Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Worst Election Outcome - Unbridled Democrat Rule

Warning! I write my blog for people who consider themselvles free thinkers. My paradigm is not "conventional." Your comments pro or con are welcomed. If you find yourself easily offended by anything I write, you should probably take a blue pill and go away. Or, you can venture forth and see how deep the rabbit hole goes . . . .

No matter how you look at it, the War Party’s candidate, McBama Ocain, is awful. Neither of the puppet candidates respects Constitutional government and will keep us on the destructive course of American Imperialism. However, there is a worst-case scenario: President Obama spearheading a Democratic supermajority. The result will be globalist, liberal fascism riding high in the saddle of George Bush’s police state.

The best possible outcome (if we must have McBama) would be a McCain presidency gridlocked by a Democrat Congress. A divided, hobbled government would do the least harm. Without a Republican president, some of the GOP members of Congress might even return to their limited government roots. Until the Banker Bailout Bill, the worst actions of the Bush administration happened before the Democrat-controlled Congress took office in January 2007. Unfortunately, Obama, Pelosi and Reid rammed through this monumental act of theft for their Wall Street owners, with the help of McCain and many top Republicans. The Democrats could have stopped it. They have the majority.

Now that my words have chased all the Obama true believers from this article, I’ll tell the rest of you why I’m concerned.

Obama is probably the most radical leftist person in the Senate, if not all of Congress. As bad as McCain is, Obama will be worse. Ideologically, he is an advocate of globalist, world government, as well as Marxism and black liberation theology. Since most politicians will say whatever is necessary to get elected, Obama’s ideas and associations are the best predictors of his actions.

Many of my ideological concerns are summarized in The Teflon President: “Surely a young politician's contacts, input, and readings must form his political philosophy and, therefore, create the policies and direction he intends to take the country. In Obama's case, his close and constant company of radical political and religious activists must be taken into serious consideration when electing the next leader of the Free World.”

Obama’s parents were communists. Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor and father (??) (??) figure, was a staunch Communist who put Obama in with Bill Ayers (and here) and the socialist New Party in Chicago. Ayers family and associates are hard core Maoists with significant involvement with Obama. His spiritual leader for twenty years, Jeremiah Wright, consistently preached the radical black liberation theology of James H. Cone. Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the globalist Trilateral Commission, Russophobe, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, and Taliban creator, is Obama’s most influential foreign policy mentor. The funding for his education is a mystery. The Communist Party USA endorses Obama. There are many more of these types, but you get the idea.

Expect Obama to continue the interventionist policy of American Imperialism. He long ago abandoned he anti-war stance that initially attracted so many followers. Given his control by Brzezinski, Madeline Albright and other advisors (even NeoCon rats are now jumping Bush’s ship for Obama’s), there is no doubt that the military-corporate-media complex will continue unfettered. Obama wants to “surge” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and who knows where else? The consequences for America and the world will continue to be disastrous.

Obama has called for mandatory public service, a 1 million member Stassi-like "national civilian security force", and I’m sure we’ll see the return of the draft. If for no other reason, these things will happen as make-work measures in response to Great Depression II. FDR set the precedent of entering WWII as his final trump card to pull us out of Great Depression I. There is little foreign policy difference between Obama and McCain.

While there are many kinds of Obama supporters, the hard core “Obamanoids” seem to consist of at least three overlapping groups:
  • True believers, who actually see Obama as some kind of religious figure (Oprah and others -- “The One”) (Louis Farrakhan -- “The Messiah”) ready to bring “transformational change” to humanity and elevate us to a new level of being;
  • Democratic party faithful, who will support whomever the nominee is;
  • Bush haters who so despise the Bush administration and what it has done that they’re ready to support any honest-sounding person who promises change.

We can expect the Obamanoids to faithfully follow their leader, with religious fervor and zeal, much as the German people followed their apparent Savior in the 1930’s. Bush’s true believers set the American pattern when they rationalized and justified every violation of their principles to stand by their man. There’s no reason to expect that Obamanoids will react differently.

