Sunday, December 5, 2010

Protect Your Assets; Buy Silver; Bankrupt JP Morgan

This video deserves careful watching to the end. You will see why silver is headed from under $30 to $500. As a bonus, we can bankrupt JP Morgan and foil the banksters!

This may be your last chance to buy silver and take physical delivery. This one is baked into the cake, folks! Forget the MindControlMedia talking heads and their propaganda to keep your funds inside their casino. Cash out your chips before the casino goes bust and replace them with the only real money to survive 6,000 years of recorded history. If you're still afraid to protect yourself, now is the time to do a little hard thinking about money.

The US Dollar is a walking zombie, soon to be put into the dustbin of history like all fiat currencies. The major countries of the world are in a death-spiral of competing currency devaluations to try to gain a temporary advantage for their export markets. Meanwhile, where it took 40 ounces of gold to buy the Dow in 1999, today it takes about 8! Measured in terms of real money, the Dow has crashed 80% in a decade! Russia and China last week agreed to drop the US Dollar in ALL of the financial transactions between their countries, and both are accumulative massive reserves of gold and silver.

Linked at the right you can find several very reputable precious metals dealers with whom I have bought and sold. They have no large advertising costs to absorb in their prices like those promoted on national TV and radio. I've covered this issue numerous times before. It is still not too late to protect yourself.
For a great introduction to understand what honest money is, why it is essential for economic and political freedom, and why the dollar is doomed, check out Gary North's great free gold resource page. I highly recommend his free book downloads, "The Gold Wars" and "Honest Money." Silver, "poor man's gold," is set to appreciate more than gold because it is scarcer, has many industrial uses, and has had the price suppressed for so long. Remember: back in the 1980's it went over $50!

I know fear has many of you frozen like deer in the headlights. I've talked to many over the last few years. Gary North's famous motto: "Procrastination Kills" is appropriate here. Knowledge is the key to action, as well as the courage to act on your own thinking. The Ruling Class will NEVER tell you to protect your assets by removing them from their rigged financial casino and securing them with real money. But this is the time. NOW.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can understand that the ONLY way the federal governments of the Western world will be able to deal with their massive unfunded liabilities for welfare, health care, pensions and imperial wars is to inflate their currencies and default on their debts. If you're paying attention, you already know that. But still, you hesitate to leave the false security of their system.

I'm still gestating a series of articles on the recent tipping point we passed, what it means, and how the release is unfolding. Long story short: the Powers That Be are becoming the Powers that Were! Brush fires of Liberty are springing up everywhere with no apparent leader. Rather, we see "self-organizing collectives" (as predicted) springing up like exploding wild fires that will overwhelm Establishment efforts to control.
The current Wikileaks brouhahas appear to be false flag events to be used by the PTB in a vain attempt to shut down free thought on the internet in the classic Hegelian dialectic pattern of Action, Reaction, Solution. See "Is the Internet 9/11 Underway?" Use whatever good information is released, but resist the temptation to join the herd of Sheeple using patriotic slogans to censor the internet to "protect us from 'traitors' like the Wikileaks crew."

Now is the time to protect yourself, and help all your loved ones do the same. We have the ability to take actions to minimize the damage to ourselves and fight back in non-violent, effect ways striking the soft underbelly of the PTB. We shouldn't fear the collapse of the US Dollar any more than we should fear the tornado or hurricane we have been told is coming our way. We can't avoid it, so we must be prudent and take appropriate defensive actions now. We will have to deal with the currency collapse and the transition to a free society one way or another. Best those of you who want to be proactive and not helpless victims get started now with whatever level of preparations you have.
Grace and courage and peace to you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deception and Fear Are Major Enemy Tactics

Our enemy comes in many guises and uses diverse tactics to keep us bewitched and enslaved. Deception and Fear are first order tactics. Like two sides of the same coin, they keep us misdirected and/or passive. If you don't know what you're looking for, or are scared to passivity and resignation when you do, then you can't take effective action to change your circumstances. So not only is it hard to find out the truth of our situation, but one must act effectively despite the fear. Courage is not acting without fear. It is acting in spite of your fear.

Our Forefathers founded this country with great courage. At least that's the story I learned in school, and I think it is largely true. There were certainly very wrong and regrettable things that happened with respect to Native Americans and the African slaves. But almost 300 years after the first settlements arose the Founders began a revolution with a Declaration of Independence based "self-evident truths" about God, Nature, Inalienable Rights and the right to replace any government in violation of those truths. (Score one for positive human evolution!) They finished with some wonderful Articles of Confederation later replaced a less free Constitution that unfortunately left the Confederation more federalized.

Fast forward to today when we see a Federal Leviathan that would horrify and break the hearts of our Founders. They were devoted to human liberty as necessary for progress. The roots of our decline are many, but most roads lead directly to the Bankster Cabal which has worked incessantly to control the world with the issuance and control of fiat money. As Rothschild famously said, he cared not who was king as long as he controlled the money system. He knew the source of power in a Mammon system. Since the Banksters are so few and we are so many, they've devised sophisticated methods to keep their power intact.

The easiest way to keep the slaves in their place on the plantation or the serfs complacent in the feudal system it to use the means of communication, education, entertainment, and of course, religion to keep them relatively satisfied and thinking the "right things." On the other hand, those that don't think and act according to script can be dealt with by using an endless array of mechanisms to take them out of the game one way or the other. At the limits force can be used, but short of that, the fear of force or loss can induce submission.

I was always fascinated by the story of the baby elephants purchased to work in a circus. It seems that when training starts, the elephants are restrained by a massive chain around a leg keeping them anchored to spot. As they get used to it, it only takes a rope or smaller metal chain to achieve the same effect, even though the grown elephant could easily break away. An invisible perimeter fence for a dog operates similarly. The world of mind control and propaganda provide countless examples.

The most effective chains are in the captive's mind and emotions. If you can control what a captive "knows" and manipulate their emotions like Pavlov's dog, then you can control the captive with consistency. The captive is bewitched and beguiled, with motive power supplied by emotions that result from prior programming. When Karl Marx called on the workers of the world to unite because they had nothing to lose but their chains, I don't think he was thinking of a literal chain gang.

Most of us have two types of fears that keep us from acting, or even seeking the truth. The first is simple peer pressure. We learned it in our schools, where we were put through a consciously-designed indoctrination system that elevated group-think and consensus. As adults, it still operates today. I see it all the time. We're afraid to be thought different, to be labeled a "kook" or to stand apart. We're afraid for our reputations with "respectable" people, and what it might mean for our livelihoods. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Then there is the fear that if we stand up for what is right, the Bad Guys might might harm us or our families. Movies and TV shows are rife with this kind of stuff. This a big fear, folks. That we even have this fear shows how far America has declined from its principles. George Washington said that when people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is Liberty. Today's sovietized Amerikans have been taught to fear the government, from the IRS and TSA to the toilet inspector. We've become like the cowering Londoners portrayed in the excellent movie, "V is for Vendetta."

This is where we true American patriots have to have courage and act in spite of our fear. We need to realize that only 5% of the colonists were active in revolutionary activities at any one time. The active, principled, courageous minority always makes things happen. The Sheeple cower in fear and the illusion of safety provided by the herd.

One of the biggest fears Amerikans need to overcome is the incessantly promoted fear of "terrorism." They've adopted the idea that they can preserve their illusion of freedom by surrendering their liberty in the name of the Police State erected for "homeland security." The Ruling Class continually uses "terrorism" as the reason they've enslaved us. For more on this, read "The Disabling Power of Fear." We've got to stop being afraid, and realize who the real terrorists are. As Winston Churchill said in the darkest hours of the European war, "We have nothing to fear but feat itself."

As I get older, I realize that you get one shot at life on this trip, and you might as well make the most of it. Most of all, you want your life to count. You want in some way to pass down through the stream of humanity and your descendants what is good, and true and right. There are countless ways to do that, but that is the only way I know to have any kind of immortality in this life. Most of us would like to think that our lives have made the world a little better. A life that counts requires courage.

