Friday, December 19, 2008

Closer to the financial cliff

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente on Alex Jones' radio show Thursday continues to paint a bleak forecast for the US and world economy. Washington has been taken over in a coup d'etat by Wall Street. The problem has gotten beyond their control. His list of Top Ten Trends for 2009 is not encouraging.

"When people lose everything, they lose it." He is expecting riots for food and housing starting as early as this winter.

Revolution will happen by 2012. In the forefront will be college students and recent graduates with massive loans, no jobs, youthful energy, and lots of time on their hands. The United States will come to look more like the Soviet Union after its break up, with a number of secessionist states and a weak, ineffective central government. The Powerz often instigate a false flag operation to start a war and institute a draft to sop up excessive manpower.

Survival is going to be a big business. Growing food in victory gardens, bartering basic skills, training and supplying training and products for self-defense will be growth areas. Another big business will be a form of private banking with gold-backed deposits.

Government will try to control and censor free speech on the internet. Obama has already announced plans to provide a "new, improved" internet that will be "free." Rumors of Internet II have picked up a lot lately, with Canada and Australia floating trial balloons in this direction. The NWO folks know that the biggest threat they face is freedom of information. Look also for Obama to push through a new "fairness doctrine," that will censor free speech in the name of free speech. Note to self: time to re-read "1984" and "Brave New World."

LEAP/E2020 predicts a global tipping point in March "when the world becomes aware that this crisis is worse than the 1930s crisis." They believe, along with Celente, that the crisis is out of the control of every public authority. Public pensions will fail, and widespread social chaos is likely. Pension funds (and I would assume, IRA's and 401-Ks) will be nationalized. The report continues:

". . . we anticipate that the minimum duration of the decanting phase of the crisis is 3 years . . . only towards the end of 2010 that the situation will start stabilizing again and improving a little in some regions of the world, i.e. Asia and the Eurozone, as well as in countries producing energy, mineral and food commodities. Elsewhere, it will continue; in particular in the US and UK, and in all the countries depending on their economy, were the duration could approximate a decade. In fact these countries should not expect any real return to growth before 2018.

Their combination and the public becoming aware of the consequences they could entail, will result in the great collective psychological trauma of Spring 2009, when everyone will realize that we are all trapped into a crisis worse than in the 1930s and that there is no possible way out in the short-term. The impact on the world’s collective mentalities of people and policy-makers will be decisive and modify significantly the course of the crisis in its next stage. Based on greater disillusion and fewer beliefs, social and political instability will settle down worldwide."

This prediction fits well with their earlier predictions that the US will default on its bond obligations in the summer of 2009 and the time monk's at Half Past Human predicting it to be the "summer from Hell." Mark Farber says that the last bubble to crash in the US will be long-term treasury bonds, and the US will go bankrupt.

Here's a great explanation of the recent bubbles in oil and commodities. He thinks we'll be lucky if the current Depression is only as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930's. His fear is that it will be worse, like the panic of 1873! Read about it and see what you think.

Perhaps the real bubble popping now is the empire bubble. "For sixty-some years we've been high on the delusion of our God-given omnipotence and inherent goodness, convinced we can and should right every wrong, police every border (but our own), and fulfill our alleged destiny as the Promethean light-bearer of the world. This is mental and moral inflation, which was certainly encouraged by the monetary phenomenon: these absurdly inflated goals were financed by imaginary wealth, a good proportion of which has already disappeared."

Peter Schiff, who predicted today's financial turmoil years ago only to be ridiculed by the establishment financial media, explains clearly why the USG's own Ponzi scheme makes the Madoff scandal look like gnat in comparison. When belief in the "full faith and credit of the US Government" fails, the seeds of revolution will sprout.

It may well be that the Fed's recent lowering of interest rates to zero was prompted by the Madoff fraud revelations. Expect an increase in swindles as the Depression moves along. The Madoff story gets even weirder, as it appears that many of his investors probably thought he was doing something illegal to get the spectacular returns reported. They say its easier to con a dishonest man.

In related news, Obama's choice for new SEC Chairman, Mary Schapiro, seems to be an industry-friendly fox to guard the hen house. Another analyst observes: "Without exception, his team assures business as usual, a near-seamless transition from George Bush, and not 'change to believe in.' His latest choices raise more cause for concern and with good reason." Wake up Obama supporters!

Obama seems fatally committed to continuing and expanding Bush's war on Afghanistan. It seems that the CIA and its cohorts on the darkside still use illegal drug trade to fund a big portion of their off-budget operations. (Presidents cross the CIA at their own peril, as JFK found out.) This happened big time during the Viet Nam war. Drugs were run often through Mena, Arkansas during the reigns of Presidet Bush I (former CIA director) and then-Governor Clinton. The hated Taliban killed all the drug trade when they controlled Afghanistan. Since we toppled them, the heroin traffic flourishes again.

Blagogate: Indicted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was a bookie paying protection money to the mob in the 1980's, according to a government informant. Blago looks like a character actor from central casting for this part, doesn't he? (Reportedly, pundit Dick Morris said that Obama and Rahm Emanuel recruited Blago to run for Governor.) Emanuel reportedly talked directly with Blago about Obama's Senate replacement, despite denials by the TeamObama.

Here's one to file for future reference. If we see a "Maitreya" coming on the scene, things will really get interesting.

Sign of the times: Swat team raids a family-run food coop in rural Ohio. "This incident has raised the ominous specter of a restrictive new era in State regulation and enforcement over the nation's private food supply."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kiss the Dollar Goodbye

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Franklin Sanders, of The Money Changer and trusted seller of precious metals, summed up our situation well in his daily (mostly) free email newsletter:

Tuesday, 16 December a.d. 2008
Whoa! You men paying attention? Stand up where
you are, twist your body to the right, place your right
hand in your back pocket, withdraw your wallet, pull
out a green federal reserve note, lift it to your lips,

You women will have to fish in your purses ten
minutes to find your wallets, then dig out a
out a buck and kiss it good-bye.