Obama is extremely skilled in the techniques of conversational hypnosis called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has a preference for large rallies, e.g. Berlin, Invesco Field, where it is even easier to manipulate audiences. Expect him to use these venues regularly to make the case for his policies and to convince the susceptible herd-folk to accept the trashing of the rest of the Bill of Rights and the yoke of the globalist, North American Union.

There are a lot other things about Obama’s past that we don’t know, especially concerning his ideas. Here are a few that Detective Columbo might want to know.

The controversy surrounding Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency continues, despite a Philadelphia judge’s dismissing Phillip Berg’s lawsuit alleging Obama is not a “natural born” citizen last Friday. The Republican governor of Hawaii has placed the birth certificate under seal with instructions to bar press access. The government of Kenya, where Obama was supposedly born, has likewise conveniently blocked access to all Obama-related documents until after the November 4th election.

As Dr. Edwin Vierra points out, Obama’s eligibility to be President is a major issue that must be addressed. The Obama campaign could end all this speculation quickly by producing Obama’s original birth certificate. It hasn’t.

What will be some of the policies we can expect to see pushed by an Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate if Obama wins? We’ll deal with that in another article.

PS: I realize there are also very major problems with John McCain. He, like Obama, are owned by the Establishment, though Obama reportedly has garnered three times the money from the Big Banks. If it appeared he would be winning the election, I'd be unloading on him with many of the articles I've accumulated over the months. Believe me, there's plenty!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Uncle Sam's Fate

We're being taken for a little ride.

Our destination -- the death of the dollar, subservience to foreign creditors and international bankers, fascism and martial law. We'd better face the end of the world as we know it and start preparing to re-build.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Republicans Have No One to Blame But Themselves

Republicans are starting to panic. The probability of an Obama landslide looms large, as McCain-Palin crash in the polls. The cable news networks, notably MSNBC, have become one long infomercial for Obama-Biden. The late-night comedians are having a field day with the GOP ticket. And the fear tactics Karl Rove used so successfully over the years have become pathetic duds with all but the Republican faithful.

Barring an October surprise like another false flag domestic terror attack, the courts indicting Obama for criminal activity or ruling him ineligible for lack of a certified birth certificate proving US citizenship, or unless GOP vote fraud efforts prevail over Democrat vote fraud, Obama will be sworn in as President in January. Perhaps, as some suggest, the doubts about Obama will prevail, with McCain winning in a close race, but time seems too short for that. Interestingly, reported last week that the Time Monks are forecasting the election outcome will not be decided until January.

The implications of an Obama Presidency, with a Congressional supermajority and mandate of the people, should scare the daylights out of any person who cherishes the ideals of life, liberty and property guaranteed by the Constitution. Expect Congressional liberals, led by their Marxist Dear Leader, to ram through every social engineering, carbon-taxing, wealth-redistributing, world-governing, gun-grabbing wet dream they ever had. Ominously, “the economy crashes, war looms, a savior appears – haven’t we been here before? The main reason that can happen is because George W. Bush has spent eight years preparing the way for Obama.

Bush now has the lowest approval rating (19%) of any modern President. Support for his handling of the economy is 17%. Voters showed strong disapproval of his wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan by giving the Democrats both houses of Congress in 2006. Bush has set up all the mechanisms of a police state at home, thrown away our moral standing in the world, turned Clinton’s small budget surplus to the highest deficit in history, and set up an economic dictator to preside over the final looting of America. He's destined to be known as the worst President in history.

Political blowback threatens to set back the GOP as far as the first Depression set them back after Hoover. The American people want nothing to do with Republicans or their ideas. They will unfairly blame the “free market” for our economic disaster, when the truth is that there was no free market left to blame. How ironic that five years ago the GOP was crowing about decades of political dominance. I guess no one told them that wars can have unintended consequences.