We value courage and valor because they inspire us. From God the Father sacrificing His Son to soldiers and peacekeepers giving their lives for a truly just cause, to the single and foster and adoptive parents who care for abandoned and abused children, we find all those stories inspiring. That's because they involve sacrificial love for the good of others. The courage of inventors, entrepreneurs and ethical business men can be on the same order. We call these people heroes.

In like manner, each of us can be a hero. All we have to do is to seek the Truth and to do the Right Thing. We need to act in spite of our fear and overcome it with faith, courage and action.

Think of a mental sea change regarding Liberty and its requirements by those producers and contributors to real human society. We're the ones supporting this whole mess. Ayn Rand said the Looters and Moochers system existed only because of the "sanction of the victim" Think also of massive non-compliance and monkey-wrenching the system whenever possible. Think also of "what if they gave a war, and no one came." Think Gandi. Martin Luther King. John Galt. Jesus. [insert your choices here]

Elephants of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your Chains!!

Grace and Courage and Peace to you!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Financial Tsnuami Second Wave is on the Way

When I first started my blog in 2008, I was writing about the approaching "financial tsunami." The TARP $800 Billion bailout soon followed. The first earthquakes of the derivatives crisis had gone off and forced passage of a bill that several Congressmen and Senators said included threats of imminent martial law of it wasn't. Since then the economy has been reeling and trying to recover, but can't. After a summer marked by a public relations recovery, Second Wave of the tsunami is almost upon us. It has the potential to wipe out not only the US economy, but also those of many other nations.

A tsunami gives few warning signs before the surf is sucked out to sea by the massive incoming wave. Sensitive animals and wildlife already sense something is happening and head for high ground. But the people are caught largely by surprise when the massive wall of water comes rushing ashore washing away everything in its path. That is what is likely for the already staggering USEconomy.

The spectacular, unrelenting rise of gold, silver and other commodities are signs that those who understand the unfolding financial calamity are taking defensive measures to protect the purchasing power of their wealth. Gold and silver have been the unanimous choice through history as the most basic forms of money in any kind of advanced society. The metals market is not being driven by little retail investors, but by Big Money heading for the exits from the FiatMoney Casino.

Here are some of the warning signs that motivate BigMoney. Maybe they will motivate you.
If you're still finding this hard to grasp, or hesitating to take preventive action, I suggest you actually read the stories above. If you're waiting for confirmation from the MindControlMedia, whether from Fox or MSNBC, then don't hold your breath. The MCM is controlled by the very same Banksters that control all the world's economies and are at the root of every serious man-made injustice and problem. The world system the Banksters control is Mammon, and one two-horned entity is at their spiritual controls.

Les Visible, the "Dog Poet," has some of the most eloquent, simple presentations of the truth regarding the Banksters at the Root of Humankind's problems here and here. I urge you in the strongest of intention to open your mind, remove your mental filters, and read both of these very, very carefully. It is imperative that we all realize that at a basic level, the battle at the human level is between Banksters and their minions in the political, intelligence and corporate sphere against humanity. And the tough truth is, they don't care a whit about you, your family or your nation. You are disposable to their control agenda.

It is also true that the true Evil Bankster Cabal is very small, and there are many of us. They need to keep us ignorant of their existence, of their agenda, and in knee-jerk denial of anything that smacks of a "conspiracy theory." They depend on deceit ultimately to stay in power. But more and more people are waking up to their existence, and that has them panicked. The internet and all its spin off communications and research capabilities are exposing them and their methods. Even if they take us to war, which has always been their ultimate distraction and destruction mechanism, their days are numbered. The cat's already out of the bag, and millions of people worldwide are figuring it out.

Right now, though, you need to prepare you and your loved ones for the immanent crisis. I've written many times previously about this. At a minimum, it will involve major financial and economic disruption. Whether the Banksters throw in a good dose of plague, famine and war remains to be seen.

The truth is that you are just going to have to step outside the mainstream consensus that paralyzes so many into inaction and act on what you know to be true. You're going to have to have the courage to rely on yourself and those you trust because you know they know. They're the ones paying attention and not waiting for the cues for what's cool and what's not from the high school-like consensus leaders of the herd. The illusion of safety provided by the herd will not help you here. Sorry, but that's the truth. If you need inspiration for standing alone and deciding to do what's right, then you'll like this: High Noon in America. And this: The New American - A Rebirth of the Old Guard.

At a minimum prepare for 30 days of disruption. If we're lucky, that's all we'll have. That means food, clean water, personal supplies, medicines, self protection, your savings in gold and silver coins in your possession,  and God's help. I have much more to say, but this is already too long.

Grace and peace and courage to you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"Resentment Toward Government" Makes You a Suspect

Following up on "It's 1984 in Amerika" theme, we've just found out about "a symposium in held Hamburg, New York, that was attended by federal agencies, police departments and others and where a system that trawls phone conversations, emails and instant messages to detect 'resentment toward government' was demonstrated." The total surveillance state is going deeper into Orwell's "face crime" mode by profiling us. This symposium is not about foreign terrorists, but about irate Americans. Still think Homeland Security is not for us?

With fewer than 25% of Americans approving of government, that makes most of us suspect. By definition, all supporters of the US Constitution and the "tea party movement" qualify to be on the list of possible domestic terrorists. Of course, this runs contrary to America's roots where our Founders resented the English Crown and drew us a Constitution whose purpose was to severely limit the reach and cost of government. Using the same old bogus "war on terror" rationale, the 4th Amendment continues to be trashed as Americans become further enslaved.

Now the Feds are proposing new regulations to keep track of all personal monetary transfers across our borders. Generously, they only want to know about those above $1,000 for businesses! What business it of theirs? Oh, I forgot. Fighting that old bogeyman "terrorism." And "drug dealers" (in competition with the CIA). How long will Americans put up with this bull***t?

And did you know "Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents can seize and copy the contents of any electronic device you carry across a U.S. border. That includes your laptop, your cell phone, your USB flash drives, your digital camera, etc. Agents don't need probable cause or even reasonable suspicion to conduct a search of your electronic data – just "gimme." They can copy the data for investigative purposes and then use that information against you in a subsequent criminal case." To see how you can protect yourself from these un-American searches and seizures, read the whole article.
Rahm "Rhambo" Emmanuel has resigned as Obama's chief of staff in his bid to become the king of Chicago as Mayor Daley is stepping down next year. He's being replaced by a low key 64-year old "cat-loving bachelor," Pete Rouse. He is a "fixer" who is "single and famously fond of the Maine Coon cats." Not much change here, in a way.

Obama's press conference for the transition was interesting. First, note the long ovation given by the lapdog MindControlMedia at the beginning. Disgusting! Then he credits ALL his administration's accomplishments (sic!) to Rahmbo. Then he gives him credit for helping avert a Second Great Depression (delusional). Later, Rhambo gives Obama credit for "putting America back on track" (to Third World status) and "restoring our national standing in the world." (Yes, they love Imperial Amerika spewing tons of depleted  uranium to contaminate the planet's earth, wind and water while the the Depleted Dollar (FedNotes) contaminates the world economy.)

After he compliments Obama for being a great leader, the lapdog MCM gives O another ovation! So much for having an "objective" press corps(e), much less an adversarial one. Rhambo finishes up by telling how he and Obama are both "products of the American dream," but fails to mention that they used Obama's CIA roots and Emanuel's Wall Street-Zionist and political connections to take advantage of golden rings not available to the average laborer or entrepreneur.
On cue for the final harrah of the depletion of America's wealth as the derivatives bomb implodes the economy, Gorden Gekko makes his return to the box office to do it to the little guys one more time in "Wall Street." The first movie came out in 1987, just in time for what was then a large crash. That was a bookend for the the current micro boom-bust in this cycle that began with the start of the fiat money inflation with the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1914. (Yes, I know, it is not "federal" and there are no "reserves.") This is a little like the skyscrapers built at the end of a boom that struggle for many years go make it through the depression. They're both ironic ends to an era of excess. Say, have you seen that 50 story skyscraper being built in downtown Oklahoma City?
Patrick Buchanan has an outstanding essay on the coming conflict between the Tea Party and the War Party. Since the Tea Party movement is really an outgrowth of what began as the Ron Paul Revolution (only to be hijacked and sidetracked by establishment Republicans), this will really turn out to be a conflict between those wanting to slash government spending by terminating Amerika's 60-year attempt at empire, and the NeoCons who want it to continue. Let's hope the people have enough sense to choose Liberty over Empire. You can't have both.

