Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Poisoning of America Begins

Swine Flu
The Poisoning of America Begins this week. Read this article. If you take the shot you risk irreversible damage or even death. The "lucky" first recipients can get a nasal spray which can spread the virus when they sneeze. Sweet!

The media campaign has begun. It's a full court press from all sides. Why do they want you to take the shots that the government paid $8 billion for? Have you done your homework yet? Do you trust the government to tell you the truth still?

Read why Propaganda Trumps Truth. Americans are just as willing as 1930-40's Germans to believe the Big Lie. I've observed this repeatedly in conversations with friends and family. I'm sad to say that only about ten percent of the people I encounter have any kind of curiosity or open mind to consider new information, especially if it challenges their currently held beliefs. Even though most would say they hold Truth as a high value, their actions show that they prefer self-delusion and the comfort of lies. How strong is your commitment to seek and live by Truth?

WeAreChange Oklahoma has a good video on what might be the State's response and plan in Oklahoma. Your state's response will probably be similar.

Freedom of Speech
The internet is now under the complete control of ICANN. The US, which developed the internet, has turned it over to a private corporation under UN (NWO) control. The internet provides alternative news sources which are the greatest threat to the NWO. Incremental controls impose China-like censorship on all of us.

Death of the Dollar
Last Saturday the web bot folks posted this warning that their predictive linguistics are saying that the USD could die much more rapidly than they previously thought. I strongly urge you to get their reports at the steep price of $10.

The price of gold hit an all time high today when it went up to $1044 in USD. If you are still wondering if you should take a risk and buy gold instead of the "safe" USD, your procrastination has now cost you more money. The World Bank and the IMF Join Global Attack on the Dollar. Have you positioned what's left of your investments and retirement plan to survive the death of the USD and its displacement as the world's reserve currency?

Robert Fisk reports that the Arab states are in secret negotions with China, Russia and France to replace the USD as the main currency to settle oil transactions. This prediction that the death of the dollar began on September 30 appears to becoming fulfilled. The HalfPastHuman web bot folks predicted the "death of the dollar" meme would be come increasingly prevalent throughout the fall.

Economic crash and collapse is ahead of us. Also, Martin Weiss writes Three Government Reports Point to Fiscal Doomsday. Are you preparing yet? If not, why?

Martin Armstrong, former head of Princeton Economics, thinks gold may be headed to $5,000. Stated differently, the dollar may drop to 20% of its current value within a few years.

Martial Law
American Constitutionalists, patriots and veterans have again been named as potential terrorists by in a warning issued by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Girl Scouts have joined the Boy Scouts in teaming with DHS to help them out in emergencies. Remember Obama's civilian national security force? Now Obama Youth = Hitler Youth.

Was Israel involved in the assassinations of JFK and JFK, Jr? The thesis about both seems strong, especially for JFK, Jr. What is clear with any study is that Jr. was murdered. It was no accident. Both father and son had multiple enemies who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the crimes. The truth is likely that several parties were involved in each, at least in the cover-ups.

While putting this post together, I found this series of videos about JFK, Jr.'s murder. Pay attention to how long it takes to start a search and how the Pentagon suddenly gets involved. Surprise, surprise. The Bushes seem to be implicated, too.

When I encountered a health challenge fifteen years ago, I made drastic changes to my diet. One of the things I did was add lots of soy. It was touted a healthy source of protein. Recently I've read a number of articles that point out that soy is actually bad for you! "Why Soy Is Bad for You" is a great summary. It references The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food (available in our Amazon store). Since soy so pervasive in most processed foods, you need to learn about this.

A virus seems to be involved in aggressive prostate cancer cells. To my knowledge the medical establishment denies PCa could be virus-related.

Understanding the Times
One of my favorite bloggers is Les over at Smoking Mirrors. I've added his site to my Best Analysis sites. Check out one of his latest "Alas Babylon and the Neanderthal Mind."

Big Lies
Catch this video where a professional photographer (a man who is trained to observe) says there is not discernible airliner debris at Shanksville, PA eight years ago. Just as 9-11-01 had coincidental anomalies where the first three steel framed skyscrapers supposedly collapsed for the first time in history, Shanksville joins the Pentagon as sites where large airliner crashes left no discernible debris. Are you still afraid to know the truth about 9-11?

That's about it for now. The beat goes on. . . .

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Critical Updates as We Move into October

Traditionally October is one of the most chaotic months in US history. This month promises more of the same. Most everything covered here is an update of continuing trends that serve as the theme for this blog. Please check my resources at the right side of the blog, including our new Amazon store to make it easy for you to get needed resources.

Martial Law Update

I had a chance to preview the new video, "Camp FEMA" this week. There is no doubt that under the highly classified Continuity of Government program triggered on 9-11, concentration camps have been prepared all over the US. These are NOT for foreign terrorists or illegal immigrants. These are for the American people. We've written about these before. I hope to write a review next week, but you need to order this video immediately. In the meantime, Brother Nathaniel writes on the FEMA camps and coming gun confiscation laws.

Most everything that follows are factors that can play into chaotic conditions to trigger martial law.

Swine Flu Update
Sixty Minutes expose on the death and destruction caused by the Swine Flu scare of 1976 is relevant today. Here is some good info on using homeopathy to fight the flu. Remember the vaccine is untested. This doctor had the courage to admit on TV that his family will not be taking the vaccine. He considers it more dangerous than the flu. Just remember that the vaccine will contain some or all of the following adjuvents: squalene (a cause of Gulf War syndrome), thimerosol (mercury) and formaldehyde. Dr. Russell Blaylock has advice on what to do if you are forced to take the vaccine.

Trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, thinks resistance to the Swine Flu shot may be the reason for the next big Tea Parties. With the military, big corporations, schools, health care groups and others making shots mandatory, a showdown is looming. Nurses groups, doctors, and parents are protesting. Couple that with the coming financial crisis and start of World War III with an attack on Iran, and this fall promises to be exciting.