Obama’s original slogan, “Change We Can Believe In,” says everything. Crafted on the basis of extensive polling and focus groups, it addresses Americans' disgust with, and distrust toward, the current Bush administration. Obama’s Slogan 2.0, “Change We Need,” furthers the idea that McCain is really McSame. People are so desperate for a change from Bush, that they’re ready to vote for the most overtly socialist major party candidate in history.

In a perverse, unintended way, Bush’s often-repeated mantra (“If you’re not with us, you’re against us”) from the early days of the “War on Terror” is backfiring on his administration and the Republicans in general. The vast majority of American people are certainly not “with” Bush. So, they’re against him, and most everything Republican.

The brutal truth of the matter is that we wouldn’t be in this situation if it had not been for the Christian, limited-government conservatives that make up George Bush’s base. In the name of “fighting terrorism,” or “party unity,” they have supported Bush every time he proposed a new violation of the Constitution, expansion of the war, budget-busting increase in Medicare, "No Childe Left Behind," or any number of other nutty schemes. Time and time again I encountered personally what happened on a national scale. Conservative friends and acquaintances repeatedly supported actions they would have found detestable if taken by a Democratic President.

Republicans seemed to think that repeated violations of the Constitution were okay if their guy was in charge. And they thought their guy would always be in charge. When I asked how they would respond when the police state created by Bush was handed over to the Democrats, all I got was blank stares. Now we get to find out. Notably, Obama has not promised to dismantle one bit of it.

Many times I’ve told Republican activists that if Al Gore had been elected President in 2000 (he really was, wasn’t he?), and had done what Bush had done, Republicans would be marching on Washington. They’d be demanding that their Senators and Congressmen lead the charge to preserve the Constitution, and all its protections, in response to the events of 9/11. Instead, they’ve rationalized and justified everything, refusing to see reality, or to demand a change.

The image that comes to mind is the stereotypical abused wife that can’t leave her man, no matter how much he bullies, cheats, beats and violates the integrity and spirit of their marriage vows. The man she thought would be a decent protector and good provider, has violated her in most every conceivable way. Yet, she won’t leave. She still stands by her man.

She thinks someday he’ll change, and everything will turn out all right. It takes too much courage and effort to admit her mistake, make a clean break and start over. That woman is the GOP party faithful and conservative base that has stayed with Bush most of his Presidency.

I recommend Oliver Stone’s great new movie, “W.” Consider it your bounden duty to take at least one of your die hard Republican friends. Think of it as an intervention to break through their denial, in much the same way Allied forces took townspeople living near the Nazi concentration camps on tours to see the evil they had intentionally failed to recognize. While this movie pulls a lot of punches and actually seems sympathetic to Bush, it clearly depicts how easily Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rove and other NeoCons manipulated him into pursuing the Iraq war on false pretenses for control of oil and second term re-election.

Will this election signal the death of the GOP? Who knows? The NeoCons controlling the Bush administration have certainly dealt it critical blow. If I have learned anything in politics, you can’t predict the future with any certainty. But it is hard to see how the GOP will be able to recover from the damage inflicted by the Bush administration. The public is not very bright, and certainly devoid of much historical and economic understanding.

If Obama wins, the GOP will be blamed for every ill in society, including granny’s goiter. Just as FDR irreparably changed the nature of American government and the character of the American people by changing many crucial societal incentives, so will an Obama administration leave its mark long after we’re gone. And as Obama inevitably backtracks on his anti-war stance and other promises as his true handlers take control, look for his own faithful zealots to go through the same process of denial and rationalization as Bush’s base did.

This didn't have to happen. But it has. When Republicans and conservatives start trying to pin the blame for an Obama landslide on the liberal media, McCain, Palin or whatever, gently remind them that they have no one to blame . . . but themselves.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Day in the Unfolding Crisis

Tuesday, October 7 was designated as a significant day by the forecasters at HalfPastHuman. I've recently become aware of their work through George Ure's UrbanSurvival website, and his subscriber newsletter, Peoplenomics. For over a year they have designated this date as the beginning of a "release" as significant as the events of 9/11, but with about a 6-month duration instead of 10-days. So while I was making coffee I turned on the TV.