Not only have the Fed & the Treasury executed a
coup d'etat & taken over the yankee government entire, the
Fed reduced the Fed Funds rate to 0.5%, lowest level
in history. But in case that doesn't work, they also have
yet another new strategy: "quantitative easing." That
is "Fedspeak" for printing money. Let the presses begin!
Let there be money, and let it flood the hills & valleys,
yea, let it flow into the shallowest pockets in the land,
& let the desert economy bloom!

Folks, if any of y'all yet cling to the "deflationary"
outcome, you had best let it go today. Although the
economic outcome will be depression, the monetary
outcome will be massive inflation, & quite likely,
hyperinflation. The dollar will evaporate, while silver &
gold will skyrocket, unless the laws of cause & effect
have been repealed by a compliant congress.

Gold closed at US$841.70, up 6.30, until the Fed announced
its "plans", sending gold up to US$861, another US$19.30.
Silver, which had closed up 8.5 cents to 1067.40 cents,
jumped 70 more cents to 1137 cents. The prices show for
gold & silver items below derive from those higher
aftermarket prices.

All bets are off, friends, for any sort of peaceful landing.
Every man for himself! Today your government & the
private corporation that controls the economy & the
money, the Federal Reserve, threw you, and the US dollar,
out of the boat, with an anvil tied to your feet. Every
one of us had better learn to swim.

As proof, he brings forth the next exhibit, the US
Dollar Index, which today posted its biggest swing yet
in a mighty long string of big swings, down a full 186
basis points to close at 80.22. Mercy! This isn't currency
exchange, it's Las Vegas. Stocks liked the lower dollar.
The Dow rose 310 and the S&P500 37, but stocks still
haven't broken out above the critical 9,000 Dow level.

Today silver closed above the 1050 first hurdle, but
gold didn't quite make the 850 resistance. In the
aftermarket, both metals shot through resistance levels,
especially silver. Tomorrow should produce yet
more gains.

Do not wait now to buy silver & gold. This is the
breakout. Buy now or pay much, much more later."

Gold 1 oz. Eagles are now selling for over $1,000. Buy physical metals for delivery. Stay away from ETF's like the plague. Think Madoff (who "made off" with his investor's money to the tune of $50 billion plus). Don't bet your savings that the ETF's actually have all the gold they say, or that they will deliver any of it to you. Gold is money; therefore a hedge against inflation and deflation.

The Dollar rally is over. It seems that the Fed and Treasury are determined to destroy the US Dollar, therefore forcing consumers to spend in a last ditch effort to postpone the death of the economy for a little while longer. They are now out of bullets. They will destroy the American middle class. Evil is thy name. Predictably, in a final act of delusion, he stock market is soaring in a death rally.

Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Everything) says "the economy is f****d." He'd never make a good Fed chairman or politician with straight talk like that. We have sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind.

Blogogate: Now we know why Blago was outed. Yes, he is corrupt like the rest of them. He was just defying the Banksters in favor of small business and workers. That is not the spirit of the bailouts. Think of the phrase "honor among thieves." Blago violated the criminal code of "honor." Do you think this message is not being lost on all the other governors and elected officials? Was Rahm Emanuel on 21 of these tapes? Michelle Obama is probably one of the "specifically named individuals" in the Blago indictment.

Army 'Strategic Shock' Report Says Troops May Be Needed To Quell U.S. Civil Unrest The Army is getting ready for civil unrest and martial law. Shouldn't you?

Journalist Muntader Al-Zaidi may have thrown the "shoe heard round the world" at Bush. His act "may launch a revolution in the Muslim world against the dictatorial oppressive Arab and Muslim leaders as well as the American-Israeli hegemony upon their lives, lands, and resources. His courageous deed is the single most meaningful action done to restore Arab dignity, honor, and courage in the face of the one man who took the opportunity of a tragic terrorist attack on the WTC and the Pentagon with the resultant death of 3,000 Americans to unleash the world’s most powerful military against any Muslim nation of choice, resulting in the murder of millions with tens of thousands of destroyed villages, bridges, hospitals, schools, orphanages, electric and water plants, roads, stores, mosques, and domestic animals."

No one suggests that Al-Zaidi hated America for its freedom and values. Though he missed his target, perhaps he will inspire not only Muslims, but others around the world to resist the war of the elites against the people. He certainly puts the cowardly White House press corps to shame. Bush is but a puppet for the Globalist/New World Order crowd. If you don't believe the NWO exists, and that they have an agenda to rule the world and enslave the rest of us, you had better start your research now. Will you go quietly? Or will you prepare and resist?

I urge you again, try to listen to Alex Jones' show Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm, CST. His show then re-runs 24/7 until the next one, so you can listen anytime. You can also download podcasts. You must begin to bring yourself up to speed. There is so much more happening than I can begin to cover. Time is short.

For a little comic relief, you can test your own show-throwing skills at "Sock and Awe." I like this one even better.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As the Worm Turns

Blogogate: More evidence appears that shows Rahm Emanuel was involved in discussions about the replacement for Obama's senate seat. Tony Rezko, who gave the Obama's sweetheart deal on land for their home, is tied up in the scandal. The Chicago Tribune prematurely (on purpose?) released the story before Blago's entire scheme could unfold on tape. Obama continues to insist that he was unaware of any discussions, despite clear implication that he was. Politics, scandal is thy name. Thomas DiLorenzo wonders why the outrage over political "pay-to-play?" That's the norm!

Breaking news: an internal investigation by the Obama team has cleared itself of any wrong doing with Blago. Well, I'm glad that's taken care of!

