along with both business and legislative experience. I'm sick of people advancing to Congress whose greatest skill is political machinations. We need courageous statesmen at a time like ours.

Senator (Inhofe's Seat) -- Inhofe wins. Time for Jim to come home and enjoy his retirement. While I admire his courageous work opposing the bogus global warming agenda, he seems to have no end of support for everything military, as well as the erection of the police state. Hopefully he is sticking around to help lead us out of this mess. 

State Superintendent of Public Instruction -- Who Knows? I spent 15 minutes with both Barresi and Hofmeister recently. Both were very persuasive about how much they care about education, how child and parent and homeschool-friendly they are, and anti-common core, and how the other is an incompetent person under the thumb of special interests. Too bad Linda Murphy got fed up with politics. Whoever wins, we gotta watch 'em. 

Beyond these, please see two excellent articles by Steve Dickson. We disagree on 5th District, but agree on most of the rest: How I am voting and Who I would like to vote for, but can't.

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