The first thing I saw was an excited talking head announcing that for the first time (ever?), the Federal Reserve would start lending money directly to corporations! Wow!! Pretty good start for a day that marks a turning point. The Fed also plans on helping small businesses.

Ure says what we may be seeing is a 6-month "crashcade" financial events that could easily be punctuated by political and military surprises. So let's see what else happened or was noticed today that might be noteworthy.
  • The Pope says the world financial system is built on sand. We know what happens to houses sitting on this foundation.

  • The Department of Health and Human Services entered into the Federal Register emergency powers to be enacted in an "anthrax emergency." The Secretary says these powers are necessary at this time because he has "determined there is a credible risk that the threat of exposure of B. anthracis and the resulting disease constitutes a public health emergency." Hmm. Thankfully, if you need antibiotics, the US Postal Service will deliver them to your home!

  • Mainly of note in Oklahoma, Judge David Russell again supports the Demopublican monopoly by denying injunctive relief from the state's draconian ballot laws to allow Libertarian Bob Barr ballot access. Russell has consistently made decisions in favor of restrictive ballot laws. Why confuse Okie's with bothersome choices?

  • The Dow Jones dropped over 5%, making the 29% drop in 2008 the worst plunge in 71 years. This is apparently a trend that can't be stopped by bailouts or other stopgap measures. One Elliot Wave theorist says that investors have reached a "recognition point" of a downtrend that hasn't reached anywhere near its bottom.

  • Retirement funds have reportedly lost $2 Trillion in the last 18 months, about 20% of their value. (18 months ago gold was just under $700 an ounce. Did you think it was "too expensive" then?)

  • October is the traditional month of financial crashes, and we haven't seen anything approaching panic yet. Hope you're not still holding on. Mad man Jim Cramer publicly advised investors to sell their stocks! Watch out for those MainStreamMedia alarmists.

  • AIG executives spent almost $500,000 on a retreat at an exclusive resort a week after their bailout by the taxpayers. I'm sure they needed a rest after all they've suffered.

  • Banks are failing/being bailed out all over Europe putting the European Monetary Union in jeopardy. Iceland and Pakistan face bankruptcy.

  • The LIBOR spread tells us the worst is yet to come.

  • Britain's largest banks will be partly nationalized October 8.

  • Britain and many other European countries had their worst stock market drops in history.

  • Even Brazil and Russia are getting caught in the tsunami.
  • Jim Sinclair continues to urge everyone to protect their investments in metals and commodities by taking physical possession of their stock certificates or putting them into the name of the transmaking sure they're in a real custodial account, and not street name at the brokerage.
  • The US Mint has stopped production of some gold American Eagles, while the rest are on strict allocation. There's a "shortage" in gold blanks, you see. You understand, don't you? The price of paper (derivative) "gold" has separated significantly from the price of physical (real) gold. The banksters can, and do, easily manipulate the price of paper "gold." [If you don't have any gold or silver yet, you'd better get some as a longer term store of value, along with several months' supply of cash, food, batteries, prescription drugs, seeds, etc. that you might need in a time of turbulence. There's a good reason Bush has brought an entire brigade back from Iraq for stateside domestic patrols. We might even see the introduction of the Amero and the North American Union as the doomed dollar continues to plummet and lose its reserve status.]

As we get a little more distance on last Friday's bailout vote, more evidence accumulates that not only will it not help, but that it may be the biggest heist ever pulled in broad daylight. Millionaires and billionaires are getting their fortunes saved, while the taxpayers are getting the shaft. Did you realize that the large banks, investment banks and brokerages are huge contributors to McCain and Obama? You can be sure that they have also paid well for their access to the Senators and Congressmen who sold us out last week.