Speaking of frauds by Big Pharma, apparently HIV is actually a bogus disease created by collusion within the CDC, Big Pharma and other fellow travelers who gain to profit. This article reviewing a new documentary, "House of Numbers," summarizes the main points. I haven't seen it, but want to. It's conclusions are not surprising given what I've learned about Big Pharma and Big Medical over the last 15 years.

New World Order Update
What the heck is going on in Hardin, Montana? Steve Quayle has reported there are at least 400,000 foreign mercenaries based in the USA. If so, the New World Order plan continues to unfold. For supporting info, see Devvy Kidd's The Destroyers Who Control the White House, Congress and the Media.

This short video lays out some of the basics of the New World Order. These folks are real, and they're determined. It appears they're pushing their end game now. Check out our new Amazon book store for some great books to arm yourself. In this video clip, we see Robert Welch laying out the process by which the NWO folks would take over and destroy America. According to this check list, they're almost ready to hang their own "Mission Accomplished" banner. Note also where a Rockefeller minion boasted in 1969 that the US would be de-industrialized. Folks, if you don't think this has been planned, you have terminal naivete.

Obama, of course, is another in the long line of Presidents directly part of, or under the control of, the New World Order. While he neutralizes the Left as Bush did for the Right, he prepares the way for his next Republican NWO successor. Saw my first Newt 2012 bumper sticker today. Huckabee ("The Huckster") managed to publish a book before the elections last fall and get his own show on Rupert Murdock's FAUX News. I'm sure it is because he is so talented. If it bothers you to read this, you're probably still stuck in the left-right paradigm, and probably a loyal Democrat or Republican.

As long as Americans buy into the false left-right paradigm, they will be putty in the hands of the political manipulators. Glenn Greenwald points out how this confusion affects Judas-goat Glenn Beck and others. If you're still trapped in this mindset, you had better start working to get free. A good start is to listen daily to Alex Jones over at Infowars.com.

Pray to Obama? Maybe he is the anti-christ. One writer just asks Obama to show us which passport he used to travel to Pakistan in 1981. That should clarify his citizenship. Please watch this excellent video on how iconography was used to help elect Obama. Pretty powerful stuff. Most people are unaware of many of the mind control and influence techniques used on them daily.

Here's more on John Holdren, the eugenicist serving as Obama's Population Contol Czar.

Financial Tsunami
Jim Willie writes cogently about the looming "Systemic Failure" of the financial system. The web bot folks at HalfPastHuman think it likely could begin October 25. (I highly recommend you buy their $10 report.) If you plan on protecting any of your wealth by converting digits and dollar-denominated asset into precious metals, the time is now! Porter Stansberry has some good advice on how to protect yourself.

Here's a good video on what we might expect with runaway inflation.

False Flags, anyone?
The FBI and others have been busy flooding the airwaves with preemptive strikes on domestic terrorists before they can attack. Are they setting us up for the Big One, a domestic false flag to blame on Iran? Or to start their coming war on American patriots, designated potential terrorists by DHS?

Chuck Baldwin notes that the US is nearing the historical limit for empires at 219 years. Will the US fall apart in 2010? Another author says "Doomsday is Coming to America." Greg Evansen says The Death of Liberty: The Final Scene Unfolds. If you still have doubts about the gravity of our situation, read Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Will You Let the New World Order Enslave Your Children?

During the 40 years I've been studying the way the world works, I've mostly avoided speculations about the "New World Order" as somehow not that important. The NWO was not something that I needed to be too worried about. After all, I lived in America, and Americans had a fierce history of freedom, were the dominant world power, and would always be free.

How wrong I was!

Headlines about this week's G-20 meeting are all about "New World Economic Order Takes Shape at G-20." Is this something you and I should be concerned about? You bet! Here's just small sampling of what they have in mind.

The more I read, observe and connect the dots, the more I see that those working to bring about the NWO have dedicated countless $billions over the last 200+ years in a patient plan to rule the world. If you are not already tuned in to this idea, then you had better wake up quick. The NWO means the end of freedom as we remember it in the US. What they have in mind is a new feudalism, with about 1/8 of the current world population.

You may be thinking that concern about the NWO smacks of "conspiracy theories," and any intelligent person know there are no such things. Where did you get this idea? You learned it in the public schools, reinforced by the MSM. If you believe your Masters, you deserve to be a slave!

If you disagree with me, then you owe it to yourself to do the research. While the internet is still relatively uncensored and our speech is still mostly free, you had better do the work. The same forces are at work to greatly limit our ability to share this information. Internet freedom is doomed if the PTB has their way.

I'm going to give you a bottom line that came to me with great clarity while I was awakening recently: The major impediment to implementing a global dictatorship right now is the American people. The NWO conspirators need to eliminate that obstacle, and will do it with war, poverty, pandemic, starvation, inflation and whatever else they need to use.

Despite the massive dumbing down process in the government schools over the last several generations, the mind-numbing TV mass culture, the de-industrialization and destruction of our economy, and all the rest of the debilitating influences afflicting us, we are still armed and cherish our freedom. Most Americans will not go meekly into slavery.

As the conspirators' plans become more clear, the American giant, though weakened, is awakening. We have seen it in the run on guns and ammo since last fall, even before Obama was elected. We've seen it in the massive outpouring of support for Ron Paul's Presidential campaign. We've seen it in the End the Fed Rallies, the Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings. We've seen it in the rise of organizations like Oathkeepers and de-centralized groups like We Are Change and 9-12. We've seen it in the exploding number of blogs like mine and radio shows like Alex Jones. The Giant is awakening.

And that is problematic for the NWO conspirators, the Global Elite as I have referred to them. Though they have patiently worked their plan though the 20th century, their efforts for what they now call "global governance" are rapidly coming to a climax. But they can't do it without destroying America as a world power.