It is time for Conservatives who say they revere the Constitution and "original intent," to put their money where their mouth is and vote to terminate the empire. The Founders intended a Constitutional Republic, not an empire. We can't afford it! We're broke. Our nation is a walking zombie. Like that fictional man who had his heart cut out while he was still alive, and didn't realize it yet.

Pat asks: "After Iraq and Afghanistan, the American people are not going to give the establishment and War Party a free hand in foreign policy. Every patriot will do what is necessary and pay what is needed to defend his country. But national security is one thing, empire security another.

Why should Americans, 65 years after World War II, be defending rich Europeans from a Soviet Union that has been dead for 20 years, so those same Europeans can cut their defense budgets to protect their social safety nets? Almost $14 trillion in debt today, we borrow from Europe to defend Europe, borrow from Japan to defend Japan, borrow from the Gulf Arabs to defend the Gulf Arabs. And we borrow from Beijing to send foreign aid to African regimes . . .National security, yes. Empire security we can no longer afford."
Even if you ignore the safety presentations by the flight attendants when you fly, I'll bet you'd watch this one!  Heck, just a younger age group like these might get more men watching!!
Are you hearing the chatter around about UFO's making nuclear weapons inoperable; or about an imminent "disclosure" of alien contact; or a long-predicted event by Werner von Braun to use a fake alien invasion as an event to facilitate joining together a One World Government? Yep, I see lots of references around the alternative media about all these and much more. Real aliens and hi-tech space travel with matching gadgetry with benign/malevolent intentions; or disinformation campaigns to hide advanced Nazi-initiated technology and intentions, or just the latest versions of the stuff coming out of Area 51? (After all, we didn't close down all that top secret R&D after the B-2 rolled out.) Wish I knew.

This is worth watching to see a convincing presentation that there might be civilized life forms on Mars. If true, what are the implications of that? And why are THEY covering it up?
I had the opportunity to live for five years on the Columbia River in northeast Washington just south of the Canadian border. The winters were significantly harsher in the high desert. The majority of people who lived in and around the small towns there heated primarily with wood stoves -- a very different proposition for an Okie raised hooked up to natural gas!

Everything had to be winterized. You didn't mess with these conditions. You adapted to them. You had to plan ahead to either bring in your firewood or buy it. Fill the fuel tanks, lay in extra food, get the oil lamps in shape in case the power went out, maintain the generator, get out the snow tires, put in feed for livestock, etc. Even before August ended, people were devoting off time to preparations. Prepare for the future was the theme of life at that time.

By contrast, in Oklahoma City, we did very little of that. We have mild winters generally, and if there's a power outage, blizzard, or whatever, you always know things will return to normal in a day or two. We come to enjoy the benefits of civilization, and therefore operate largely by a just-in-time inventory system for our personal items. We just naturally assume that "normal" is normal.

But history shows that most of the time, "normal" is filled with much more struggle and uncertainty than the sunshine period we are finishing. We're entering the Fourth Turning. This will be a time of great crises, and of heroes of every sort responding with creativity and bravery to set us back on track. 

In the cycles of history it is like success goes to our heads, and we forget what is necessary for it. We become prideful, greedy and arrogant. When that happens, we experience the reason for that old proverb: "pride goes before a fall." We have to lose everything so we can realize what is important. We need to strip back to the basics if we want to get back to the garden. We literally need to snap out of it, even get the stuffing knocked out of us like a good whuppin', and get back to doing what we were put here for.

The great reckoning is at hand. It appears that far too many Americans will be blindsided by it. They still see through normal-colored glasses. They forget that things can still change as quickly as they do when tornadic skies chase away bright sunshine.

For those who are aware, we best make sure we are prepared with the basics. Maybe some family member is finally ready to listen to you. Either way, those who know something big is coming should put extra away for those who didn't.

We're five weeks away from the November 8 period of emotional release predicted by Clif at Half Past Human. Their predictions have been uncanny, tapping into the planetary psyche to some extent with their webots. The data indicated that the impact, the "shock and awe" factor, will be on a magnitude at least 10 times greater than the 9-11 terrorist event. They just don't know what it will be.

So I suggest that you informed ants get busy with your preparations. If you're an awakening grasshopper, welcome aboard. We ants need all the help we can get!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feds Radiating Americans

America's current reality as described by George Orwell 1984 is our current theme. Orwell portrayed Statism -- an all-inclusive police state with controls designed to keep the masses of "proles" from realizing they were slaves. The implementation of the total surveillance society in America ramped up drastically after the false flag 9-11 attacks. No doubt, setting up the Amerikan police state was one of the primary goals of this blood-thirsty coup.

Homeland Security is first, and foremost, about controlling the American people. If defending us from external terrorists of the "Islamo-fascist" variety were the goal, the border would have been sealed from day one, and we would not have seen the illegal immigration of 18 million people in the interim. You'd think at least one terrorist disguised as a Mexican illegal would be hiding at least a bar of C4 to detonate in some unsecured shopping mall to disrupt Christmas shopping and injure our economy and spoil the holidays. Hasn't happened, has it?  This conclusion is such a no-brainer that it is lost only on the die-hard supporters of Bush-Obama and the CorpGov fake TwoPartySystem. They are the willingly enslaved who doom their grandchildren to poverty on the CorpGov plantation.

Alex Jones has today's lead story detailing the roll-out of hundreds of mobile backscatter X-ray machines to spy on Americans on roadways, athletic facilities, and in their homes in addition to the ongoing roll-out of the "naked body" X-ray scanners by TSA at American airports. These will be used in conjunction with their ControlGrid databases for DNA, fingerprints, blood, facial and body recognition, to track us everywhere we go. Moreover, repeated low-level radiation doses increase one's susceptibility to many cancers, so this is a "slow kill" operation as well. The Ruling Class can't let us become "useless eaters," and BigMedPharma is determined to drain our families' net worth as they use their cut-burn-poison arsenal on us in "heroic" efforts to "save" our lives in our last few months on earth.

Already Italy has pulled out the naked body scanners due to potential dangers. I suggest you avoid them at all costs if you must fly. Complain to the airlines that they deter you from flying. Take the extra time to get inspected if you need to. Massive, peaceful noncompliance is one of the acts we can each use to fight back and bog down the system. (That's one reason why new reporting requirements for taxes are being rolled out.)

Television is the Ruling Class's most pervasive propaganda tool. Most of us think we are immune to its effects. To the extent that we are aware of the true state of affairs, that may be true. We've developed some discernment as to what we're watching. But what we don't get as well is that when we watch TV we go into a hypnotic-like state that opens portals into our mind, soul and spirit that allow input not only of what we're overtly aware, but also that which we are not -- the subliminal messages and even ideas and images that can intrude on frequencies beyond our conscious awareness. "The physical way in which TV affects the brain makes it a  perfect vehicle for propaganda.  It’s important to note that your eyes grow directly, stem-like, from the brain. They really are the window to the soul and the perfect conduit to access the brain’s inner sanctums."