One observer said America is like an elephant that's been shot between the eyes. The hunters have made off with the tusks, and the rest of the jungle is fighting over the remains. A sampling of the analysis: BAILOUT: America's Financial Ruin, All Fall Down, Pigs at the Trough and Republicide. Please vote against ANY Congress Critter or Senator who voted for the bailout in November.

What's ahead? Thursday is "D-Day," as Lehman Brothers Credit Default Swaps are auctioned off. Might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Then, again, it might not. I keep seeing phrases being used about various aspects of our financial crisis like "looking into the abyss," "approaching the brink," "crash," "collapse," "bank failures," and the like. Using another metaphor, how many bullets can we dodge?

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Crisis Continues

It is apparent that the PTB will be using the fear and confusion resulting from continuing crises to seize more and more power. The orchestration of fear ("shock and awe") following last Monday's vote down of the first bailout plan is a prime example. The articles on Mindwars in the October 5 post explain this method clearly.

Banking expert Joan Veon maintains that the power seizure in response to the credit crisis is the last remaining piece to put in place before the United States yields its sovereignty to "a global regulatory system to merge our banking, insurance, and stock market and commodity industries to that of the other countries of the world." It is a major theft and fleecing of America. Soon the Fed may own substantial portions of states and corporations.

Both Obama and McCain are solidly in the pockets of their puppet masters. Republicans should be used to blindly sacrificing their principles to support their President or candidate. Those Democrats, who are in a religious fervor believing Obama will be different, will have their wake up call soon enough. A little research will show that he is just another empty-suited political whore, every bit as much as McCain. Sorry to dash your hopes. (Predictably, most Obama True Believers either won't do the research or discount anything they find -- just like the so-called "principled conservatives" did with Bush.)

Since Obama is probably going to win the election -- barring an "October Surprise" (likely) or more GOP vote fraud (likely) -- here are some "interesting" Obama videos: The Original Kids for Obama, An Interpretation, Another Interpretation, Another, Another, and finally, this. Sorry if you think this is unfair. And don't miss this one. Open your eyes, please.

In light of the above, remember that Obama is continually reminding his audiences that he's going to be calling on all of us to sacrifice for the greater good. Berit Kjos calls it "Training a Socialist Army of World Servers." Read it for a blueprint of what the US will look like with Obama acting as our Great Leader and Savior. Check out footnotes, too.

I've written before about Obama's call for a Stasi-like "national civilian police force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the military! He also wants to double the size of the Peace Corps and quadruple the size of AmeriCorps. A few days ago he was offering to trade a college education for public service. In Great Depression II, many people will buy into these programs just to get a job and health benefits (like the TSA?)

Might be a good time to order and read The Rise of the Fourth Reich.

Here's a long list of current warnings of the incoming police state. Check it out if you think I'm being unnecessarily alarmist. A coup has taken place. Our democratic republican form of government is doomed.

Paul Craig Roberts' excellent article points out that the good news about this financial crisis is that it will bring an end to the American empire and necocon supremacy. The bad news is that the coming collapse of the dollar will remove it as the world's reserve currency, leaving us with much lower living standards.

How interesting it is to see Ron Paul interviewed on all the cable news networks to get his views on the economy. Now that he has been ignored to the point that he couldn't get a real shot at the Presidency, they're fascinated by his views on the financial meltdown. Among other things, Paul calls this a massive tax increase.
The US market was down at one time today almost 800 points. Euro stocks in the biggest fall since 1987 and are "falling into the abyss." Tomorrow ought to be the big slam.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Critical Update

If you haven't read my Oct. 4 post, do it now. Some people are having trouble accessing the audio download in the first paragraph. As of the moment, I am still able to download it.

Watch this interview from Oct. 4 with Naomi Wolf who wrote the book and article on the 10 steps to a police state, and how to fight back. We are well on the way to the police state. She is "scared to death." So am I. The coup to steal America went into high gear last week with the passage of the bailout bill. The Treasury has been set up as a fourth branch of government, unaccountable for its actions.