"Frighteningly accurate trends forecaster Gerald Celente says that America will see riots similar to those currently ongoing in Greece and that the cause will be a hyper-inflationary depression, leading to the inevitable use of troops and mercenaries to deal with the crisis as Americans are incarcerated in internment camps." Fears of riots spread across Europe or, as the head of the IMF fears, worldwide. Anarchy may be our planet's future. This sets the stage for martial law, of course. As a sign of the times, we see more domestic militarization of American law enforcement.
The dollar rally may be over. If you're planning on getting some gold or silver protection for your financial assets, your time is almost up. Using the prices at Goldmasters, the premium for 1 oz. gold eagles is today up to 16%, one-percent higher than last week. If you're still putting off buying gold and silver insurance positions because of deflation, then you'll want to understand how deflation creates hyperinflation.

As I've warned before on this blog, do not purchase gold and silver ETF's in the belief that you are protecting your assets by holding gold and silver. As substitutes or surrogates for the real thing, they are deficient. They may be convenient, but when the time comes that you want to own gold and silver, you may be left holding the bag instead.

A new study indicates that the Paulsen-Bernanke takeover of the financial services industry was based on unsubstantiated claims that we had a credit crisis. The likely result is hyperinflation as in the Weimar Republic of 1922.

Jim Willie observes that "The USFed has begun to take on some curious similarities to a crime syndicate central clearinghouse. It refuses to disclose which banks received bond swaps, and refuses to reveal what assets it accepted as collateral. Before long, RICO Laws against racketeering might be invoked."

Grassroots activists helped derail the Republican-led effort in Ohio to pass legislation calling for a Constitional Convention. These aren't Goldwater-Reagan Republicans.

A "tax holiday" on payroll taxes would be a great way to preserve jobs and stimulate spending at the grassroots, where the people are. With no graft to spread around, such a fair, sensible idea probably has no chance of passing. Instead, we'll get New Deal II, which will fail to pull us out of the Depression, just as its predecessor failed. Only FDR's entering the war with Japan and Germany after his provocation of Japan did that trick.

ObamaWatch: Scotus again refuses to hear Obama citizenship case. Obama could totally defuse the issue by producing a valid Certificate of Live Birth. Tellingly, he has not. With the fix in to seat a Constitutionally unqualified man, Obama will be putty in the hands of his Establishment controllers (as if there was ever any question about it.) Blackmail can accomplish wonders.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Obama and the Fourth Turning Watershed

ObamaWatch: Following on the "Groundhog Day" theme (from what I consider one of America's great movies) of a few days ago, John Pilger observes that so far Obama's "change" is a code word for "continuity." Keeping Gates as SecDef promises the US will be deeply involved in the Middle East for some time. John Brennan at CIA shows tolerance for "extraordinary rendition. Madeline Albright, an architect of Clinton's 1990's genocide in the siege of Baghdad, is assigned to develop the US response to genocide.

"There is more continuity in Obama’s appointment of officials who will deal with the economic piracy that brought down Wall Street and impoverished millions. As in Bill Murray’s nightmare, they are the same officials who caused it. . . . Contrary to myth, Obama’s campaign was funded largely by rapacious capital, such as Citigroup and others responsible for the sub-prime mortgage scandal, whose victims were mostly African Americans and other poor people. . . . President Obama is the latest manager of an ideological machine that transcends electoral power."

Pilger finds hope in Obama's idealistic supporters who his cynical advisors say "have no place else to go. . . . If there is a happy ending to the Groundhog Day of repeated wars and plunder, it may well be found in the very mass movement whose enthusiasts registered voters and knocked on doors and brought Obama to power. Will they now be satisfied as spectators to the cynicism of “continuity”? In less than three months, millions of angry Americans have been politicized by the spectacle of billions of dollars of handouts to Wall Street as they struggle to save their jobs and homes. It's as if seeds have begun to sprout beneath the political snow. And history, like Groundhog Day, can repeat itself. Few predicted the epoch-making events of the 1960s and the speed with which they happened. As a beneficiary of that time, Obama should know that when the blinkers are removed, anything is possible."

My hope is that Obama's youthful supporters (as opposed to the die hard Democrats) will be far less tolerant of Obama's sellout than were Bush's apologists on the Christian Right. Both supported their man with religious fervor. The Millennial Generation's secular religious tendencies should prove less enduring as the reality of the Obama administration sets in. His charisma will start to ring hollow. They probably won't like his calls for mandatory "national service" (the draft). And they should have no stomach for the continued bloodshed in the Middle East. His allegiance to the Banksters and ties to corruption will be clear for all to see.

On the other hand, with the economy going in the tank, financial stress may see them opting for the security of all the new government jobs he's promising with his stimulus packages. The more idealistic/authoritarian of them may relish the idea of becoming part of his new, million-member, National Civilian Security Force. Youthful idealists are not immune. Could they become counterparts to Hitler's Brown Shirts or Mussolini's Black Shirt Militia? Is this warning by a former member of Hitler's Youth on target? Our Dear Leader is already touted as a role model and appears in government school textbooks. Is there a limit to what can be justified by an appeal to "the greater good?"

The battle for the future may well be in the hands of the Millennials as we enter the Fourth Turning. My fear is that they have been so brainwashed by the government schools and popular culture, that they won't even be able to grasp the real issues. The home schooled kids I've met are generally much better grounded and independent in their thinking than the public, and even private, schooled graduates. They are less susceptible to mob psychology, too.

It may well be that King Obama's Dream Team will complete the transformation of our once constitutional republic into fascist Amerika. Capitalism and freedom may well be dead. As Ayn Rand wrote 50 years ago, "Capitalism: [is] The Unknown ideal." What we have experienced in the US in our lifetimes is not free market capitalism, though it has been represented as such. But, "capitalism" gets the bad rap for the economic problems we face. I've heard this from three well-"educated" Millennials I know. Therefore, they are Marxists. Incredible!