When I refer to America as a "world power" I'm not referring to the American Empire. The American Empire is dying from overreach and bankruptcy. No, America is a world power because of the ideas and ideals of the American Revolution of 1776. The spirit of Liberty, of teeming masses yearning to be free, seeking a better life for oneself and generations to come is the real source of American Power.

It is the power of freedom embodied in the Spirit of America that the Global Elite must destroy. They've tried to use the American Empire to destroy the idea of freedom. But that only goes so far. What they must destroy is the American people, specifically all those who still hold onto the American Ideal. That is their Final Solution.

The Final Solution for America is why those who could best be called American Patriots have been demonized as potential terrorists by the Department of Homeland Security and all its affiliates. American Patriots are the heart of the stumbling block for the NWO. American Patriots love the idea of American liberty and have grown up ready to die to protect and defend it for future generations. American Patriots are the Enemy of the NWO.

The Final Solution appears to be at the heart of the H1N1 scare and the push to vaccinate as much of the population as possible. All vaccines are dangerous, and the various vaccines being developed with their dangerous components, could very easily create the deadly pandemic they are purported to prevent. After all, dead or disabled American Patriots (and those caring for them) are no threat at all to the NWO.

I've reported previously on the dangers of the vaccines, and more is pouring out as resistance groups and websites are springing up everywhere. School children captive to the government schools, young children and pregnant mothers are in the crosshairs. So are health workers, military and law enforcement personnel who will be needed to help deal with the coming civil unrest.

So do the research now if you haven't. Previous articles have provided numerous links to help you get started. Warn your family and friends, though I've found that if you're aware, you've already been labeled a kook by the unthinking, government-trusting masses.

Yep, we American Patriots can't count on the masses on this one. The welfarized and government-bureaucratized folks are already chopping their share of cotton on the NWO plantation. Too many of them are literally fat, dumb and happy.

But there is still a somewhat fertile middle ground out there, where all political campaigns are won or lost.

These are the decent, hard-working, tax-paying folks who just haven't been paying much attention to the larger picture due to any number of reasons associated with making a living and raising families. These are the folks who still love America, but have a hard time grasping that the America they love has become the evil American Empire in service to the NWO. They can't believe that Americans would kill Americans in false flag operations like 9-11 to stampede Americans into supporting invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. They can't believe that politicians would actually support policies that they know will destroy American freedom. They can't believe that our government would actually force deadly vaccines on them and their children in an effort to kill or cripple them.

These are the people that are starting to wake up. We must do all we can to help them do just that. The time is growing short. This autumn promises to be as crazy the autumns of 2001 and 2008 combined.

I fully expect another false flag event of some kind in an effort to snuff out all the patriot movements and activities. All the hints are being dropped by the media daily attempting to demonize American Patriots who they call "right-wingers." We had best be prepared.


One World Scam -- comprehensive web site with current news about the NWO.

The New World Order - An Overview

This is an excellent 5-part series on the Global Elite from Global Research. Grasp this, and you'll not need to read many history books:

1. Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System

2. Origins of the American Empire: Revolution, World Wars and World Order

3. Controlling the Global Economy: Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve

4. Forging a "New World Order" under a One World Government

5. Global War and Dying Democracy: The Revolution of the Elites

Finally, two of the best books I've read recently on the subject are G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and Jim Marrs' "The Rise of the Fourth Reich." See our new FreeOklahoma store.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Pot is Coming to a Boil

The Dog Poet has written an excellent post on why we should expect multiple crises to ramp up exponentially Any Day Now. I couldn't agree more. Highly recommended. The Global Elite is in trouble. More and more people are waking up, and they have to do something to put a stop to it.
For all you people who think electing Obama will solve all your problems, you'll love this new video, "The Government Can." For the rest of us realists, we'll be laughing out loud. BHO's credibility continues to dissolve as shown in the 7 Big Lies in his recent Health Care Speech. More on collapsing government credibility below.
As more news comes in, my sense on the Swine Flu scare right now is that the H1N1 is less virulent than is being publicized. BUT, the scare is being used to push the vaccines, as part financial scam and part eugenics population reduction program to produce vaccine-induced auto-immune disorders and possible create breeding grounds for a more virulent virus mutations.

Judge Napolitano weighs in on mandatory vaccinations in Massachusetts. The Judge is the only bright spot on Fox, and they've relegated him primarily to the internet.

Retired State Trooper Greg Evensen follows up with confirmation of his earlier report that the mandatory vaccination program will include stainless steel bracelets with microchips. Boston already has such a vaccination tracking system.

Dr. Russell Blaylock has a 4-part video on "What To Do If You're Forced to Take the Swine Flu Shot."
As government becomes increasingly impotent to deliver on its promises, and as the public continues to awaken to the coup that has place the USGov under the direct control of the large banks and financial institutions at the expense of their long-range well-being, we'll see more outrage. The Tea Parties and 912 events are just part of the beginning.

Now we see graffiti appearing at Walgreen's warning of Swine Flu vaccine dangers. Protesters are appearing at drive through vaccination stations handing out literature. They report that some people are turning away as a result, saving them and their children from the vaccine side-effects.

It is also becoming apparent that the entire Homeland Security apparatus has been set up primarily to control the American people themselves. The MIAC reports, the DHS Terrrosim Lexicon, FEMA drills involving foreign military to police the US, and increasing armed military presence in civilian policing situations all point to this for anyone who has eyes to see and is not afraid to think the worst.

Feds Probe Census Working Hanging in Kentucky - Rahm Emanuel, the Israeli agent controlling Obama, hates to let a good crisis go to waste. Now he has a reason to label all who protest the unconstitutional parts of the census (most of it) as potential "domestic terrorists." The MSM drumbeat is already starting. See how obvious it is that the biggest threats to civil order are precisely those people who still believe in the US Constitution?