These two articles, Mindwars and Mindwars 2, explain how the mass public has been brainwashed to follow the leader. The trauma of 9-11 is the prime example. If you understand that the official story is a total sham, this will explain to you how the manipulation was done.

Fear is the doorway they use to hack your mind. Fear was used to ram through the Patriot Act and justify the invasion of Afghanistan, that was already planned and in process before 9-11. Fear was used to sell the Iraq War. Fear was used to re-elect Bush, as the terror threat levels were constantly being lowered and raised leading up to the 2004 elections. Fear was used to ram through the Fat Cat Bailout.

If you still believe the official story, then please, try to work your way through these articles. Understand how your mind and emotions have been manipulated. Go through the mental and emotional pain to consider seriously what you heretofore have considered so evil as to be unthinkable. Not only is it thinkable, they have done it. Several links on the right side of the blog will take you to sources that debunk the official conspiracy theory, IF you are able to ignore the official explanations and think for yourself.

If you still believe the official story, you are believing a lie, pure and simple. If you smugly deny what I am saying and reject it as a "conspiracy theory," then you are behaving as you have been programmed.

If you are not curious enough to investigate what I am saying, then you have no excuse to claim you didn't know when it becomes obvious for all to see. Moreover, you will not be able to evade your responsibility for helping to support the lie any more than the ordinary German people can evade their shared responsibility for Hitler.

Remember, Nazi Germany arose in the midst of one of the most highly educated, industrialized, and Christian nations in history. Most those good German Lutherans gave Hitler their whole-hearted support. They had no idea of his ultimate goals, but rationalized everything in terms of what was necessary to promote and protect their Homeland from internal and external threats ("terrorism").

In this age of sophisticated advertising, television and mass media, the job of manipulating the populace is so much more advanced, subtle and easy. The fact that you might reject all I am saying and think that you are somehow above it all is incredibly naive. As Christ told the Believers of His day, "even the elect will be deceived." At the risk of sounding ridiculously tautological, deception is not deception unless someone is unknowingly deceived. That's why the Truth will set us free from deception. But first, we must be willing to face the truth.

This is a good time to watch again (or for the first time) "The Matrix" (original) and "V is for Vendetta" to help understand the mental chains that restrain us all to some extent. "V" also shows how false flag terrorist operations can be used to frighten and subdue the populace.

There's a good chance that the Internet will come under severe restrictions in the near future. Alex Jones and others have posted stories about an Internet II which will correct the "deficiencies" of the current Internet. "Corrections" will limit free access to web sites. This could also be justified in reaction to crisis to limit "destructive rumors."

Remember this: the Internet was one of the major tools used by the people to defeat the first version of the bailout bill. The last thing our rulers want is for the people to have free access to uncensored information and the ability to communicate freely on a mass scale. Limiting access to communication and information is one of the ten steps to a police state mentioned by Naomi Wolf.

Because things are happening so fast, I may not send an email announcement of every post. So check back to the blog now and then just to see if I posted anything.

Instead of spending so much time crafting a post with lots of links, I may be firing one out with one or two with important updates and more of my synthesizing thoughts. People are starting to send me things to share, like I have in this post. So feel free to do so, but don't be mad if I don't use everything. My time is limited.

We need to hold our nation up in prayer. The times are dire. We need to pray for discernment to see through the wolves dressed in the same clothing as the sheep from our own flock ("conservative," "liberal," etc.) We need to pray for the courage to make preparations and to speak truth to power. We are on the cusp of losing all our forebearers fought and sacrificed for, and far too many people don't even have a clue what the real game is. The elections are a dog and pony show.

I hope those of you who visit this site find it worth your while.

Grace and Peace and Courage be with you!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

MUST READ!! We Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet!

Just before I was to post what follows below, I got this interview done Oct. 4. Listen. It fits with everything I'm picking up. Do what you can Sunday and Monday to prepare. It's hitting the fan, folks! God help us!