These statistics from a recent survey illustrate the problem:
  • Each day in the U.S., people spend on average 4.7 hours watching TV, 3 hours listening to the radio and 14 minutes reading magazines.
  • The projected average number of hours an individual (12 and older) will spend watching television this year is 1,750.
  • In a 65-year life, the average person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.
Mind-boggling, huh? These come from a Burning Platform post on the author's re-reading of Fahrenheit 451. This must-read article is rich in insights: "Bradbury envisioned gigantic flat screen wall TVs that interacted with the audience and people wearing seashell earbuds so they could listen to the radio. Anything to keep from reading, thinking, questioning or wondering. Today, anesthetized kids and non-thinking adults sit in front of the boob tube with their Playstation controllers in hand and a microphone attached to their ear, killing zombies while talking to their fellow warriors, sitting in their own living rooms somewhere in the world."

The Police State needs constant crises to expand and maintain its power. The movie "V is for Vendetta" illustrates how false flag terrorism is a time-tested method used by tyrannies to increase their power and demonize their opposition. Rahm Immanuel, Obama's Zionist chief-of-staff and fellow lifetime member of Chicago's top gay bath house club, is famously quoted that a crisis should never be wasted, but used to advance one's political agenda. That's why it is naive to think that the Obamanoids really believe that the policies they're pushing will make things better for the USEconomy and most Americans. That is not their goal.

On the contrary, they know what they're doing. Sure, some Obamanoids may be merely misguided Keynesians who don't understand economics. But the inner circle are surely following the Saul Alinsky-inspired Cloward-Piven strategy that bankrupted New York City in 1974. Their goal is to so overwhelm the US economy and destroy our vital moral, spiritual and economic infrastructure and foundations that we will never recover. This conveniently ties in with the long-term strategy of the globalists pushing for a New World Order. Let that sink in for a few moments. It may change your life.

Numerous informed observers are concluding that the US as the founders intended is dead (a walking zombie, I said in my previous post). The The End of the Rule of Law in America, says Bob Livingston. Paul Craig Roberts has written recently about The Nazification of the United States, Death by Globalism, The Collapse of Western Morality, and It's Official: The US is a Police State.

Meanwhile, everyone acts as if everything is "normal." I still get lots of eye-rolling whenever I try to talk with people about what's happening, what's important that will affect their and their offspring's futures in the most negative of ways. But most of them are plugged into the MindControlMedia that soothingly tells them that everything's under control, or if they are alarmed, at least the Tea Party and Sarah Palin will save them as the Republicans expect to re-take control of Congress in November. If that happens, all we'll see is a change in rhetoric and faces as the good guys and bad guys change roles in our political pro-wrestler con game.

Before you Conservatives get excited about the prospects, just remember Charlie Schlutz' classic Peanuts cartoons that coincidentally ran every fall around election time. No matter how fervently Lucy promised she wouldn't pull away the football just before Charlie was to kick it, she always did. Fooled again, Charlie Brown. Will we fall for it again, too? Remember also that without Bush, Obama would not have been possible. At the end of the day, they work for the same Banksters.

Speaking of propaganda, here's a just-in example of the MindControlMedia financial talking heads busy at work persuading the average American to ignore the continuing 10-years upward march in gold and silver prices because the "bubble" is about to burst! Right. Not!! I hope you're learning to SpotTheProp and ignore them.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Falling Forward

How appropriate that as I return to my blog after the end of summer activities, the newly-restarted counter shows "1984." I'm running into increasing numbers of references to this landmark book. No doubt a re-reading will have greater impact than when I read it in high school! We are surely living in the manifestation of many of the ideas presented in that book, just in terms of the technology and understanding of the early 21st century.

Statism continues its vicious hold on the keys to human happiness and fulfillment. Statism -- the philosophy that the State is God, to be worshipped and obeyed with our lives and treasure -- is rooted in the dark side. Satan, the name given to the personification of this spiritual force, intends to maim, kill, destroy and cause suffering to those of us made in God's image.

Statism is the system of mammon. Mammon is about power, greed, lust, cruelty and oppression. Mammon is the system of the Ruling Class and its minions. Mammon is Satan. Man is an easy mark for Satan if he lacks discernment and knowledge. Even then, the elect may be deceived. Pride and self-righteousness can blind us to the deception.

The MindControlMedia feed most Americans a steady diet of unreachable aspirations, toxic foods and drugs, and non-stop CorpGov propaganda. To see clearly, with understanding, one has to be able to think clearly. Without clear concepts and sound principles, buttressed by on-going fact-finding, thinking and seeing is impossible. Too many Americans lack the conceptual tools and motivation to recognize the job being done to them continually by their controllers.

The lack of motivation to know, to understand, is the hardest for me to take. Some people freely acknowledge their ignorance and don't seem to be bothered by it. Others deny their ignorance and are proud in their pre-manufactured opinions. Still others are in active denial. As one of them told me when confronted with doubts about the ludicrous CorpGov 9-11 Conspiracy Theory, "I just can't believe Americans would do that. I don't want to believe it!" That was the end of that discussion, as well as any respect I had for her intellect.

I picked up Jim Marr's latest book, "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy," last month. I previously read his "Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America" and "Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us." Both are outstanding studies in their field, full of important history. The latest book tells "how the New World Order, man-made diseases and Zombie Banks are destroying America."

I'm really taken by Marr's theme that the America we grew up loving has become a walking zombie. We are the walking dead, the deluded in denial, who have yet to come to grips with our ongoing collapse into the Third World. We, like the Banks, are the walking dead, moving out of habit and momentum. We don't realize that the American Empire is just waiting for the Fat Lady to sing. "Dead Man Walking!"

The USDollar is in its death throes. I still predict it will be toast in time for the 100th anniversary of the illegal founding of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914. Fiat money, pieces of paper with ink slapped on them and required to be used as "legal tender" (i.e., money), has never survived in the history of humankind. Never. At least without undergoing countless devaluations. This article from Seeking Alpha about the Six Reasons Why a Dollar Collapse is Imminent is absolute must reading.

I like to carry a Silver Eagle with me to show people what real money looks like. I let fellow Boomers hold 1 oz of pure silver denominated One US Dollar. I remind them that it takes almost 22 of today's fiat FedNotes ("dollars") to buy one of these. From there we can talk about nickel cokes and popcorn and 20 cent movie tickets. I used to marvel that my father would spend $20, sometimes $40 to buy a week's worth of groceries for his growing family of eight. At an official price of silver at $1 back then, we're talking about an equivalent of more than $420 today.

Yet, I hear every reason in the world why my friends continue to trust their savings and retirements to the standard fare of stocks, bonds and investment advisers. Somehow the failure of same to prevent devastating losses in their net worth over the last ten years has not disqualified convention financial thinking from serious consideration. The USDollar is swirling down a black hole of competing currency devaluations, while the golden and silver life preservers are ignored. So sad. Gold is on its way to $1650 in the near future (Jim Sinclair is a long-time predictor of this). Ultimate tops of $2,000 to $10,000 are common expert predictions.

I discovered an intriguing article today "US Prepares for Gold Standard." I haven't had time to digest it yet, but it seems obvious that if the CorpGov hastens the collapse of FedNotes and goes back on a gold standard, it might be nice to have some gold ahead of time. I'd urge you to read that article and explore the fine website. Very stimulating stuff.

Please, friends, if you have any substantial savings in traditional dollar-denominated investments, get out of most of them and protect your purchasing power with real gold and silver. There are plenty of reputable firms out there. I list several on this site. Since the Treasury illegally stopped selling the 1 oz gold eagles recently, you'll have to pay a bit more. But the fractional coins for 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 ounce are just as nice, and are already neatly divided for smaller purchases. 

If you had put $300 FedNotes into an ounce of gold ten years ago, it would now buy more than $1300 FedNotes. Put differently, it took about 38 ounces of real money (gold) to buy the Down Jones back on Jan. 1, 2000 when it was 11,497. Today it would take less than 9 ounces to come up with that same price. (You can use the same math to drop the value of today's DJIA from today's 10,853 to 2,504! That's a massive market collapse in terms of the year 2000 gold price.) Still think the USDollar FedNote is a "safe haven?" The rest of the world doesn't. They're baling out. Only gullible Americans still believe the mantra.