America has morphed, slowly like the proverbial frog in the heating pot of water, into Amerika: "Our country was founded upon the principles of freedom, responsibility, and opportunity to succeed or fail. Government was supposed to play a limited role in our lives. Government’s function was to defend against foreign invaders, provide basic services, enforce the laws, and maintain the public infrastructure of the country. Over time government has incessantly intervened in the economic system and by successive steps has moved the country toward socialism. Millions of Americans are now totally dependent upon handouts from the government. This policy of government expansion through the use of credit at the expense of taxpayers is detrimental to the rest of society. Interventionist wars, undeclared by Congress, and maintaining military bases in 117 countries were not envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The more we consent to government intervening in our lives, the more freedom that we lose. We are now experiencing the utmost intervention by government in our 222 year history."

Ominously, Obama's continuity pick for SecDef Gates calls for greater integration between active duty and reserve military. And new rules published in the Federal Register call for expanding the military's domestic mission "to prevent environmental damage or respond to 'special events' and 'other domestic activities.'" Earlier we reported the combat brigades now stationed in the US by Northcom for domestic peacekeeping. So long Posse Comitatus!

My mood of apprehension increases as we approach the King's inauguration and his First 100 Days. They promise to be truly "transforming." Too bad for us.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Crisis Continues - More

The cost of the Bailout is up to $8.5 trillion and rising weekly. An "informed" friend of mine yesterday still thinks it's a mere $700 billion. Just goes to show: 1. how effective the mainstream media propaganda is, and 2. how wicked the banksters are. Meanwhile, Jim Rogers declares most large US banks "totally bankrupt." Bob Chapman updates his warning Hyperinflation and then the Second Great Depression. Pension funds are but one of the next shoes to drop.

Meanwhile, the Fed refuses to reveal the recipients of $2 trillion in bailout loans. They've also refused to allow an audit of their books, or the gold supposedly in Ft. Knox for years. Ron Paul continues to warn that the Fed's printing of money is the root of the problem. When will the American people wake up to the criminality of the Republicrats and stop playing their two-party game?

QuagmireWatch: Nato is paying protection money to the Taliban to stay in Afghanistan! The West is indirectly funding the insurgency in Afghanistan thanks to a system of payoffs to Taleban commanders who charge protection money to allow convoys of military supplies to reach Nato bases in the south of the country."

ObamaWatch: Is Rahm Emanuel the Obama advisor involved in the reported negotiations to fill the vacated Illinois Senate seat? Why won't he answer questions about whether he had a role? And the facts recorded at the time show that Obama did, in fact, meet with Blagojevich about his replacement. So now do we have Blogogate? It's always the cover-up that gets them.

Joel Skousen, in his latest newsletter, writes that the "fix is in" as the Supreme Court refuses to deal with the issue of Obama's eligibility.

". . . the matter will never be officially resolved. The extent of the collusion to mask Obama's birth place has been widespread. Obama has refused to allow any review of his college and university records. This is surely because his applications for entrance or his applications for financial aid contain statements that either he was foreign born or that he applied for aid as a foreign student. If there wasn't something incriminating there, he would have opened them for review. The State Department refuses to document how Obama got a US passport. Obama never held a US passport until his visit to Kenya, though he traveled to and from the US on several occasions. That means he was traveling under another nation's passport -most likely Indonesia where he was a citizen.

Hawaii continues to collude in this conspiracy by refusing to reveal the source of his mother's Certification of Birth in Hawaii--which is surely falsified since researchers have checked with every single hospital in Hawaii and found no record of his mother giving birth there.

Lastly, the media was in total collusion with this conspiracy. There was a virtual and total blackout . . . . Only this Monday, after the Supreme Court ruled to not hear the case, did all the major media report on it. This indicates they were, indeed, following the story, but deliberately refused to warn the American people of its facts and impact.

The best evidence all points to Obama's birth in Kenya as confirmed by his grandmother, and certified by her translator. Officials in Kenya have also been a party to this conspiracy to deceive. Several officials have stated to Jerome Corsi and others that his birth place is widely known in Kenya--which is proud to have a favorite son occupying the White House. Even the Kenyan Ambassador to the US let it slip in a radio interview that the government was planning an official monument to that fact until he was forced to retract all statements about Obama's birth in Kenya to ensure Obama wouldn't be disqualified."

I highly recommend Joel's excellent weekly World Affairs Brief, which deals with wide-ranging geopolitical stories, with a unique perspective that looks behind the scenes to the way the world really works. A subscription is a bargain for the wealth of information and analysis he provides.

The Fourth Turning is a thought-provoking book I read ten years ago. It identifies a recurring, predictable generational cycle over 500 years of Anglo-American history. This essay gives good reason we're moving into the "Fourth Turning," a generational crisis, as serious as we've ever faced. "America will enter a new era that will culminate with a crisis comparable to the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and World War II. The survival of the nation will almost certainly be at stake."

I highly suggest you read the essay, and the book. We will need all the wisdom and leadership we can muster to come through this crisis with our freedom intact.

And just when we don't need yet another crisis, it seems that the US needs just two more states to ratify a call for a Constitutional Convention (ConCon) to rewrite the Constitution. The issue is currently pending in Ohio.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The golden drama heats up

Strong evidence exists that the gold market (and derivatively, silver) has been manipulated as a matter of economic policy for many years. This new white paper is the best summary I've seen. If you're at all interested in understanding this market, as well as the urgency to make any planned purchases soon, this is convincing reading. The report concludes:

"the trap is snapping shut on who will own the gold in 2009. Free-market supplies of gold are drying up, but the price is being kept low as global institutions sop up whatever crumbs are left.

Several very serious implications can be drawn:

  • The massive amounts of gold leased to bullion banks will ultimately be seized by these same banks as collateral against worthless paper loans made to the Central Banks.
  • Central Banks (including the Federal Reserve) could well be left to disintegrate in order to give way to a single global central bank controlled and fueled by the bullion banks who have monopoly control over the world's gold.
  • These superbanks are all closely tied to the goals and membership of the Trilateral Commission, whose members have methodically carried out a monetary policy designed to bring about this eventuality.
  • For all practical intent, individuals will be frozen out of the gold market at any price.