If you're a Constitutionalist, the nice government men are preparing a "Civilian Inmate Labor Program" to rehabilitate you in a FEMA camp. I hope to review the new video, Camp FEMA, for you next week. I hear it is a blockbuster, and should expose Glenn Beck's lies when he feebly tried to debunk their existence last spring.
Although I've seen numerous reports over the years that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December of 2001, his corpse is brought out like El-Cid on horseback whenever the PTB needs another terrorism booga booga.

The latest bin Laden fake several weeks ago was audio only, as most of them are, and of very poor quality. Isn't it surprising how the average dumbed down American believes that bin Laden masterminded the defeat of the US intelligence agencies and air defense from caves in Afghanistan, but can't afford a $100 video camera to deliver realistic video and audio messages of bin Laden that can easily be verified? Remember: Al Quada (al CIAda) is fake. (See the quote at the upper right hand of the blog.)
War with Iran looks increasingly inevitable. Iran has dumped the US dollar for the Euro to protect the value of its foreign exchange reserves. Saddam signed his death warrant when he did the same thing prior to the US invasion of Iraq. If you think war with Iran will be a good thing, realize that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are helping bankrupt the US, and that both are far from successful. The fallout from war with Iran will likely be radioactive. I hate it when that happens.

Yet our Zionist masters say war with Iran is inevitable unless we impose severe sanctions on Iran. We're hearing all the usual stories about Iranian nukes, atrocities and anything else the MediaWhores can think of to stampede us into war with Iran. We've seen all kinds of "preventative" terrorism ops in the last week to prevent terrorism. So it seems we're likely to get another 9-11 false flag event to conveniently blame on Iran.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Ahmadinehab gave a speech to the UN, much of which could easily be given by any US patriot. But delegates from the US, Canada, Israel and parts of the EU walked out. Nevertheless, he's still a politician in a country where dissent is still suppressed. But that's no reason to go to war with yet another country.
For a good look at how the world really works, check out the interview with whistleblower Sibel Edmonds in "The American Conservative." Though she has been under a gag order for years, much of her story has gotten out. Now that she has spoken out, the MSM is ignoring this detailed story that implicates high level neocons, congressman and the Chicago machine as well as the Israeli and Turkish lobbies.

For another look check out this interview with ex-Congressman James Traficant who just got through serving seven years in prison after being targeted by AIPAC. Israel dominates much of our media, Congress, domestic and foreign policy. How many of you have a knee-jerk reaction that we have to defend Israel at all times and for all reasons? Where did that come from? (Watch all 3 segments.)
The Federal Reserve has admitted to gold swap arrangements that result "in the surreptitious international central bank manipulation of the gold price particularly and the currency markets generally." Seems GATA has been right all along about gold price rigging. Those who have ears to hear will realize that the gold price has been kept artificially low for a long time. You know what that means? Ever try holding a basketball under water for a long time? Maybe it will hit $1500 before year-end. Certainly, if war breaks out with Iran.

Speaking of gold, housing prices have fallen by 2/3 since their 2005 peak -- if priced in gold. Worth thinking about: "Priced in gold, the median house bought 460 ounces of gold in 2001 and 490 ounces at the peak in 2005--a gain of 6%, considerably less than the nominal price in dollars. Had a homeowner eschewed the blandishments of the housing bubble in 2001 and sold his/her home for 460 ounces of gold and rented for eight years, he/she could now buy a home for 160 ounces of gold and have 300 ounces in hand."
You've got to see the pics of Omar Khadafy's female body guards, his "Amazon guard." If two pictures are worth 2,000 words, I can't even begin to think of what they are!
This weekend I'm going to post some great articles on who the Global Elite is and what their plan for the New World Order is. Be sure to check for it.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Continuing Crisis

If you're interested in protecting the value of your savings, consider the "Happy, Short Story on Silver." This dovetails with many reports I've seen that the "poor man's gold" has more upside potential than gold. If you haven't yet bailed out of the US dollar, you might want to consider silver first. The dollar's agonizing death will become increasingly visible. Don't let your savings die with it. We're also seeing the prelude to a significant rise in silver's price with the phenomenon of Backwardization.

Announcing the agonizing death of the dollar, HSBC Bids Farewell to Dollar Supremacy.
Afghanistan is the graveyard of imperialism. It will be no different for the US than it was for the USSR and England. Just as "Vietnamization" failed to build an indigenous army to secure Viet Nam for the Americans, so will it fail in Afghanistan. "Hey, hey, BHO . . ." (Viet Nam reference for you youngsters.) Apparently, Hillary disagrees.
How ironic that Russia Today TV tells us more truth than the US MSM. Richard Celente tells us why revolution is coming to the US.
Interested in flu prevention? Read Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths.

The French military is getting ready to enforce mandatory swine flu vaccinations on the French. What are you going to do when/if it comes here? And what's with implantable RFID chips to track the H1N1 virus on people?

Swine Flu Deaths Down, Body Bag and FEMA Coffin Orders Up. What's up with this supposed contradiction? Global Research says "The entire construct is politically motivated and corrupt . It serves the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. It justifies the militarization of public health and violates fundamental civil liberties." Check out this Swine Flu video collage. Just listen to Dr. Nancy Snyderman telling TV viewers "Forget the conspiracy theories. Listen to the government. Take the damn vaccine!"

If you need more info, here's a good list of articles on why to avoid all vaccines. More doctors are refusing the jab because they question its safety and efficacy.

Listening to Dr. Len Horowitz on Alex Jones on 9-22 I heard numerous horror stories about people who were damaged by the vaccines, as well as an employee of a division of Novartis (a major vaccine maker) who said most of his fellow employees will refuse the vaccine! I also heard reports of forced vaccinations on students and workers being fired if they refuse the shot. And military checkpoints are popping up for various events all over the country to start acclimating us to the militarization of police. Will they be taking vaccine-refusers off to FEMA concentration camps next?