How soon will gold fly? Heck, I don't know. We're not even in a real bull market yet! I'm surprised it has taken 40 years to reach this point since I started paying attention to money. Simple Austrian economic theory always said that the longer the boom lasts, the harder the bust will be. That is why the recovery will be so long and painful. (This is the "new normal" as CBS Sunday Morning called it the other day. They were also pushing for a major tax increase, BTW.)

The simple fact is that we're in uncharted territory. Never in recorded history have we had world-wide currency debauchery and depression like we're now experiencing, with a 7 billion population. We're in times similar to those preceding World War II. War may be the intended, or unintended way for the Ruling Class to keep control. "After analyzing our current crisis and studying well-established historical precedents, one must conclude that creating a world war is the last card the global bankers have left to play, other than conceding power, and history has taught us that the ruling class never concedes power."

We're back to Orwell, aren't we? The famous Report from Iron Mountain laid out the rationale for the Elites to keep us at war to deal with the threats to their position as a result of peace, progress and prosperity. George Orwell had previously given us a fictional portrayal of how it is done in 1984. Obviously were in principle living in Orwell's 1984. It just 2010, and the methods of implementation are as sophisticated as they are technologically advanced.

As I write this, we're about six week's out from the major emotional turning point predicted in the HalfPastHuman "Shape of Things to Come Reports." The multiplicity of events that could singly, or in concert, produce a shattering many magnitudes of 9-11 is staggering. Probably a good time for you to locate/replenish some survival supplies, water filters, medicines, food, etc. Far too many grasshoppers and not enough ants around here.

It is a time of awakening and reckoning. The orchestra's tuning up. The cast is moving into place. The Crisis of the Fourth Turning is unfolding near you. Be ready.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bombshell: Barack Obama Conclusively Outed as CIA Creation

Ex-CIA Presidential-briefer Wayne Madsen has done what the MainStreamMedia should have done no later than the 2008 Presidential primaries. He has done the research to vet Barry Soetoro, aka Barack H. Obama. This report lays it all out. I had heard many of these things before, but now Madsen has organized the information with the skill of an experienced geopolitical researcher. (Madsen's expose about Obama and Rahm Emmanuel being lifetime members of a ritzy Chicago gay bath house was just a warm-up for the main event.)

In short, Soetoro is a CIA creation, a Manchurian Candidate in full service to the Globalist Ruling Class. He has betrayed his liberal constituency in favor of the Ruling Class. Liberals have been every bit as duped by Soetoro as Conservatives were by George Bush II. As I predicted in November of 2008 after his election, Obama has become Bush on steroids. The change he promised was more of the awful things Bush did -- expanded imperial wars, record deficits, expanded surveillance state, dictatorial Presidency, trashing the Constitution, providing military cover for Israel, etc.

Moreover, most everything Soetoro-Obama is doing is NOT designed to try to help America recover economically and restore us to health. In accordance with his Marxist ideological background (along with his CIA roots), he is doing his dead level best to DESTROY America irreparably. This is the Cloward-Piven Strategy. He is in the employ of those who would bring us a New World Order.This cannot help his cratering Presidency. The only things that can save him is war and/or drawing Sarah Palin as his opponent in 2012.

I hope none of this sounds at all outlandish to you. If it does, you are consuming too much MSM. You're stuck in the Matrix. Do the research. Far too many Americans are in complete denial about what deep s**t we're in. There is no easy way out, nor easy way through this. We are on the way to social and economic breakdown.

The US Government is bankrupt. Adding unfunded liabilities for things like Social Security, Medicare, and pensions, total debt is over $100 Trillion! That is an unfathomable number. There is NO WAY that money will ever be repaid, nor be there with any kind of value when the obligations need to be paid. The dollar fiat currency will be inflated away as was the German Mark after WWI and Zimbabwe's currency now. It now takes almost $1300 USD to buy the same ounce of real money -- gold -- that $300 bought just ten years ago. The dollar is worth 4% of what it was with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914. I still predict the death of the dollar by 2014.  An inflationary depression followed by a purging is inevitable.

All the western welfare state economies are chained together in a fiat money orgy tied to the soon-to-be-defunct US dollar. The dollar is ripe for a drastic devaluation that will drive up the cost of all those imported goods from China, just at the time when real unemployment is nearing 25%. (Oh, did the MSM Pravda tell you otherwise?) Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says that "Time is Running Out for the West," as the debt crisis is spiraling out of control faster than anyone thought. Need more evidence? Read 40 Horrifying Statistics About the Collapse of the US Economy.

(Incidentally, if you're finally getting around to doing something to protect your remaining assets with precious metals like gold and silver, stay away from your broker's recommendation to buy ETFs. They are a derivative financial asset, not the real thing -- a "golden shell game." They are not redeemable for metals, and when you want the metals, you'll have to sell the paper and see if you can get the metals. If you plan to park your money in cash, remember that gold and silver in your possession is the only real cash that is not someone else's debt.

And the states are little better off, and only getting worse. I'm sure you've all seen the stories.

So things are coming to a head this fall. Whether the Ruling Class follows through on taking us to war with Iran is still an open question. If they do, we will surely suffer horrible unintended consequences. They'll probably use some kind of false flag operation on US soil to shock and awe the brain-dead majority into following Der Furhrer into another great war against the "evil Islamofascists." It worked so well with Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, why not Iran? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Americans even now seem ready to throw away their blood and treasure for the new Boogie Man.

A false flag terrorist event will lead to military control over the country. That's what happens in wartime, remember? Especially if we're attacked again at home. Military control means martial law, the end of the free internet, round up of "suspected or potential domestic terrorists," siezure of the economy, etc.

If we somehow dodge this bullet, we still face breakdown at home. Paul Craig Roberts has created quite a stir with his recent articles: The Ecstasy of Empire (why the American Empire will end) and The Year America Dissolved (2017 - into distopian clan warfare). Chuck Baldwin warns America Faces Social Breakdown. Everything the Communists said we needed to do to collapse, so they could "bury us," has happened. We are rapidily becoming Soviet Amerika. The only thing not fulfilled is taking away our guns. And don't think they don't have plans for that.

Meanwhile, Obama and his cohorts (who will be quick to tell you how much compassion they have for the downtrodden little people), are living high on the hog in ways that would even make George Bush blush! Instead of setting an example of frugality and sacrifice to match that of their economically suffering countrymen, they are instead living like kings. Indeed, Michelle's recent trip on Air Force Two with 40 of her closest friends to cavort on the Spanish coast got her dubbed "Material Girl" by the NY Daily News.

I can't help but think that forcing the people into some kind of wide-spread civil unrest and even armed revolt is part of what they have planned for us. I certainly hope not.

My preference is more along the lines of that old slogan during the Viet Nam War: "What if they gave a war and no one came?" My hope would be that people will wake up to the reality of what the Ruling Class is up to, and what they're doing to us, and engage in massive non-compliance. Stop playing the game. Stop paying taxes, even stop voting. Stop being willing victims.

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ruling Class is Our Enemy

Thanks to Lew Rockwell for today's title, which he aptly gave to Dr. Gary North's analysis of the main article which was the subject of my last post on libertarian class analysis, Angelo Codevilla's "America's Ruling Class – And the Perils of Revolution." If you haven't read it yet, stop now and at least print it out for savoring later. It is a seminal essay for those who want to restore Liberty to America.

North regards Codevilla "as America's smartest conservative political analyst." North's own essay, "Codevilla's Not-Quite Manifesto," says that it is "the finest statement on the two-fold division in American political life written in my lifetime – more than this, in the last hundred years. He has laid it out clearly, accurately, and eloquently." North says that the major weakness of Codevilla's work is that it is short on answering the crucial question asked by Lenin a hundred years ago: "What is to be done?"

Nevertheless, both of these essays are must reads. If you don't have time to read, you don't have time to lead, folks.  