Indeed, a global totalitarian state may be closer than we think; as the globalist's golden rule states, 'He who has the gold, makes the rules.'"

As a chaser, we have a disturbing follow up from Antal Fekete who wrote about the "backwardation" in gold that I wrote about in "the dollar is doomed." If he is correct, the Comex gold exchange may well be unable to deliver the gold being demanded by options holders when their options expire. Not only would this be de facto bankruptcy, but it could pull the last legs out from under the dollar.

The mirage of dollar strength has been kept up mainly by the manipulation of the gold price. But the gold bulls are calling their bluff and taking delivery. We will likely see this drama played out by the end of December or the end of next February. This is powerful, folks, and you won't be hearing about it on CNN or Faux News. You've got to read this so you can appreciate the history unfolding before our eyes. And buy some gold coins if you can find them.

Speaking of globalism, Justin Raimondo discusses the push to global government/governance/New World Order and how the Obama administration is likely to push for surrendering more American sovereignty (i.e., freedom) to international governing bodies. Obama's appointments indicate he will follow the Bush-Clinton-Bush practice of going "over the heads of voters and add on new commitments to existing international structures, such as the UN and NATO [and the North American Union]. This is the motivating factor behind the new multilateralism that will energize the foreign policy of the Obama administration, the sort of internationalism that is routinely described by its advocates as 'robust.'" Why bother with consulting Congress or obeying the confines of the Constitution?

The push to globalism could easily be the purpose behind the financial crisis. " The purpose of the current financial catastrophe was to infect the entire world financial system with toxic waste and other unregulated derivatives, also known as financial weapons of mass destruction, to bring it crashing down so that a single world financial system with a single medium of exchange could be set forth as the suggested solution and then crammed down our throats in yet another nauseating and tiresome iteration of the Hegelian Dialectic."

In spite of all this, it is quite likely that we'll see a big bounce back in the stock market concurrent with Obama's inauguration. It happened several times during the depression of the 30's. Bear market rallies are built on pessimism and climb a wall of worrry. With forecasts of the the world economy shrinking for the first time since 1945, the end of the Chinese manufacturing boom, plummeting oil demand, zero-or-lower interest on T-Bills, Forbes magazine calling Wall Street "banksters," the US economy in a rapidly-accelterating freefall, and these eight scary predictions by market experts, we have a sufficiently pessimistic base for a bounce. If it does, sell and recoup some of your losses.

Obama's massive fiscal stimulus is going to pour lots of money into the economy and create some big winners. Wouldn't you like to have insider knowledge like Obama-Rahmbo's friends on Wall Street and in Chicago will be getting? Buy low, sell high they say. The net result, though, will still be hyperinflation.

It seems that Central American nations will be instituting a new continental currency in response to the financial crisis.

I've written numerous times lately about the real Constitutional problem questioning Obama's eligibility to be President. Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin observes the hypocrisy of many "conservatives" on this issue. It seems they only care about the Constitution when it suits their partisan purposes. "Most of them really could not care less about adherence to the Constitution. If they did, they would have been up in arms for the last eight years as President George W. Bush repeatedly ignored--and even trampled--the U.S. Constitution."

Daily hyperinflation reminder: in Oldsmoblie Nation Dr. Gary North writes "The world we grew up in has been lost since August 2007. The man who saw this coming and warned about it, Dr. Kurt Richeb├Ącher, died that month. He had predicted the worst capital crisis in our era. This is what it is becoming. . . . Inflation is coming. Then controls. Then rationing." Time to prepare, folks.

Here's a nice story about how precocious Obama controller Rahm Emanuel learned investment banking so well that he earned $16 million in 3 years so he could buy a Congressional seat in the corrupt state of Illinois. His Bankster pals on Wall Street should have continued success with their continuing begging for taxpayer bailouts in the Obama administration.

From the same nest of Chicago corruption, the story about Governor Blagojevich continues to unfold. "What did Obama know, and when did he know it" is a pertinent question. With so many Clintonistas in the Obama administration, will we see a bizarre marriage of rural Arkansas corruption with the pros from Chicago? Speaking of, I'm not the only one wondering "What Do the Clintons Have on Obama?"

Panama Legal, a Panamanian law firm, seems to agree a lot with me: Some Things to Look for in 2009. I wish they'd prove me wrong, instead.

These photos of the destructive wildfires in California last month are dramatic.

And finally, enjoy a trip to the edge of the universe. This is truly mind-boggling and seems to put everything in perspective.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So many crises, so little time!

Each of us needs to think through how the effects of a dollar devaluation will affect us personally. This is an excellent summary. Iceland and Zimbabwe provide current examples. The always entertaining Mogambo Guru thinks we'll see hyperinflation within 18 months! "Hell, everybody with any brains knows that if the government keeps creating more and more money and credit, then consumer prices will rise exponentially and the economy will be ruined, just like Zimbabwe today, and just like every other example in all of history where a stupid bunch of governmental dirtbags created too much money!"

With corporate pension funds at risk, we can expect the Fed to create more money to help keep payments going to retirees. We can expect a steady stream of corporations, corporate credit unions, cities, states, you name it, making pilgrimages to Washington to get their bailout. With unemployment slated to rise much more than the 16.5% it currently is (if calculated the old way before the Clintonistas redefined it for political advantage in 1994), pressure to spend will continue to rise. Keynesianism is slated to go out with a bang in another bubble. That bubble is the doomed US Dollar.

All these efforts are bound to make the problem worse, as they have historically. Salvation by earmarks? Sounds like the "New Deal." I can't even imagine the deals that will be made, as politicians decide who lives and who dies financially. Ain't fascism great! Why am I humming "And the Money Kept Rollin' In" from Evita?

