Sunday, January 18, 2009

The fascist response to a crumbling economy

I've been busy with my day job the last two weeks. In the meantime the main news has been the banking and business failures we've become accustomed to, as well as the continued Israeli genocide in Gaza. Other than that, we haven't seen too much as we await Obama's first 100 days of political "shock and awe" and the "test" predicted by Biden and Colin Powell last fall. George, at Urban Survival also predicts a looming "test" that "seems destined to impact energy and food supplies here in the USA." I suspect that the country will feel very different a month from now, and not for the better. Fate favors those who prepare.

Steve Quayle reported on Alex Jones a few weeks ago from a good source that we were five minutes from having martial law declared on October 5 as part of the threat to pass the Bailout Bill One (more to follow). (The bailout was a fraudulent "bait and switch" operation.) His sources say that martial law plans are "truly draconian," and "worse than we can imagine." Previously Sen. Jim Inhofe and Rep. Brad Sherman disclosed these threats. We've seen an ominous, continuing preparation for martial law and the use of military forces in the US for many years, and especially the last three.

Paul Craig Roberts continues to speak the truth about our economic situation. It's not pretty. "What we are witnessing is a once great power engaging in fantasy to disguise from itself that it is a failed state." America is moving into uncharted territory. Is this the end? Are we witnessing the largest financial train wreck in history?

If for some reason you still have significant holdings in the dollar or dollar-denominated assets, you need to think through the implications of Ten Major Threats Facing the Dollar in 2009. Note this graph of the dramatice increase in the monetary base. We've reached the point of diminished returns for each new dollar printed, which will most likely end in hyperinflation of the dollar. An ex-policy maker for the Bank of England predicts a massive dollar collapse. These graphs are startling. Since the dollar is still the world's reserve currency, we'll see something unique in history -- worldwide hyperinflation along with global insolvency and depression. Similar conditions produced World War II as a "solution."

Major financial forecasters, as well as Merrill Lynch, recommend moving from the dollar into real assets. This history of paper currencies shows why. The British Pound has lost 98.8% of its value since it was introduced, and the Dollar has lost 97.8%. Government fiscal panic could speed up the dollar's demise. If you think the dollar is immune to being blown away by hyperinflation, Hank Paulson has some zero-interest T-Bills he'd like to sell you. Opening the mint to the unlimited production of gold coins may easily lay the foundation for economic recovery.

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero." (Voltaire, 1694-1778)

We have been bankrupted by twin pincers of the the Military-Industrial-Media complex that President Eisenhower warned us about on one hand, and the Ponzi-scheme welfare state on the other. Social Security, Medicare and Federal Treasury debt are nothing but Ponzi-schemes with current obligations being paid out of current payments. Those owed the remaining liabilities will get the empty bag full of promises.

Obama's stimulus plan will push the bailout over $8 Trillion, and may be marching the US economy to the gallows. "The upcoming Financial Stimulus package courtesy of the new Economic dream team has left numerous economists and analysts quaking in their boots. We are seeing predictions of hyperinflation, the destruction of the dollar, the flight of U.S. creditors, the prospect of widespread civil unrest and a descent in to a Greater Depression. . . . Judging by his actions so far, Obama has done absolutely nothing but continue the transfer of wealth from the American taxpayer to his Wall St. campaign contributors. There has been absolutely zero positive impact on the real economy as the increasingly horrific indicators continue to mount and the prospect of an unprecedented Depression continues to rise over the horizon."

The problem is not just at the federal level. Forty-four states project combined budget shortfalls of $350 billion for the next two years! You can count on this assessment being overly optimistic, because most conventional forecasters will be projecting economic recovery to begin during this time period. That is magical thinking.

As the 21st century progresses, a bankrupt America, bereft of a meaningful manufacturing base, could easily be surpassed by China as the preeminent world power. 2009 is likely to be the year the world recognizes significant decline in of the US. A new world order is emerging, and it won't be good for America. Henry Kissinger, perennial dark-side agent, even calls this a great opportunity for Obama to help create a new world order. See the video. European leaders seem to concur. Obamas has several long-time Trilateral Commission, New World Order advocates prominantly placed in his administration.

As I write, we're in the last hours of George Bush's disastrous presidency. I'm astounded that this despicable excuse for a human being still retains a 20% approval rating. My prediction five years ago that Bill Clinton's tenure would seem successful, and relatively benign in comparison, has proven true. The vicious, vindictive Clinton's would have loved to have at their disposal the police state erected by Dick Cheney and his sock-puppet Bush. Now, an even more dangerous Obama, gifted in hypnotic rhetorical skills and surrounded by an aura of hope, promises to be Bush-Clinton-Bush on steroids.