I found out that Rush Limbaugh was so taken by Codevilla's work that he cleared a whole hour for it last week! So Rush has planted numerous seeds for us to nurture and harvest. Maybe Rush is having second thoughts about being one of the Elites?

Long-time friend and libertarian blogger Charles Burris adds important dimensions to the the discussion of "the most important [essay] I have ever read" in "Codevilla, North and the Ruling Class."  Burris says "Angelo M. Codevilla is our generation’s Tom Paine.  He has authored a 'Common Sense' analysis and call to action against a hubristic ruling class that debases our currency and our culture."

This is why you need to read it folks. And apply the terminology as often as you can, especially the terms "ruling class," "political class," "Elites," and all such variants. What you choose to call the "country class" can be flexible with your audience.

Paul Craig Roberts gives us a nice glimpse into the Ruling Elites with "Let Them Eat Wedding Cake." In a reference to Marie Antoinette's famous comment about the suffering of the French people on the eve of the Revolution, Roberts contrasts the $5 million Elite-Class Chelsea Clinton wedding to a Goldman Sachs son with the millions of jobless and hungry Americans. He impertinently asks how "a poor boy who became governor of Arkansas and president of the United States got such a fortune that he can blow $3,000,000 on a wedding." (The taxpayers picked up the other $2 million tab for security so the Elites could party safely away from the Commoners.)

By the way, if you're at all interested in the real levers of power, the hidden dynamics that run the world, I suggest you start with Charles Burris' excellent essay "Hidden History: Where Organized Crime and Government Meet." Charles is a long-time student of the criminal, conspiratorial aspects of history. I know from experience that the more you find out about the way things work, the more you realize that government at the highest levels is a multitude of criminal conspiracies.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ruling Class vs. the Working Class

The Liberty Movement faces numerous obstacles in restoring the freedom envisioned by our Founders. Piercing the fog of propaganda, disinformation and lack of understanding of basic principles is not easy. The masses are easily manipulated by the Mainstream Media using well-tested buzzwords. The unfocused anger of much of the Tea Party movement is a case in point.

So we have to figure out how to get through to people. How can we create an opening to communicate our message quickly and effectively? How do we get agreement up front so that we have permission emotionally and intellectually to persuade them to the side of Liberty, and all that entails?

A big part of the answer is to re-define political reality, to change the paradigm and terms of discussion. Whoever defines the terms of the debate controls the debate.
Increasing numbers of people are realizing that the left-right paradigm is a trap, designed more to obfuscate and confuse, rather than explain political reality. The Elites have skillfully supported this illusion making the contradictory liberal and conservative positions into seeming polar opposites while hiding their own existence and role in public affairs. Yet year after year, decade after decade, the trend is toward ever larger, more expensive, more intrusive government, regardless of which party is in power. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama is a continuous trend in the wrong direction. They're all puppet Presidents working for the same Elites.

I've lately become convinced we can easily change the way we talk so we can change the paradigm.

Surprisingly, we need to start using the terms of class analysis. Just as it worked for Karl Marx, it can work for true American patriots! We just need to use terms that apply to our situation.

We need to start speaking in terms of the Elite vs. the People or Power vs. Liberty. For the elite, we can use the terms elite, ruling class, political class, rulers, parasites, etc. For the people, we can use terms like Workers, working people, country class, etc.

I tried it out recently while checking out at an ice cream store. I commented on a closed credit card swiping machine. The clerk, in his 40s, said it was also used for food stamp cards. I guess the 40 million people (grasp that number) who get food stamps, actually get what looks like a credit card. I asked how much they get, and he said $500 a month! Grasp that!. Then he said, "It makes me wonder about the 2 jobs I hold and the 65 hours a week I work." I said, it makes you wonder who the Elites are and why the Workers put up with it. He said, "Sure does." Straight, simple communication. My wife and I had a discussion about the word "entitlements" as in "entitlement programs" on the way home. ("Entitlements?" Who is entitled and why? And who pays?)

Folks, the Elites are parasites, who think they're better than us stupid rubes who believe in the Constitutional foundations of this country. Whether they are at the top of the CorpGov food chain as politicians or CEOs, or their minions administering the various bureaucracies, or the "entitlement" recipients, they're all parasites.

The Workers are the tax-slaves supporting the whole system. I'm starting to see these themes appearing in all kinds of publications. We need to help clarify the situation for the Workers. Once increasing numbers of Workers begin to think about who the Elites are, and how they control the Workers, the sea change will happen. Then we can start offering solutions.

Below are some clear articles that will help you make the change yourself. Digest them and start using these terms as you go about your business. Be ready for some amazing results. According to these articles, over two-thirds of the country is still not part of the Elite Class. There are more of Us than there are of Them. So what's wrong with this picture? As Karl Marx said so effectively 160 years ago: "Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!"

And if you haven't read Atlas Shrugged ever, or even lately, get a copy. Ayn Rand draws clear distinctions between the men and women who work, invent, create businesses and earn an honest living and the Looters and Moochers who practice the "politics of pull."

Friday, March 12, 2010

View from the watch tower.

More conservative-libertarian activists are warning of the dangerous role of Glenn Beck in subverting/deflecting the growing Freedom Movement. The latest, "The Beck Deception," spells out many of the intentional ploys Beck uses in the service of his masters. If you are one of those who still thinks Beck is on the side of freedom and revealing the whole truth about how we are being controlled, I urge you to study this article with an open mind. There is a long list of associated articles at the end.

Unfortunately in Oklahoma, one of our long-time conservative grassroots leaders has fallen for Beck hook, line and sinker. In uncharacteristic fashion, he recommends that his followers regularly watch Beck, without warning about the associated great dangers. He has had the dangers of Beck pointed out in great detail, without any public impact. I am both puzzled and disappointed.

Recently we've seen an orchestrated demonization of 9-11 truthers by MSM shills like Beck, Chris Matthews, O'Reily and others. With growing number of Americans (more than a third) questioning the official story, the Elite are starting to panic. Now these truth-seekers are being smeared as "possible violent terrorists."  If you are one of those who has let Beck malign the word "truth" by disparaging those who question the government's explanations of events and seek truth and calling them "truthers," you might find "A Guide to 9-11 Whistleblowers" helpful. (Ever wonder Beck and his ilk don't call them "9-11 Liars"?)

For anyone who cares and dares to look, the official 9-11 conspiracy theory is riddled with hundreds of lies, omissions and distortions. If you believe it, then you'll believe most anything the government tells you connected with their entire, sordid "war on terror" enterprise. See also, Sibel Edmonds revelation on The Traitors Among Us.

Why California is Doomed - an excellent analysis that applies to the entire country in one way or another. The US has been built on a sustained series of booms of fiat currency since the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1914. The Austrian School of Economics has shown conclusively that sooner or later it all comes to a very painful end. We are nearing the end. This great chart summarizes the destruction of the dollar.

If you're still waiting to buy gold to protect your savings, "What's More  Important: Price per Ounce or Ounces Owned?" will help you get un-stuck. Folks, if you understand the dollar is doomed, and you know you must eventually buy gold, but haven't yet -- it is imperative that you take the first step NOW. Breach the psychological barrier that keeps you stuck with the mainstream of Americans who are in denial. Take some action now so you know how to do it and develop some confidence. Try my trustworthy, preferred vendors. I get nothing from them to recommend them, but I've used them to buy and sell, with confidence.

US Taxpayers on the Hook for $5 Trillion of Mortgage Debt -- and you think the dollar will survive?

43% of US Workers Have Less than $10,000 in Savings -- Don't worry. The government will take care of them -- with what?

A trend to watch -- "Half of Kansas City Schools to Close."  As with California mentioned above, the fiat money booms have caused massive "malinvestments" that must be liquidated as the economy purges them through Depression. The KC schools are just a symptom of the widespread disease. Most state and municipal governments are also overextended in their budgets and commitments. The retrenchment will not be painless or pleasant.