As an additional reality check, Coach Dave speculates that we might experience real (not false flag like 9-11) terrorist attacks concurrently with the perfect financial storm that's forming. This is another good reason to make preparations. Check out his links, especially this one that makes a good case our own government is targeting patriots, Constitutionalists, anti-war activists, truthers and the like as "terrorists." I've seen reports for years about 800 FEMA concentration camps with a capacity of 16-million staffed and ready to go in the US.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of pending domestic chaos, FEMA bureau-rats are busy polishing their plans for martial law in the US. Steve Quayle's report from inside law enforcement sources indicates that the Bushama administration is gearing up for martial law, gun confiscation and civil war in America. (Listen to the report, please.) Remember Paulson's Banker Bailout Bill was rammed through under threat of martial law according the Rep. Brad Sherman and Sen. Jim Inhofe.

ObamaWatch: Even though the courts are still dismissing the numerous cases challenging Obama's eligibility to be President, the issue won't go away. And the consequences for America are staggering. In a related story, Illinois' Governor has been indicted for wide-ranging corruption charges, including trying to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat. I'm sure Obama, whose career is rooted in the Chicago political machine, is somehow unrelated to all that corrupion. Right!

The Obama Presidency still looks like Groundhog Day. Same old, same old. Business as usual.

George Ure's Urban Survival site this morning (12-8-08) has a fascinating discussion of the twin earthquake events predicted by the time monks at HalfPastHuman. If they happen within the next week or so, as predicted, these will be major events. Also, this "future leaking into the present" information technology will gain even more credibility.

Meanwhile, food shortages (i.e., famine) may be looming in the US because of shortages of diesel and propane in the far reaches of the US growing areas. The author of this article makes a good case that the Obama administration should hit the ground running on preventing this. Therefore, they probably won't, because it's not sexy enough, and it actually makes common sense.

With all these threats, it makes more sense to make at least basic survivalist preparations. I, and many others, did this for the Y2K threat that failed to manifest (thankfully). The same situation seems to be facing us today, but with far more tangible and threatening precipitating causes than a computer glitch.

The big kahuna for Y2K was the possibility of "cascading cross defaults" in the financial system which would bring the banking and commerce system to a halt. We are seeing this happening today with the collapse of commercial credit and the nuking of currencies through hyperinflation. Throw in massive unemployment in a depression, civil unrest, martial law, terrorist attacks, WMD attacks, war, outbreak of possible plagues (bird flu, etc.) and there are good reasons to make at least the most basic of preparations. It is a simple insurance issue, for the same reason you buy home, car, health, and life insurance.

Many people are already looking to survivalists for advice. The question is: do you want to prepare for these possibilities hoping that the system will continue to deliver and that the government will successfully step in if the system fails? Or do you want to have some control over your destiny by laying in basic emergency food storage, non-hybrid seeds for a victory garden, water filters, medicine, etc.? I'll be spending more time in future posts on these resources.

And please, don't send me an email saying your "preparation" is putting your faith in God and letting Him handle all these issues. Of course faith is important. Preparation is totally biblical. Witness Joseph discerning the times and storing up in times of plenty for seven years of scarcity, among others. The kind of "faith" that won't prepare is simply shifting the responsibility to others -- not a very Christian thing to do.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Dollar is doomed; gold and silver will rise

The US dollar is doomed. There is no doubt. The massive addition to money supply and exploding deficits assure that the fiat dollar will be officially devalued through hyperinflation, replacement with the Amero or a new, "improved" dollar, or some similar device. Devaluation is baked into the economic cake. Massive increases in money supply dilute the value and purchasing power of the currency.

Yet, the price of gold in the futures markets seems to undermine this view. Since cracking $1,000 last March, gold's spot price is close to $750. Moreover, the dollar has bounced off an 8-year low to its highest levels in two years. Isn't the market projecting future values into the most accurate price today? Maybe this isn't a good time to buy?

Because of this anamoly, some people who plan to purchase precious metals to protect the value of their savings have postponed their purchase, hoping to time it with a bottom of the metals and a high in the dollar. Given my plea to purchase gold at what I thought was a low last August, this waiting strategy has paid off -- maybe.

Their strategy has been brilliant if they can just pick up the phone Monday and buy sufficient gold to satisfy their needs with no delay, at near the market price. The problem is that worldwide demand for gold has been huge, and supply is scarce. Yet the spot price of gold is still relatively low. Shouldn't a lower price reflect lower demand? Conversely, shouldn't high demand mean higher prices? And regardless of the price, shouldn't one be able to buy whatever amount of gold they want at or near the market price? In theory, the answer is "yes." But the situation today is that physical gold (as opposed to "paper" gold reflected in spot prices), is difficult to get and has at least a 15% premium over spot.

My best take on the situation is that the dollar boomlet will be very short-lived. It has much to do temporary demand for dollars to unwind derivative contracts, as well as the illusion of safety (the US treasury bond market may be failing). Moreover, the Powerz manipulate the price of gold to conceal inflation and to try to keep the public's faith in fiat currencies. Meanwhile, those in the know, those who understand the fundamentals, are buying in record amounts.

The bottom line: if you're planning on investing some of your savings in gold and silver, then you had better to it this month. The sooner, the better. An attempt to time the market is bound to fail, because no one knows in advance what the low price is. And if you're trading what should be an insurance policy to maximize fiat profits, you're playing with fire.

And while you're establishing insurance positions for the coming economic turmoil, don't forget basics like food storage, non-hybrid seeds, water filters and such. Precious metals will help to preserve the value of your savings. But you'll still need the essentials to stay alive.

Below are links to articles to substantiate what I've said above.

Inflation is baked into the cake:
The Neo-Alchemy of the Federal Reserve - Congressman Ron Paul

Bernanke's Playbook - Dr. Gary North. "We are now reaching the point of the helicopter drop. If the FED does not reverse its policy of buying bad debt with new money – high-powered money, as Friedman called it – we will get mass inflation before the next Presidential election."

The US Monetizing Debt by Printing Money

Bankrupt G7 Print Money to Reflate Economies

41 States are Facing Severe Budget Shortfalls for 2009. As will cities, counties, etc.

Half-million jobs vanishes as economy deterioriates.

