Sunday, December 5, 2010

Protect Your Assets; Buy Silver; Bankrupt JP Morgan

This video deserves careful watching to the end. You will see why silver is headed from under $30 to $500. As a bonus, we can bankrupt JP Morgan and foil the banksters!

This may be your last chance to buy silver and take physical delivery. This one is baked into the cake, folks! Forget the MindControlMedia talking heads and their propaganda to keep your funds inside their casino. Cash out your chips before the casino goes bust and replace them with the only real money to survive 6,000 years of recorded history. If you're still afraid to protect yourself, now is the time to do a little hard thinking about money.

The US Dollar is a walking zombie, soon to be put into the dustbin of history like all fiat currencies. The major countries of the world are in a death-spiral of competing currency devaluations to try to gain a temporary advantage for their export markets. Meanwhile, where it took 40 ounces of gold to buy the Dow in 1999, today it takes about 8! Measured in terms of real money, the Dow has crashed 80% in a decade! Russia and China last week agreed to drop the US Dollar in ALL of the financial transactions between their countries, and both are accumulative massive reserves of gold and silver.

Linked at the right you can find several very reputable precious metals dealers with whom I have bought and sold. They have no large advertising costs to absorb in their prices like those promoted on national TV and radio. I've covered this issue numerous times before. It is still not too late to protect yourself.
For a great introduction to understand what honest money is, why it is essential for economic and political freedom, and why the dollar is doomed, check out Gary North's great free gold resource page. I highly recommend his free book downloads, "The Gold Wars" and "Honest Money." Silver, "poor man's gold," is set to appreciate more than gold because it is scarcer, has many industrial uses, and has had the price suppressed for so long. Remember: back in the 1980's it went over $50!

I know fear has many of you frozen like deer in the headlights. I've talked to many over the last few years. Gary North's famous motto: "Procrastination Kills" is appropriate here. Knowledge is the key to action, as well as the courage to act on your own thinking. The Ruling Class will NEVER tell you to protect your assets by removing them from their rigged financial casino and securing them with real money. But this is the time. NOW.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can understand that the ONLY way the federal governments of the Western world will be able to deal with their massive unfunded liabilities for welfare, health care, pensions and imperial wars is to inflate their currencies and default on their debts. If you're paying attention, you already know that. But still, you hesitate to leave the false security of their system.

I'm still gestating a series of articles on the recent tipping point we passed, what it means, and how the release is unfolding. Long story short: the Powers That Be are becoming the Powers that Were! Brush fires of Liberty are springing up everywhere with no apparent leader. Rather, we see "self-organizing collectives" (as predicted) springing up like exploding wild fires that will overwhelm Establishment efforts to control.
The current Wikileaks brouhahas appear to be false flag events to be used by the PTB in a vain attempt to shut down free thought on the internet in the classic Hegelian dialectic pattern of Action, Reaction, Solution. See "Is the Internet 9/11 Underway?" Use whatever good information is released, but resist the temptation to join the herd of Sheeple using patriotic slogans to censor the internet to "protect us from 'traitors' like the Wikileaks crew."

Now is the time to protect yourself, and help all your loved ones do the same. We have the ability to take actions to minimize the damage to ourselves and fight back in non-violent, effect ways striking the soft underbelly of the PTB. We shouldn't fear the collapse of the US Dollar any more than we should fear the tornado or hurricane we have been told is coming our way. We can't avoid it, so we must be prudent and take appropriate defensive actions now. We will have to deal with the currency collapse and the transition to a free society one way or another. Best those of you who want to be proactive and not helpless victims get started now with whatever level of preparations you have.
Grace and courage and peace to you!