Why is the US Dept. of Education making an emergency purchase of 27 combat shotguns?

Doomsday Seed Vault Has 1/2 Million Samples -- What do the Elite know that we don't?

Neocon Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman have introduced a new bill giving the government even greater police state powers -- to fight "terrorism," of course. The "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010" is a pure erosion of the Bill of Rights. If you have never seen the movie, "V is for Vendetta," you must watch it to see how governments use terrorism to maintain and expand their power. Keeping with the spirit of the times, Senators Schumer and Graham are giving a new slant to "Your papers please," with their new bill for a national biometric ID card. I'm sure they'll be integrated with the new national medical database. Take that, Al-CIA-da!

Always remember that "the war on terror" has little to do with preventing foreign terrorists from committing violent acts against innocent US citizens. One of the major purposes is to institute a comprehensive control structure to spy on and dominate the American public. This is more difficult to comprehend if you still believe that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were mere responses to unprovoked attacks by Al-CIA-da on 9-11.

The fact is that the total surveillance society has escalated dramatically at every level since 9-11. If Osama Bin Laden hated America because of its "freedom" prior to 9-11, then he has accomplished his goal. That freedom is long gone, and only those blind American patriots in denial don't know that.

Are We in a HAARP "Earthquake War"? -- the technology exists. Maybe we should think of every major earthquake first in terms of who has the motive, the means and the opportunity. Most people don't realize that Haiti is sitting on massive oil and gold reserves, as well as serving as a strategic entry point in the Caribbean.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now is the Time to Preserve Your Capital

In July of  2008, I was warning about the coming financial crisis. I linked to plenty of reasons why a "financial tsunami" was near, and how to protect oneself. I also told friends and family. As best I can tell, no one listened, nor did they give me any credit for making what was really an easy call. Since then, my forecast has been for more financial crisis, deepening depression and the ultimate collapse of the dollar.

As far as I know, none of my friends or family have made a purchase of physical gold. Some have played with ETFs and futures, but none has taken the step to move out of the risky structure of dollar-based investments into holding physical gold or silver.

I'm astounded at the blind faith Americans put in the ability of America to come through this crisis relatively unscathed, and particularly in the dogma that the US dollar is a safe place to park their life savings. While their view may be attributed to historical American optimism, I think it has more to do with intellectual laziness, fear of stepping out from the mainstream, and the massive mind control that few of them can begin to comprehend.

Nevertheless, more people are waking up as the "greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression" will soon become the greatest financial crisis in history." It will be world-wide.

The good news is that even for those who have put off protecting themselves, there is still have time to act. You can still protect what's left of your capital. All it takes is a little bit of courage to look reality square in the face and take actions that most of your friends have not. For most people of modest means that means buying and taking delivery of gold and silver coins.

"Paper gold", i.e,. ETF's (exchange traded funds) should never be considered a substitute for holding real, physical gold and silver. There is much speculation not only about the gold supposedly backing them up, but about possible counterfeit gold bars being held as security.

The reasoning is quite simple. As Voltaire said almost 250 years ago, paper (fiat) currencies always revert to their intrinsic value -- nothing. Not one paper currency has survived intact, without massive devaluation or hyperinflation. The US dollar has lost almost 96% of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve was founded in 1914. The exponential increase of the money supply of the last 18 months sealed the dollar's fate.
The massive deficits incurred during the Bush and Obama administrations are escalating and will never be repaid. The unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and most pensions are even worse. The only way they will be paid off will be with nominal dollars created out of nothing.

Moreover, Congress is lustfully eying that last pool of untapped capital in the country: the private pension plans, 401-Ks and IRAs. All indications are that after an appropriate crisis or scandal, they will be nationalized and replaced with some kind of government annuity similar to Social Security. The government will spend the capital for current needs, replacing it with non-marketable IOUs while they "guarantee" our retirement. Guaranteed impoverishment is more like it. (I just recently cashed in over half my IRA's with the rest coming shortly.)

But don't take my word for it. Check out the vast collection of analysis provided below. Study, decide, and then act. Don't wait for the rest of the herd to wake up and tell you it is okay. And certainly don't wait for your financial adviser to tell you. Think about it. Once you take your money away from your adviser and buy precious metals for delivery, he won't make another nickel on you. So what is his incentive (besides integrity) to tell you leave conventional investments?

I've just posted an extensive list of articles designed to help you and your loved ones protect your capital from the coming devaluation and/or inflation of the US Dollar. All international currencies are depreciating in value against gold and silver.

You still have time to protect yourself. The prices of gold and silver won't go much lower in these currencies and has a virtual unlimited upside potential.

Gold was by far the best investment class of the first decade of new century, with the price going from around $300 to close to $1200. Gold is regaining its historical role as the international currency. If you had bought 4 of those coins you'd have $4800 worth today!

A 1 oz. gold coin you buy today will still contain 1 oz. of gold in 10, 20 or even 100 years. What do you think will be the purchasing power of the $1200 required to buy it in that same time period? Remember: it took $20 to buy that coin almost a hundred years ago. If your grandfather had spent $1200 on gold coins back then and stuck them in a safe, you'd have 60 of those coins today! That would be worth $72,000 in today's purchasing power (and that's not allowing anything for numismatic value!)

My two preferred vendors are Goldmasters and Franklin Sanders. There are many others out there. I don't recommend buying from anyone that spends a lot of money on television advertising. They have to build it into the price.

There's not a lot of commentary below. The articles speak for themselves.

Have courage!

The Road to Armageddon - Paul Craig Roberts

2010 - Preservation of Capital is the Highest Imperative - Marc Faber

The British Pound Could Collapse in Weeks - Jim Rogers

Massive Bank Failures are Coming - Banking Commission

Bonds, the Next Financial Slaughterhouse - John Galt

Gold Will Soon Be Restored as World's Currency - Jim Willie

China's Purchase of IMF Gold Begins Next Leg Up on Precious Metals Boom

Sky Rocketing Global Debt Makes Hard Assets a Safe Haven

Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe

The "Fourth Turning" Will Bring 21st Century Crisis

Liquidating the Empire - Pat Buchanan

Coup by Economic Elite Threatens Existence of Middle Class

How to Prepare for Global Debt Bomb Explosion

The Demise of the US, an American Tragedy

Fear DAVOS 2010 -- Into the Bomb Shelter

Higher Highs Coming in Gold

Silver's Most Important Price Point

Gold Analysis and Price Trends for 2010

Gold and the China Commodities Game-Changing Action

Gold, Pension Plans and IRA's

Connections Video

Bankruptcy of the US is Now Certain

Why Gold and Silver Are Important, and Often Manipulated

Gold: China's End Game?

Why Inflation Will Come

Why Gold Will Keep Going Up for Years

Gold's Price is Appreciating Against All Major Currencies - Barron's
"Gold isn't going up, currencies are going down," says James Turk. "The purchasing power of gold remains basically unchanged against commodities. In contrast, the purchasing power of national currencies is being constantly eroded."

The Coming Gold Shortage

More on the Coming Gold Shortage
Drawdowns of the metals from the exchanges is outpacing deposits. "
"Investors should make sure they own physical bullion and not a paper substitute. When the music stops, and it looks like it could be soon, paper promises will not be honored with bullion. When a shortage becomes obvious to investors the price of bullion will be multiples of its current price. But those holding paper promises will not benefit. At best they will be paid in fiat currency and probably after months or years of legal wrangles, and most likely at the price on the day of default, not at the price on the day of settlement. Why accept anything but physical bullion?"

The Mogambo Guru writes on the implications of the gold shortage - (Buy gold, silver and oil -- now!)

The Coming Obama Retirement Trap

401K/IRA Screw Job Coming?

America's Hidden Debt Bombs -- CNN Money

Gold: Greatest Currency Trade of the Millennium?

A Larger Financial Crisis is Inevitable -Non-partisan economists group

Panic at the Fed? Or Back to Normalcy? - Apparently the Fed is panicking to try to prop up the US bond market.