Why Credit Cards Matter So Much.

Bank has little option but to ready the printing presses.

"50 Ways to Beat Deflation" -- new lyrics to the Paul Simon hit song.

The Gold Price will soon take off:
Comex Gold Shocks and Awe -- observations on the subtantial deliveries being taken on gold futures contracts at the Comex. Generally options buyers just take paper profits and/or losses. Rarely do options holders take delivery. Jim Sinclair and others have been calling on patriots to take delivery for some time now, putting an end to the scam of using futures contracts to inhibit the price of gold. We've seen the disconnect between the price of "paper" and physical gold for six months. Evidence is mounting of substantial deliveries in December and February, pulling the rug out frm under the theives. For more insights into these phenomena, see "What's Really Going on with Gold and Silver."

For more on this stunning event, you must read Antal Fekete's article on the new "backwardization" of gold pricing in the futures markets. Hal Turner summarizes the most salient points here. "December 2 is a landmark, because before that date the monetary system could have been saved by opening the U.S. Mint to gold. Now, given the fact of gold backwardation, it is too late. The last chance to avoid disaster has been missed. The proverbial last straw has broken the back of the camel. Few people realize that the shutting down of the gold trade, which is what is happening, means the shutting down of world trade. This is a financial earthquake measuring ten on the Greenspan scale, with epicenter at the Comex in New York, where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center once stood. It is no exaggeration to say that this event will trigger a tsunami wiping out the prosperity of the world." As this realization hits the markets, the price of physical gold should skyrocket. (Check here for more observations on backwardization.)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

ObamaWatch and Mumbai

I'm planning a targeted post this weekend dealing with the "strong" dollar and precious metals. If you're holding off buying precious metals because of current dollar strength, you'll want to read this. The gold train will be leaving the station shortly. If you wait for the whistle, you won't be able to get on board!

The attacks at Mumbai may be much, much more complicated than reported. Wayne Madson's report is well worth reading just to get a glimpse at the competition between competing national intelligence services, their illegal funding operations, as well as non-governmental criminal gangs operation worldwide. After you read this, you'll realize how comic-book-like our Main Stream Media reporting is.

After participating in Venezuelan naval exercises, a Russian destroyer will cross the Panama Canal Friday for the first time since World War II and dock at the former US naval base. This appears to be a symbolic "tit for tat" for US meddling in Georgia.

ObamaWatch: Hillary's appointment as SecState bodes ill for foreign policy: "For those hoping for a dramatic change in U.S. foreign policy under an Obama administration -- particularly regarding human rights, international law, and respect for international institutions -- the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is a bitter disappointment. Indeed, Senator Clinton has more often than not sided with the Bush administration against fellow Democrats on key issues regarding America’s international legal obligations, particularly international humanitarian law. . . . The selection of Hillary Clinton, at best, represents a return to the policies of her husband’s administration."

So many Clinton administration retreads are on the Obama team that it almost appears that Obama may have been a Trojan horse to put the Clintons back in power. The GOP felt confident they could defeat Hillary, but not if she was dressed in an Obama costume.

Friday, Dec. 5, is the day the Supremes should decide whether to hear the case questioning Obama's citizenship. So far, the Dems reportedly have spent over $2 million to avoid this issue, when a $10 certified Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth could put this issue to rest -- if Obama truly is constitutionally qualified. See this video - "Obama vs. the Constitution"

I've seen the term "mall foreclosure" so much lately, that I thought I'd share a story with you. Commercial real estate is said to be the next bubble to pop.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Financial Tsunami continues

At the risk of appearing to be a perma-bear, many others more astute than I (you think I make this stuff up?), think world stability hangs by a flimsy financial thread. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. As he surveys the global economy, he remarks: "We are about to find out whether China has made the wrong bet with a development strategy of vast investment in manufacturing plant for mass export at thin margins to the US and Europe." Spreading economic recession in China, massive civil unrest, and all those military age young males without wives thanks to the one-baby policy make a wicked brew.

California is often called a "bell weather" state. Trends start there. So what does it foretell about our future when the state of California goes broke?

These 10 energy myths are interesting.

Pakistani press is doing its best to expose the attempt to blame the Mumbai attacks on the Pakistanis. Sounds like the 9-11 fable about Bin Laden to me. Will the War Party use Mumbai as an additional provocation to shift their war even beyond the projected surge in Afghanistan into Pakistan and India? Will the sheeple swallow another Big Lie and send their children and what's left of their retirement funds off to war? As the US moves toward national bankruptcy, we can scarcely afford the charade of being the "worlds' only superpower."

Mossad-linked Debka File reports "US masses naval-air-marine might in Arabian Sea opposite India, Pakistan, Iran." When will we ever learn?

ObamaWatch: "Obama’s Cabinet: Full of Bill Clinton’s Rotten Fruit." How long will the Obots stay in denial? Others predict that Obama will add to the horrendous legacies of Bush I - Clinton - Bush II specific policies rammed through by a Democrat supermajority or Executive Orders, that will ruin America. Judge for yourself which actions in this list will get this result.