Here's more on Dr. Horowitz' affidavit accusing the Rockefeller empire of aiding and abetting the pandemic for financial and eugenics purposes. And Medimmune patented the actual H1N1 virus in 2008? So we're gearing up to fight a virus hatched in a laboratory. Genocide, anyone? Speaking of, is the flu being targeted toward certain minorities to hasten their demise?

More on Mossad microbiologist: "Swine Flu Vaccine is a BioWeapon."
The always insightful Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains it is so easy to get Americans to swallow lies. "What the sociologists and Hitler are telling us is that by the time facts become clear, people are emotionally wedded to the beliefs planted by the propaganda and find it a wrenching experience to free themselves. It is more comfortable, instead, to denounce the truth-tellers than the liars whom the truth-tellers expose." The Big Lie is effective and has great staying power. If you still believe the official conspiracy theory about 9-11, you need to read this article.

Pepe Escobar, writing in the Asian Times, adds 19 more unanswered questions to the 50 unanswered questions about 9-11 from the week before (also linked in this article).
To the comfort of all those people who think that the internet is full of misinformation, as compared to the always truthful MSM, the internet freedom is about to die from a thousand regulatory cuts. The establishment always finds it easier to control the sheep when they control the flow of information. They don't like people pointing out quickly, and easily to tens of thousands or millions of people that government reporting on the economy is a lie.
I'm still looking for something big to happen this fall. As Chuck Baldwin points out, "most Americans live in a false sense of security." Besides the Swine Flu situation, the economy is still cratering, the dollar is dying, and China is currently buying up natural resources and gold as fast as they can with their soon-to-be-worthless dollars. Israel keeps talking about attacking Iran this fall, which could easily go nuclear and worldwide. Folks we need to pray and prepare. Warn your family and friends.

I may soon start posting more often without notification emails, so you might want to check this site every few days.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Swine Flu: PsyOp, Pandemic or Fraud?

I'm still trying to make sense of the Swine Flu situation. I've written about it several times before (here and here and here). Is it an elaborate PsyOp designed to create reactions for nefarious purposes, including invoking martial law and selective concentration camp detentions? Is it a real threat, a dangerous pandemic? Or is it a fraud to enrich vaccine makers, administrators and others with another scare? Or is it a combination of all three, and maybe more?

The evidence is still out. My money's on All of the Above.

1. A little bit of research shows that the virus was birthed in a laboratory, not nature. And its release is intentional, not accidental. Whatever happens has been staged. That by itself is enough to sound to go on high alert and activate all your precautionary measures. Who would do this and why? If you reject this idea because it sounds "conspiratorial" or you can't believe humans would do this to other humans, you had better grow up -- fast! A large part of written history is man's inhumanity to man.

2. There are countless stories that the vaccine at this time is not only untested, but likely much more dangerous than the Swine Flu itself. Not only is there no proof it is effective against H1N1, but the adjuvents can cause much more harm, especially auto-immune diseases and cancer. There is a danger of live viruses in the vaccines. Baxter Labs, which released vaccines containing live viruses last spring, is active in manufacturing and promoting swine flu vaccines.

Moreover, I've seen indications that these vaccines can recombine into more virulent viruses, making vaccine recipients into combination human petri dishes and "Typhoid Mary-type" carriers to spread the greater disease. So the fall wave of H1N1 may be just the first step in creating a larger, more virulent pandemic.

3. A pandemic crisis can easily be used to justify martial law, mandatory vaccinations and concentration camp confinement for whomever the authorities choose (political opponents?). While mandatory vaccinations are unconstitutional, the military and many employers are now mandating them as a requirement of continued employment.

4. Any in-depth study of the Global Elite and their philosophy, shows that they are adherents of eugenics and advocate the reduction of the planetary population by at least 3/4. What better way than plague? Eugenics = Genocide.

5. Other than hand washing and self-quarantine, you seldom see any natural prevention or cures mentioned by the MSM. Since Big Pharma only peddles drugs, and since drugs are dangerous/ineffective, the MSM has little incentive to bit the financial hand that feeds them by promoting their more cost-effective competition.

6. You can use religious and spiritual objections to opt out of mandatory vaccines.

7. If you plan on self-quarantine (which you should), then make sure you have the supplements, nano-silver, herbs, food, etc. that you will need to survive.

8. The internet is full of stories of body bags, caskets, micro-chipped ID bracelets, mandatory vaccination programs, vaccines that are more dangerous than the virus, training for martial law, etc. The MainStream Media (MSM) are busy with the typical re-assuring stories that if we're lucky, there will be enough vaccine for all of us! Just roll up your sleeve and trust the nice government minion with the syringe.

9. I'm also hearing stories from all over the world that at least half of all doctors, nurses and other health workers will refuse the vaccine. (What do they know, anyway?)

10. What I do know is this: YOU had better do your own research, and don't trust the MSM. If you don't think they're all controlled by the global elite, you're living in La La Land -- and you deserve everything that happens to you and your loved ones because of your misplaced trust and naivete. Rupert Murdoch is heavily involved in this scheme, so don't expect to hear the truth about vaccines from Faux News.

There are many things you should read to help you understand what is going on. High among your list should be Dr. Len Horowitz' recently filed affidavit charging criminal conspiracy in the creation of the current flu pandemic. The affidavit includes an interesting history of the Rockefeller-controlled Big Pharma in the US and the rest of the world. Though it is a long read, you'll find many mind-blowing facts in one coherent narrative.

Other articles you should read:

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told By Mass Media

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Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The 9-11 Lie Continues to Crumble

Eight years after the 9-11 attacks, increasing numbers of Americans disbelieve the official conspiracy theory. Polls show that 35-65% of Americans are skeptics. They don't believe Osama bin Laden engineered a surprise attack using 19 mostly Saudi Arabian, incompetent pilots, to defeat US intelligence agencies and air defense to destroy the Twin Towers at the WTC and crash into the Pentagon. The official conspiracy theory is shot through with holes, contradictions and lies. Even 60% of the 9-11 Commission members have admitted that the Commission's report was a cover-up and deliberately deceptive.