Veteran Investor Richard Russell Prefers Gold to Cash and Bonds

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beck's Fruits

Glenn Beck accomplished his goal when Rick Perry won the GOP primary in Texas. Perry won 51% of the vote, Hutchinson came in second and Debra Medina finished third with 19%. Before the Beck hatchet job, Medina was catching on rising about 4-5 points a week in the polls. She was a 20% when Beck blind-sided her and never recovered.

The jury is no longer out on Beck. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Jesus said that we would know someone by the fruits of their actions. In this case, Beck's fruit is rotten. His intentional surprise attack on Medina was a critical blow to her campaign.

Anyone who loves liberty, the Constitution and is aware of the importance of establishing 10th Amendment rights and State Sovereignty as a primary protection against tyrannical federal government cannot at the same time hold Glenn Beck as a champion of our cause.

Alex Jones called a probable GOP Presidential slate for 2012 - Perry and Palin. It's a long time until then, but so far that sounds as plausible as anything else. Thus far it looks like undiscerning Tea Party folks will fall for it. Beck and Palin are taking their acts on the road, appearing together in Tulsa Friday night.

So far the conservative leader I wrote about in my last is totally unrepentant about his unqualified support of Beck, claiming he has no time do do the research, even when provided with the links.

Obama continues to disappoint. Now it appears that freedom of the internet will now die on his watch. How's that for "hope"?

Pat Buchanan lists recent reasons why the Global Warming scare is becoming known as the "Hoax of the Century." This will make no difference to the true believers who regard GW with religious belief or the Marxists who are using it to push their political agenda.

Crashing Toward a New World Social Order 2012?

Fortunately some of the sheeple on the Left are waking up about how bad Barky is:
Ralph Nader Was Right about Barack Obama

The Right agrees:
Obama the "Biggest Disaster in American History - move over Jimmy Carter

This weekend I'll be publishing a list of articles with all the information you need to protect your capital and retirement plan from destruction.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glenn Beck is No Friend of Liberty

Below is an open letter I sent to a conservative leader. Several months ago he made a gushing endorsement of Glenn Beck, announcing that he was a Beck "convert." After several exchanges of emails in which I continued to point out that he should back off his endorsement, lest less sophisticated people be deceived and misled, he never gave any kind of a public retraction.

In the meantime, just the kinds of dangers I warned about arose with Glenn Beck. Meanwhile, Beck is on point to derail, deceive and deflect the growing populist, anti-establishment tea party sentiment and lead them back into the waiting arms of the GOP. If the Bush-Cheney years taught us anything, the establishment GOP is no friend of liberty or the US Constitution. Here is my letter:


For some reason you continue to soft-peddle the clear and present danger Glenn Beck poses to the liberty movement. His intentional hatchet-job on Debra Medina confirms who he is working for, and it is NOT liberty-lovers. The longer you go without publicly recognizing the threat he represents, the harder it will be to counteract it.

I've sent you a number of emails with specifics, but apparently none have been persuasive.

"Beck Has Gone Too Far! - Trashes Medina as a Nazi"
Watch the video. The first part is good stuff. He explains at a 6th grade level some things most people don't understand, so they think he's a credible inside source. A champion. Then in the new segment that starts at about 8:50 he moves in for the kill.

Watch what he does to Debra Medina -- and anyone who thinks there are legitimate questions about Obama's lack of birth and education credentials or about 9-11. Though these are legitimate questions held by a large portion of the citizenry, the views of some of her supporters have nothing to do with the Texas governor's race. You and I know that, and Glenn Beck certainly knows that. He surprise attack on Medina is purposeful and appears to have had the intended effect of slowing down her startling rise in the polls in the last few months.

Here's follow up, building on the Beck attack:
From Wednesday's Oklahoman:
Here is Texas radio host,Mark Davis, Clear Channel (major NeoCon ownership and donors) also wielding Beck's hatchet:
I don't have time to see how many others have jumped on the bandwagon, but I'm sure the Texas media is peppered with it.

Still not convinced? Well, here he has just slimed you and anyone else who might be a "conspiracy theorist" who is "on the internet." See he deceptive Beck is on the danger of Executive Orders:

You see, Beck is primarily a debunker of the idea of "conspiracies" in general. Any he does expose only bolster his credibility in those he debunks.

Beck also debunked the idea of FEMA concentration camps even existing. He knows better than that, and so do you. Beck also supports a national sales tax.

And now he give credence to "global warming"! After it has been shown to be a fraud at the international level, he now recants!!

And he failed to retract his statement in response supporting global warming:

I have no doubt that if the establishment thinks that the result of the Governor's race in Oklahoma is possibly going to Brodgon, and if they think it important enough that it not, Beck will do the same thing to Brodgon as he has to Medina. In many ways Brogdon is to Oklahoma what Medina is to Texas -- the shining hope of a straight-talking Constitutionalist to use state government to protect people from the overreach of the federal government. And both face stiff opposition from establishment fake-conservative Republicans misleading unsophisticated voters.

It appears that Sarah Palin is being used in cooperative fashion.

Many besides me are sounding the alarm about Beck and Palin:

Palin is a run-of-the-mill Neocon:

And here she is trying to sheepdog the Tea Partiers into the GOP.

And let's not forget that Beck is a NeoCon, not a Constitutionalist:

Ruppert Murdoch, Beck and Palin's employer, owns FAUX News. FAUX, after apparently hyping the recent CPAC meetings, then downplayed the significant margin by which Paul bested both Palin and another Murdoch employee, Huckabee, in the straw polls for President. Should there be ANY question whatsoever that Beck will NOT do anything that might cost him his lucrative spotlight and paychecks from paymaster and New-Worlder Murdoch? By the same token, do we have any reason to believe that this slick actor is unaware that he is acting as a bell cow to lead those with conservative instincts back into the GOP corral, ready for the next round of abuse by NWO/NeoCon Republican leadership?

Your use of the term "Pied Piper" for Beck is also accurate. The Pied Piper of legend deceived the children of the village and led them off to their deaths.

I'm not denying that Beck is saying many good things and even waking some people up about SOME things. The problem is that while he is building is source credibility, he at the same time is using it to smear real Constitutionalists, promote fake ones, debunk the idea of "conspiracy theories," and attempt to short-circuit, mislead and deceive the growing populist/Constitutional movement in this country. Rat poison is effective because 99% of the ingredients are tasty to the rats. It's the important 1% that is fatal. When it comes to politics, it takes a much smaller amount of truth to deceive a dumbed-down, unsophisticated population. And once that group has an idea fixed in their minds, it is very difficult to dislodge it. I see it all the time.

For instance, I understand that half of Americans still believe Saddam had WMD's that threatened the US and was involved in 911. Both ideas were debunked as deliberate lies long ago. Yet they still believe the initial lies. How many people have heard your strong endorsement of Beck and told their friends, but might not see your retraction, if it ever comes. I believe you should be using your position of influence and leadership to help people understand how  Glenn Beck can be used to deceive the people and further the very things that are leading America to destruction. Instead, you proudly announce that your are a "Beck convert"!!

I just heard several friends recently speak with great faith in Glenn Beck. These people don't have the background or experience to sift the falsehoods from the truths he may say. I also got another Mary Fallin mailing touting Beck's appearance in Tulsa next month, announcing that Palin will now be with him. Can some kind of Beck and/or Palin endorsement be far behind? At the very least Fallin is attempting to ride on their coattails.

I fear the damage has already been done. When the watchmen sound an uncertain trumpet, who will warn the people?

Because this issue is so important, I'm opening up this dialogue to a number of liberty leaders in Oklahoma. This discussion is too crucial to confine to just you and me. If I'm wrong about Beck, then show me. We already have plenty of evidence that he's no friend of liberty and the Constitution. If I'm right, then start taking steps to minimize the problem when Beck and/or Palin come meddling in Oklahoma to deceive our citizens.