Always remember, Obama is totally beholden to the Powers That Be for his presidency. He was not given the keynote speech at the DNC four years ago when he was still a member of the Illinois state legislature for no reason. He had already been picked. Obama's chief advisor, Zbigniev Brzensinski, served the same role for Jimmy Carter. His Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is likely a Mossad agent. Obama's staff is like a Clinton administratin reunion, with dangerous Bush holdovers like SecDef Gates. The thieves on Wall Street gave three times the money to Obama as McCain. Truly, the more things "change," the more they will stay the same.

What we will be getting more of is fascism. I don't use this term lightly or carelessly. It refers to state control of the economy with nominal private ownership. Fascism was the univeral response to the Great Depression of the 1930's by western nations, including the US. Its economic ideology and justification is Keynesianism. John Maynard Keynes disdained markets and glorified state action is the means for dealing with the business cycles. So politicians love it.

Both parties have brought us fascism. With Bush ramping up the police state, and most people thinking he and the Republicans are "capitalists," capitalism and the free market get the undeserved blame for our economic crisis and our imperialistic wars. Ayn Rand warned of this 50 years ago in her seminal novel, Atlas Shrugged. What we see unfolding in Washington is fiction becoming fact. If you want to understand the difference between freedom and economic slavery, read or re-read Atlas Shrugged. You'll see why the politician's constant bailouts and restrictions will not cure, but kill the economy.


If you've every wondered about why we have so few clear blue skies any more, and why you often see jet contrails that last all day, read this full page newspaper ad about "chemtrails." And you might be interested to know 24 Things About to Go Extinct in America.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 -- The Year of Transformation

When I started this blog seven months ago, I was warning about the financial tsunami to come. We are now in it. Actually, what we are experiencing is like a tsunami surrounded by, and in the eye of, a category five geopolitical hurricane. However inadequate the metaphors, 2009 promises to be a year of significant national and world-wide crisis. America's survival is at stake.

Rather than try to write my own definitive analysis of where we are, and predictions for the near future, I'll try to keep my comments short and refer you to a number of articles that do a better job than I. I may not agree with all they wrote, or their ultimate perspective, but nor will you, dear reader, agree with mine. But I'll post these articles for their significance to what I'm writing.
Since my comments will be short, try to read or thoroughly skim these links. They will help you put together a picture of the threats and possibilities we should encounter this year.

We're moving head-on into the generational crisis described by Strauss and Howe in their seminal book, "The Fourth Turning." Similar to World War II, the Civil War (or, if you prefer, War of Northern Aggression), and the American Revolution, the survival and nature of the resulting country hang in the balance. 2009 will be a crucial year of transformation.

In a nutshell:
  • The severity of economic crisis and the major thefts and deceptions by the banksters at the Federal Reserve and on Wall Street should begin to sink in with the majority of people by March, and certainly by summer. The Powerz have inflicted financial "shock and awe on the middle class.

  • Financial failures of businesses and governments at all levels will severely shake confidence in the system. State governments will sell significant assets to balance budgets.

  • President Obama will prove to be Bush on steroids. He is controlled by the same Powerz, will push the same policies, and is much more dangerous. His hypnotic communication skills have built an enormous amount of media and follower favor, with absolutely no policy expectations. He could easily be the American Hitler. Read David Icke's article carefully, especially if you are an Obama supporter and profess to love freedom. Also of interest, The First Time I Heard of Barack.

  • President Obama will continue to escalate US involvement in the Middle East and Eurasia, exacerbating our financial trauma and increasing our vulnerability to attacks on our soil. The blow back from US intervention in these areas and for sponsoring Zionist Israel will be unavoidable. Afghanistan will add the US as another notch in its belt of defeated empires. There can be no economic recovery as long as we wage wars of choice.
  • The dollar will face continual downward pressure due to massive increases in the money supply and government debt creation, and the world's corresponding abandonment of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Graph 1 Graph 2
  • The US will default on its Treasury debt obligations, if only through turning it worthless with hyperinflation.
  • More people will see the need to leave "investments" in government debt and buy real assets people will need, whether it be as a store of value like gold and silver, or things like food storage, tools, non-hybrid seeds, etc.
  • Real unemployment (not the fake measure instituted by Clinton in the 90's) will head upwards of 30% or more.
  • Civil unrest will result in martial law regionally or nationally. The Northcom combat brigades stationed on US soil will be deployed against American citizens to keep order. Gun haters Obama, Pelosi and Reid may make their move to disarm law-abiding citizens.
  • US regional break up is likely to start, as those areas that are bankrupt look hungrily at those areas that are better off for life-support. The intended victims will not kindly take to the role of parasitic-host.
  • In addition to his stimulus plans, Obama will inflict on the US as much of the liberal dream agenda as they think they can get away with without overreaching -- gun control and confiscation, national abortion law, amnesty for illegal immigrants, compulsory "national service," adoption of an agenda to combat "climate change," further installation of the North American Union, universal health care and restriction of alternative health choices, nationalizing our private retirement accounts, expanding the Bush total surveillance state, restrictions on free speech with the "fairness doctrine" and "free," but censored Internet II, "hate crime" laws, and many more restrictions on Constitutional liberty.
  • Without proving his eligibility, Obama will continue to be President. The Powerz will hold revelation of the truth over his head as primary blackmail. He will never produce a valid certificate of live birth proving his eligibility. Devvy Kidd, however, is not so sure he'll escape the truth.
  • People (hopefully) will start coming together in the neighborhoods and churches for mutual support and start growing food in personal and community gardens.