While most of the world is aware the official story is a lie, too many patriotic, gullible Americans still have a hard time believing that elements at high levels of the US government would participate in such a murderous plot. Their biggest problem is psychological. Not only would they have to admit they've been deceived for eight years, but they would have to re-think everything they believe about their government and the mainstream media that supports the lies. I've had friends admit as much when they explain why they won't look into the evidence. Yet they will say they are dedicated to seeking the truth and living it. Incredible.

These same people are likely unaware of FDR's plan to get the US into WWII by setting up Pearl Harbor or Wilson's maneuvering to get us into WWI by setting up the sinking of the Lusitania. Yet just a little research shows both to be true. Using false flag operations to create a desired public reaction is well-used tactic for thousands of years.

George Ure recalls "the coincidental timing of the attacks which came just at the moment when the whole country was on the verge of collapsing into the Second Depression. Following hard on the heels of the massive decline in high tech stocks - the Tech Wreck that wiped anyway from zero to 80% out of some folks’ retirement dreams, the financial shock of 9/11 accomplished a financial ‘miracle’ for the country." Read on for a list of the benefits to Bush resulting from 9-11.

Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen have stirred the pot again this week with their week-long 9-11 awareness campaign starting with Sheen's imaginary interview with (read the whole interview for a great list of unresolved issues), and letter to, Obama, and video asking for a meeting to discuss 20 questions that need to be answered. While controversial, so far this appears to me to have been a brilliant strategy to proactively raise important issues on this anniversary. If you still believe the official story, perhaps this is a good time for you to study the anomalies afresh instead of meekly believing the authorities.

Predictably, Sheen is being personally attacked by the MSM, including O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh and all the rest, including the Left. They deal with none of the 20 questions raised. Instead they attack the messenger. If this doesn't convince you that the MSM is totally controlled and part of the scam, then nothing will. If you still believe them, then you are a trusting sheep ready for the slaughter. You will have no excuse before God on judgment day.

I have a friend who recently switched from accepting the official conspiracy theory to rejecting it. What turned the trick was this excellent video presentation by Richard Gage, head of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. When the physics of the building construction and collapses are explained, as well as the nature of the jet fuel fires, you'll realize there is absolutely no way that fires could have cause the collapses of WTC 1,2 & 7. Once you accept that, and realize that the evidence is available for all to see, you'll realize how massively you've been lied to by the politicians and media.

To destroy the official conspiracy theory it is not necessary to posit an alternative explanation. That is a different and much more difficult task. That is for professional, independent investigators to undertake. But since inquiring minds want to know, we can look at some possibilities.

The starting place for any criminal investigation is to determine who had the Motive, the Means and the Opportunity to commit the crime.

To cut to the chase, the greatest Motive lay with the leaders of the Bush Administration, the Neo-Conservatives pushing the plan for world dominance outlined in the "Rebuilding America's Defenses" issued by the Project for a New American Century, the Zionists controlling Israel, the Military-Industrial Complex and the banking interests who stood to profit from a new Middle Eastern war and erection of the total security state.

These same suspects also had both the Means and the Opportunity to commit the crime. When you look at the evidence, you'll find the dots connecting to these groups much more than to the officially identified patsies, Osama bin Laden and al CIAda. It didn't take thousands of people to pull it off, only a dedicated cadre committed to a goal.

You might start your research journey with a good look at the "dancing Israelis" arrested on 9-11. Several of these were identified outright as Mossad agents, while the moving company they worked for, was a Mossad front operation! Despite their arrest, they were released 71 days later at the request of the White House.

If Osama bin Laden had commandeered the attacks as part of jihad against the US, then certainly he would have been proud to take credit for it. Yet, the BBC published this denial from bin Laden: "I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks. ... The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States." You mean you didn't see this on the nightly news?

Nor is bin Laden wanted by the FBI specifically for the 9-11 attacks. In fact, whistelblower Sibel Edmonds broke a federal gag order and went public in July that bin Laden, al Quada and the Taliban were all on the CIA payroll right up until 9-11-01. Go figure.

You can find many articles on this blog referencing the holes in the official conspiracy theory. Just check the subject links to the right side of this blog. Also link on the sources I've listed. Finally, you might want to check one researcher's attempt to explain How 9-11 Happened. It is as likely as any explanation given what I've learned about the case over the last eight years.

It is time to stand up for the Truth, folks. Literally the future of our civilization is at stake. If you won't do it for yourself, at least do it for your children and grandchildren.

Choose this day who you will serve, God or Mammon.

Grace and Courage and Peace to You!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Creature, Glenn Beck and the New 9-11

Today I finished reading The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. I highly recommend you read this incredible history of central banking and how it is the essential means of control for those who desire to enslave all the people of the world in a high-tech feudalism. It has taken me forty years of study to finally come to understand the reality of the nature of this evil cabal.

Creature is not a dry history, but an amazing explanation of how the modern world works and how we got into the mess we're in. If every semi-free thinking American read this, we could stop the destruction of our country. Believe me, destruction of our economy and our liberty is the plan. If you're too "busy" or apathetic to read the book or to cool to become alarmed and get involved, then you are part of the problem. Don't believe me? Read the book and then tell me.

It is clear to me that it is patriotic Americans who honor the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Christianity, the middle class, who are the greatest obstacle to the imposition of the New World Order on us.

Americans are Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs -- if you naively think that you live with "freedom and democracy," you had better check your premises.
We are under increasingly great danger of the acute crisis I began warning about August 11. For all the reasons listed, the PTB needs a crisis of at least the magnitude of 9-11 to seize even more control and snuff out rising opposition to its policies. Warnings of the release of dirty nukes on selected US population centers have been released countless times in the last eight years. Here's a recent one. The "dog poet" at the Smoking Mirrors blog goes into greater detail that we're on the cusp of the s**t hitting the fan (warning: strong language). See also his "9-11 Fish Head Flu Pandemic."