Billionaire Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen got his Fat Cat Bailout for his Wall Street bankster friends. The cost of bailouts so far is up to $1.8 Trillion! Rep. Brad Sherman reported that Congressmen were warned that the consequences of not passing the bill would be dire, including the imposition of martial law. I saw many commonsense, less draconian measures that could have helped. They were all ignored in favor of the pork-laden mess we got.

Paulsen has been given the powers of a financial dictator, making our government more overtly fascist than before. He will have the power to choose who lives financially and who dies. (Hint: Goldman Sachs, the former employer of Paulsen and Robert Reich, Treasury Secretary under Clinton, will live.) Moreover, the entitlement guillotine blade of unfunded liabilities in the range of $70-100 Trillion will start its deadly fall as more Baby Boomers reach retirement age. That event is the ultimate limit to the US economy as we know it, and to the legitimacy of the American government.

Nevertheless, the financial tsunami "perfect storm" is gaining intensity. One interesting analysis compares this crisis to a "pre-planned . . . financial 9-11." I expect the end to come before then.

One of the hidden provisions in the final bill is one giving the IRS expanded powers to run undercover operations to force compliance. This is just another tool of social control like the Patriot Acts, Military Commissions Act, REAL ID, etc. whose unstated purpose is to control Americans and suppress opposition to the government.

The financial bubble, which began with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank 95 years ago, is bursting in spectacular fashion. The age of American supremacy is over. Most Americans just don't realize it yet. But the rest of the world does. Since the US Dollar is the world's reserve currency, and since all the bailouts (many more coming) will destroy the value of the dollar, there's lots of talk about designating a new world reserve currency.

My prediction that the dollar will be toast by 2013 (100th anniversary of the Fed) will probably prove to be conservative. The US seems destined to follow in the steps of the Weimar Republic. Sadly, the PTB will probably get us into another world war to cover their tracks and misdirect the blame for our woes.

I'm getting lots of emails from people who advocate voting against every Congress Critter who voted for the bailout. This video points out that many Senators received huge contributions from Goldman Sachs and commercial banks, including McBama Ocain. The only way we can hold our elected representatives accountable when they vote against the will of the people they're supposed to represent, is to vote them out. Regardless of party. I agree. Here's the roll call vote record. Spread the word.

Lately I've become intrigued with the Urban Survival web site. Not only am I checking the news section of their site daily, but I've subscribed to their newsletter at Here's a fascinating interview with their software developer, Cliff High. You can download an mp3 file, or read the transcript.

I find the idea of advanced linguistic analysis performed on data compiled a web bot to make forecasts from "the future leaking into the present" fascinating. Evidently, he's had some incredible predictive success. For more than a year his work has been forecasting a major event around October 7. This dovetails with lots of buzz about possible bank closings, terrorist attacks, etc. I hope he's wrong, but I'm acting as if he's not.

Monday, I repeat, Monday, it would be prudent to get a month's worth of cash, extra basic foodstuffs, batteries, water, fill your gas tank, etc. When I was a Boy Scout, our motto was "Be Prepared." Still good advice.

Grace and Peace and Courage be with you!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We Must Win the Battle of Financial Armageddon

Flash! The bailout is all about shipping the US taxpayers' money to foreign debt holders! Watch this 8-minute video.

And, get this, US Congressman says they have been threatened with martial law in the US if the bailout is not passed! The "shock doctrine," fear-mongering is the constant method used to stampede the people into supporting the loss of their freedom.

The Senate caved in the the Fat Cat Bailout Wednesday night. So, please call your Congressional Rep and ask them to vote "no" tomorrow. Our calls worked Monday, and they can work again. Here's where to get the information.

And here's why:

The battle of Armageddon is the prophesied future biblical event in which the forces of evil battle the forces of good to determine the future of humankind. So it is only a slight overstatement to call the battle to defeat the Fat Cat Bailout, or No Banker Left Behind Act (thanks DFR), the people's financial Armageddon.