We need to take action. First become aware to the point of action. Then work on our own life boat our ourselves, family and immediate community. We who understand the importance of the Constitution to protect our freedoms need to take efforts now to enforce it. Dr. Edwin Viera has the basics of a good plan.

Following is the list of relevant articles. I strongly urge you to take time to read them over the next week as you make your plans for the year.

America: A Nation Unprepared! - A comprehensive, prophetic analysis of our crisis. One of the best summaries of our situation, this newsletter is a reminder that America, like ancient Israel so many times, has abandoned and dishonored God in most every way possible. We deserve, and should expect, judgment. Spiritual repentance and renewal must be at the core of any survival strategy. We are probably beyond redemption.

En Route to Military Rule - "If the conclusion voiced by [these] credible analysts is correct – if, indeed, we are living under a de facto military junta, the nature of which will become clear as the economic collapse strips away all politically comfortable pretenses – we may soon learn, in the most painful way possible, that our military missions abroad have been carefully training the occupation force that will extinguish whatever remains of our liberty."

Ron Paul comments on the many flimsy pretexts for declaring martial law and the resulting military dictatorship. Paul's book, which spent many weeks at the top of the NY Times Bestseller List, was designated's "most loved" book of the year, for receiving more positive ratings than any other book. His speech at the Campaign For Liberty event during the GOP Convention (which I was lucky to attend), was CNN's 7th most-viewed video of the year.

Bankrupted States = Con-Con & Newstate Constitution - "The current economic “crisis” is the tool, the highly planned and patient tool, to set up the global governing bureaucracy for real and for certain with the second convening of the Constitutional Convention in the wings. The big wigs tried it before in 1976, and they are trying again, but this time having manufactured national bankruptcy as public fear-based appeasement."

The Big Picture - Joel Skousen reviews 2008 and gives an overview of what's to come. I highly recommend his weekly World Affairs Brief, a steal at less than a dollar a week. It is essential for staying on top of current events. You can't depend on the MainStreamMedia. (If you want to see the disgusting essence of the controlled establishment media, watch new Meet the Press host David Gregory participate in the 2007 Radio and Television Correspondents dinner rap-dance with Karl Rove. This video is worth a million words.)

Russian Professor (ex-KGB officer) Predicts Break Up of US by 2010 - He first predicted this 10 years ago, and stands by his assessment. Reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Karl Schwarz's Predictions for 2009 - benchmarks for the collapse of freedom in America this year. "In time, most Americans will come to realize that the United States is bankrupt in every way there is to be bankrupt. That includes finance, income, balance of income versus outflow, balance of trade, morals, honor, integrity, propriety, etc."

The Corruption Crisis of 2008 - As we leave the relative calm of the eye of our economic Katrina, the destruction begins anew. "Corporate America , their politicians, and their foreign minions have drained The American Middle-Class of their share of our nation’s wealth and political power during the massive irresponsible expansion which has taken place during the last 35 years. This process has so altered our economic and political situation that our country has used this massive growth to transform itself from a democratic republic into a corporate fascist state right before our eyes."

Top Ten Disasters of 2009 - a likely compendium that might actually take 2-3 to all unfold. But them seem baked into the cake.

Best Way to Control the Masses - a brief look at mass media mind control. It totally undermines the popular beliefs that America is "free" or "peaceful." If this idea offends you, read the article, check the links, and write a rebuttal in the comments section.

Time Wounds All Heels - Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS may tarnish Bush's legacy. It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

US Faces Immigration Nightmare in 2009 - Unrestricted immigration will strain our resources in a time of economic depression beyond their limits.

What is Left? -- wide-ranging essay on the various toxic influences in our air, food, water, soil, electromagnetic spectrum, and society.

Folks, this is it. Do or die time. Make preparations to survive with what time we have left. Make sure you get a vegetable garden planted this spring. Even if you've never done it before, your local county extension has good information on what grows best in your areas, what pest your are likely to encounter, and how to deal with them. Get non-hybrid seeds so you can save seeds for next year. And get some food storage for your family. There may be times when you don't want to leave the house, or can't. And get involved in your neighborhood association. The police can't be everywhere. Check out Urban Survival and get their ebook, How to Live on $10,000 a Year.

May God give us wisdom and courage.