BTW, here's how the same author writes about how the central bankers foment wars all over the globe, usually supporting all sides: "What actually happens is that a group of bankers have determined that they can make money six different ways by initiating a conflict between two or more nations. They create the lies and tensions that lead to whipping up the publics anger at a manufactured boogeyman then they lend counterfeit money at interest to all parties; they sell them the weapons and supplies needed, they run the black market operations, they steal the resources and they provide the financing and companies that carry out the rebuilding of what they destroyed but there’s a lot more than that. You would be surprised."
Glenn Beck is the latest establishment tool to control and deflect Americans with conservative inclinations. Does that rile you a little bit? Then read on and do your research.

This article lays out the truth about Beck as well as anything I've seen.

Beck was recently employed by Rupert Murdock to become a leader of the controlled opposition. While he will tell the truth about many things, he avoids speaking about critical issues that could lead to a better understanding of the way the world really works. Or when he does speak, he belittles, criticizes or ridicules, swaying an unthinking, uncritical, largely uninformed audience in the process.

Funding, even raising up, controlled opposition is a well-practiced tactic by the Powers That Be to maintain control and inject misinformation into the population. Lenin said: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it."

For example, William F. Buckley, the acknowledged founder of the modern conservative movement and of National Review, was on the CIA payroll from the beginning. The conservative movement helped drown out the budding libertarian movement spawning from the Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises. Conservative intellectuals hate libertarians because they actually believe in real economic and social freedom for all and don't believe in special rights or subsidies for any group.

Beck is not a libertarian, but a neo-conservative. Beck has ridiculed Ron Paul, 9-11 truthers, those who question Obama's US birth, 9-11 families, exposers of FEMA concentration camps, just to name those I remember from my reading. Whose purposes does he serve with such deception? That's how effective propaganda works -- expose a fair amount of truth, mixed with disinformation and omission to keep the public in the dark.

The sad truth is that if a person doesn't have the background from independent research, and if they delude themselves with the idea that the mainstream media wouldn't knowingly lie for fear of exposure (no one believes it when they are exposed), this ruse will succeed.
Chemtrails - If you don't tell others, who will? - I'm continually amazed about how many people not only don't recognize that the massive chemtrail spraying of the last 10-12 years is qualitatively different from the contrails we grew up with, but have absolutely ZERO curiosity as to what they are. H.L. Mencken said no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Sadly, I'm beginning to think he was right. A friend asked me yesterday how the German people could allow the rise of national socialism. I told him it is for the same reasons it is happening here. If you're curious about chemtrails, you might like this movie, Toxic Skies.
Obama has created 25 new "czars," up to a total of 32 so far. These high-ranking officials are not constitutionally authorized. Why does Congress allow them? Why do we? Here's another good article on Sen. Jay Rockefeller's bill that would allow the President to appoint a cyber czar and impose more draconian controls on the internet. The PTB hates the free flow of information on the internet. Will you fight to protect your freedom to obtain information?
The Cabal (Global Elite, PTB, Illuminati, Mammon, whichever appellation you prefer) has great control, but they can be defeated. But not by arm chair spectators. We need warriors and builders. As in the days of Nehemiah, we need to carry a trowel in one hand as we go about our daily work and rebuild the wall; we also need to carry a sword in the other, to fight our enemies. And we need to fight against the modern Sanballots and Tobiahs, Cynicism and Apathy.

Choose this day who you will serve, God or Mammon.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Watchman Reports

I've had friends advise me that I should put a rest to all this concern about the future and instead spend my time focusing only on the positive and "smelling the roses." Somehow noticing and talking about the evil trends in the world somehow empowers the evil, and I suppose that if I instead go about my business and think about other things, the evil will go away.

I've thought much about this, but I keep coming back to the fact that most people are, in fact, oblivious to much of the evil and going about their daily routine in a kind of blissful ignorance. Yes, they're aware we're in a difficult time, but in their experience, things always seem to muddle through and work out.

What I keep coming back to is that in spite of their smelling the roses, things just get worse. Folks, I'm just trying to do my job. I think that each of us have a God-given calling and destiny, a purpose for which we are created. Mine seems to be that of a watchman on the wall. It comes naturally to me. You may want to pin it on my childhood traumas, etc., and that's okay. I just need to my job and you need to do yours. Both are addressed in Ezekiel 33:6:

"But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood."

Proverbs 14 seems to apply also: "(vs. 8)The wisdom of the sensible is to understand his way, but the foolishness of fools is deceit. . . . (12) There is a way which seems right to man, but its end is the way of death." No doubt we are to trust God in all things, but I see nothing in God's Word about fatalism or that negates the idea of taking personal responsibility for decisions in our sphere of influence, including those of citizenship.


WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population Via "Mock-Up" Vaccines. The truth is sordid, and Big Pharma stands to gain. The virulence of the H1N1 "swine flu" virus has not been shown, but you are being urged to take the vaccine before it is tested. If you or your family take it, you will be human guinea pigs. The mercury-based preservative thimerosal and adjuvent squalene will likely be part of the toxic cocktail. If you value your health, think twice about taking the jab.

The Massachusetts State Senate has already passed a Pandemic Response Bill that now awaits how passage. It is a prescription for medical martial law. You might find this template from the state of Iowa for “Forced Confinement” in a “Quarantine Facility” interesting. What do you want to bet your state has something similar?

I'm reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island." If you want to clearly understand what money is and is not; if you want to understand what a total scam the Federal Reserve System if and how it allows the bankers and government to rob the people of their paychecks and savings; if you want to understand how central banking is at the root of economic cycles and war; then you must read this book. The Money Magicians are robbing us blind, and most people don't understand this. If we are to have any chance at all to preserve what freedom we have and expand it for our progeny, then we all must work in our spheres of influence to spread the truth about this evil system. If this sounds crazy to you, then realize that you have bought the lie.