This act, which has grown from a 3-page set of talking points to a 450-page Congressional $850 Billion wet dream. Who knows what hidden land mines, or "wooley buggers" we used to call them, are in this bill. Just like the Patriot Act that was sitting on the shelf waiting for the right opportunity to be trotted out, so must much of the Senate version. It still sets up the Secretary of the Treasury as our unaccountable financial dictator and ensures the enslavement of the American people to foreign investors and governments. European leaders are calling on Congress to rush through this law in an act of "statesmanship" to save their countries.

Perhaps it is a fitting end to the American Empire ("superpower" rings a little hollow, don't you think?) that our consumers who have ridden so high on the hog on borrowed money and hubris will end up in chains of financial bondage as future generations labor to pay off our debts.

This is a putsch, a power grab, pure and simple. Once Paulson has the power to control every aspect of our economy, our enslavement will be complete. Think about that. He will have control over all banking, mortgages, insurance and credit. Pretty close to control over the power to "buy and sell," isn't it? Give him the international biometric ID system the REAL ID Act will impose, and everything necessary for a literal "mark of the beast" system is in place.

Paulson's former (wink, wink) employer, Goldman Sachs, is one of the last "investment" banks standing on Wall Street. Surprise, surprise! Paulson's Fat Cat Bailout, even smeared with the lipstick of so-called "sweeteners" to bribe the naive taxpayers, is still a bad deal for Main Street. It is "Bankers' Socialism", a way to socialize the costs of failure onto the public, and privatize the profits to the bankers.

Paulson was one of the main architects of the securitization revolution that is now eating its young. Now it appears he's trying to preserve the obscene profits and companies of those who benefited most by the credit fiasco. His conflict of interests in the bailout is huge.

The pressure on Congressional Reps who voted "No" on the first bill must be immense. Yesterday, a group of 20 or so Oklahoma millionaires/billionaires issued a joint statement calling on the holdouts to "do the right thing." Since money is the "mother's milk of politics," and since these are the people who control the majority of the so-called contributions to political campaigns, it will take a truly principled politician of the caliber of Ron Paul to stand up against them. I'll be surprised if any Oklahoma reps are left standing. Only those with close races will be allowed to keep their "no" votes so they don't jeopardize their elections.

Many have alleged world domination and control by "international bankers" over the years.If we knew who the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are, I'm sure we'd see Goldman Sachs and their cronies right in the middle of it. Conspiracy or not, events are happening as if there is.

Paul O'Neil, Bush's first Treasury Secretary, calls Paulson's Fat Cat Bailout "crazy." He has some sound ideas for a solution, but can't even get his calls returned by Congressional leaders. O'Neill and many others have lots of sound ideas to help mitigate the crisis that will not create a financial dictator and pay off Paulson's friends. But those are NOT the ideas being proposed by Congress.

Bob Chapman warns the bailout won't work, and "the system will implode." He makes a good case that the 777 point drop in the Dow after the first bill was defeated Monday was the Plunge Protection Team's way of scaring the people into lowering their opposition.

Catherine Austin Fitts gives "Ten Reasons Not to Bail Out Wall Street."

Even George Soros is against the bailout. He says it is "ill-conceived."

And John McCain "always aspires . . . to be a dictator." Oh, it was a joke? He wasn't laughing. What do you think?

And did you know that while the magicians in Congress were distracting the people with this misdirection, they slipped through a mere $488 billion spending bill to continue funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Never mind the British have pulled out of Iraq and think Afghanistan is a lost cause.

If you are so inclined to look at prophecies that result from prayer, you might want to look at this one. I don't know him, but I wouldn't find any of these things surprising, if they happen soon. I'm not saying they will, but I wouldn't be surprised. I just started subscribing to the weekly newsletter ( based on the web bot intelligence gathering software described in this prophecy. They're projecting a shock and awe event like 9/11 to happen around October 7. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm topping off my gas tanks, getting some cash, beans and rice, basic supplies, etc. Can't hurt to be prepared to ride out a disruption. Jim Sinclair just recommended the same.