From the LEAP/E2020 group is this summary of things US citizens can do to prepare for the coming US default:

"For all those who are interested, I put in attachment the last issue of the GEAB newsletter (26 pages). Below an excerpt for those who are in the US:

Special US citizens: Getting ready for the US default
The LEAP/E2020 team wishes here to give some specific advice to the US readers of the GEAB as indeed they will find themselves in a very special situation, being at the centre of a collapsing system 41. All in all, the outcome of the crisis – already extensively described by LEAP/E2020 in the past 2 years and now beginning to be clearly visible - can be summed up to 5 processes: 50 percent downgrading of middle-class living standards by 2011, collapse of a significant part of public services (local and federal), nationalization of capital-based pensions (a topic we shall address in the next issue of the GEAB), massive real unemployment (likely to culminate to 20 percent of the active population by the beginning of 2010), and a substantial devaluation of the Dollar (as the result of a determined political decision or because of a staggering plunge of the US currency value). On how to survive economically and financially in such a situation, LEAP/E2020 would like to present the following 7 key-recommendations:

I. Important: Avoid staying liquid in Dollar

II. Liquidate your USD-denominated assets (US T-Bonds included) and invest in assets out of the US and dollar-related zone, in particular assets and currencies secured by solvent states

III. Invest one third in precious metals (gold, silver, platinum,...) and other easy-to-change assets… do not under-estimate the risk of state-confiscation, as it occurred in the 1930s (see previous GEABs)

IV. If you can, open a bank account outside the US (even better, outside the dollar zone)
V. If you decide to keep a stock-portfolio, chose to invest in Asian or European (Eurozone) assets
VI. Reduce spending and investments as much as you can. Get rid (or reduce to the minimum) your debt.

VII. Prepare for the interruption of many services. Due to a near complete dependence (with no equivalent on the planet) of the US social and economic fabric on large retail chains (food, pharmacy, restaurants…) and contingent on the speeding up of large US company bankruptcies, follow closely the course of the economic recession: a bankruptcy (including of entire malls 42) can all of a sudden interrupt part of your community's/region's supply

43. Some regions are already experiencing cuts in direct air connections, delivery of express mail, basic public services (school 44, transport 45, police46,...) or beginning to have problems paying their public employees' pensions47 or unemployment insurances

48. In October 2008, individual bankruptcies rose 40 percent compared to the previous year

49. The States are calling upon Washington for an emergency plan to avoid devastating cutbacks in public services

50. The crisis storming the country is comparable to Katrina hitting full shot New Orleans. Ill-adapted and ill-maintained dikes are caving in one after the other.

41 Among the news illustrating the extent of the crisis hitting the US, there is this information from CNN Money dated 10/24/2008 suggesting that a growing number of students are fleeing their country to escape the impossible refund of their debt.
42Source: CNNMoney, 10/16/200843 In Chicago for instance, the Mayor Richard M. Daley declared that the city has to prepare for mass layoffs, public and private, with no equivalent since the Great Depression. Source: Cbs2Chicago, 11/13/2008"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Obama Eligible to be President?

The issue of Obama's eligibility for President won't go away. We the People Foundation placed a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune today. This is where Obama's transition team is headquartered, as well as his home and the heart of his political base. The story is most interesting. And more.

Obama needs to deal with this issue in a decisive way. We may be headed towards a Constitutional crisis. The US Supreme Court may choose the hear the case based on their deliberations on December 5. The Main Stream Media still refuses to cover the story.

And ho-hum, the US is officially in a recession, and has been for a year now. Apparently surprised by the news, the DJIA had its fourth largest drop in history. The Eurozone has followed suit with its first recession in its ten-year existence.

Hillary Clinton has officially taken the job of Secretary of State. Surely it is in jest the Bill Clinton has been mentioned as a possible replacement for her Senate seat. Is this a great country, or what?

Obama priomises more war in "South Asia." Uh-ho, now that we've had terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we can add India's terrorists to our own hit list. According to this Reuters article, Obama still thinks Bin Laden is alive, or at least wants you and me to believe that. Still wondering if Mumbai was a false flag operation. Little reported is that the attackers were white, blond, well dressed, had punkish hair. And apparently, Indian security forces helped and/or stood down during the attacks.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama Stiffs the Anti-War Movement

Afghanistan has never been conquered by an invading force. Many credit the Afghan quagmire for the downfall of the USSR. Sun Tzu gives good reasons why the US and NATO will also fail. Indeed, it has almost failed already.

Questions abound about Obama's official eligiblity for the Presidency. He has left so few footprints, he probably couldn't get a simple security clearance. Is a a CIA spook? The US Supreme Court has scheduled a conference for December 5th concerning Obama's citizenship. Yet, except for the Christian Science Monitor, there is still nary a word about the issue in the Main Stream Media. Media bias? Intimidation? Both?

The Supremes are in a bind. Since they gave the 2000 election to Bush, they'd be severely criticized if they demand certified evidence, especially if it does not exist (likely, since the issue would have been put to rest long ago if it were groundless.) If they ignore the lack of evidence, or say the Constitutional requirement is somehow "outdated," then the door is open for Arnold Schwarzenegger after Obama.

Is Obama confident, or more -- a person with narcissistic personality disorder? We'd better find out.

And then there's Larry Sinclair's forthcoming book. Obama's reign is bound to be surrounded by scandals and rumors.

Surprise, surprise! "Obama's Security Team Delights Hawks." How fun it will be to hear the Obots explaining how this is really consistent with his campaign promises. Just like the Bushbots rationalized trashing the Constitution after 9-11. Justin Raimondo calls it the "End of the Affair" with the anti-war left. Let's see how long they hold the torch for Obama.

PoliceState Watch: In violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, the Pentagon plans to station 20,000 uniformed troops in the US by 2011. The first 5,000 deployed from Iraq last October.

DepressionWatch: One of my favorite financial newsletters got me thinking last week that maybe my gloom-and-doom about the economy is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. As in, fear of the future causing people to stop spending, which slows down the economy unnecessarily and causes job layoffs, all in a self-feeding downward spiral. With psychology at the heart of it. While worth pondering, I prefer to be prepared. There are too many signs that we've overreached ourselves in a big way. Ben Stein gives good reasons why the "slowdown" may be a never-ending story. Still looks like a hyperinflationary depression to me.

It won't help for credit card companies to shrink credit lines by $2 trillion over the next 18 months.

One of the reasons why this depression will be worse than the first is deteriorating moral standards in America. This new ethics study shows that today's high school students lie, steal and cheat more than any time in history. Ethical relativism reaps its predicted harvest.

To clear your palette, you might like to see these 50 strange buildings from around the world.