In the context of the fraudulent practices of the central bank, you might like this article by Martin Armstrong, former head of Princeton Economics. He asks: “Is gold is headed to $5,000 an ounce?” More rightly put, he is really asking if the value of the US Dollar will fall by another 80% where it will take five times as many dollars to by an ounce of gold? Given the $25 Trillion in obligations assumed by the Bush-Obama administrations that can only be paid by printing more Federal Reserve Notes out of thin air, this may well be a conservative figure. Fed Chairman Bernanke seems determined to take us down the same monetary path as Zimbabwe. Did I mention the more than a Quadrillion $ of derivatives outstanding that threaten to wash away all paper-based investments as if they were sand castles on the beach? Take heed and buy gold, silver and food storage for the coming chaos while you still can.

Is it just a coincidence that China wants to remove all its gold reserves from depositories in New York and London and store them in a newly-built high security vault in Hong Kong? If the many rumors are true about Wall St. financial houses shorting gold without the required collateral, then the potential for a rapid price rise due to short covering is ripe. See this prescient article by Jim Willie, replete with interesting charts for those who want technical confirmation.

Alas, I have friends and family who all have utmost faith in the system and in their conventional investment advisors. Seems I'm the eccentric friend/uncle/brother/son that is crazy enough to believe in evil cabals conspiring to take our wealth and liberty by any and all means necessary. They rely on such trustworthy stalwarts as the Wall Street Journal and Fox News (and friends) to soothe their fears and assure them everything will be all right, especially if we'll let them do our thinking and trust them to tell us when there is really something to be concerned about.

I haven't told them yet about my chance encounter last spring with Paul Gigot, editor of the Wall St. Journal, when he with all seriousness assured me the the Federal Reserve is part of the Federal Government. I was so flabbergasted at such a blatant lie from one in a position to know better, that I asked him if he was a member of the CFR and Bilderberg Group. Yes, he had been to the latest BG meeting (where they're earnestly planning for One World Government), but he was no longer a member of the CFR. Gigot slowly transformed into Jabba the Hut in my imagination, looking for a tender infant for lunch.

A Russian Warns Americans Against a Communist Takeover. Leave it to survivors of the former USSR to warn Americans we are rapidly becoming a Soviet government. Obama even has the audacity to tell us the blatant truth that many of his appointees are czars, and we chuckle oblivious to what that means.

Here's more on exposing the 9-11 attacks as a false flag inside job. I am amazed at how people will go to great lengths to avoid the obvious conclusion that the official conspiracy theory of the Bush administration was a fairy tale. They don't understand the sinkings of the Maine and Lusitania, the truth about Pearl Harbor, and probably not even the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The public schools and mind-numbing TV networks have done their job well. (Here are 200 questions for inquiring minds.)

Interested in “The Illuminati?” Watch this short video (if it is still available – the first one lasted a day). Seems the Illuminati and their minions have one thing in common. If you notice and name on it, you might be called “anti-semitic.” (Just like critics of Obama and his policies are “racists.”)Seems that “political correctness” is a primary tool of censorship and thought control. Who wudda thunk it!

The PTB hate the internet. Now the common folk have access to real news, not the pablum served by the Mainstream Media. Elites have always maintained their power by the control of information, and don't like what an uncensored internet is doing to their control of perceived reality. Senator Jay Rockefeller (bankster alert!) has often expressed his dismay about the evils of the internet. Now Rockefeller has introduced a revised version of his bill to give the government a “kill switch” for the internet whenever they declare a national emergency. In emergencies is when we need the self-organizing features for the dissemination of information allowed by the internet. Rockefeller also thinks that cyber security specialists need to be certified by the government, despite the fact that there is a growing private industry already providing such services.

Friday, August 21, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Swine Flu
Here's more on the strange story of Joseph Moshe who apparently was warning about flu vaccine to be used as a bioweapon to spread the pandemic. Well worth reading.
Then listen to the interview with the Project Camelot folks (at the same link). There is a perfect storm of plagues forming. Vaccines will play an integral part in speeding up the evolution of viruses into super deadly viruses. Plague will be perfect cover and damper for quelling civil unrest. Chemtrail

Folks, the PTB are serious about mass population reduction. They don't want YOU around. How does that set with you?

H1N1 Breaks out in Southern US schools

Infectious Disease Risk in Swine Flu Jabs

Selected articles and analysis from Global Research.

components are helping to suppress immune systems to make us more susceptible to the virus.Police State Update
Government Permission Will be Required to Travel -- your papers, please! Just heard a first-hand report on Alex Jones show that TSA is now taking DNA samples at the airport.

The USSR was Better Prepared than Societal Breakdown than the US -Maybe soft living breeds soft people. Certainly if we're always used to all our utilities, gadgets and stocked grocery stores, and making no preparations for lack of same, we're in trouble. Are you prepared?

Is Obama's life in danger? As I alluded a few days ago, the looming failure of the Obama administration might make him expendable to the very people who raised him from obscurity to the White House. The media, DHS and Southern Poverty Law Center have been working overtime to paint ahead of time all O's opponents as racists, setting us up for the fall. Plan B for the globalists may be massive race riots leading to martial law. Read this astute essay. Also, watch how MSNBC intentionally edits video to deceive on guns and race.

Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me -- This is a chilling look at the ideological commitments of Obama, the Clintons, Rahm Emanuel and the rest of their fellow travelers. It is hardcore, take no prisoners, ends-justify-the-means Stalinism.

We have a real revolution happening in America, a revolution whose goal is to replace the remnants of our Republic and market economy with a totalitarian dictatorship. It appears that the Republicans are too sold out to the system to oppose it. That means it's up to the grassroots.

Beware Obama's Fabian Window - As I predicted last November, Obama is Bush on steroids. He is ramming through his program to centralize power, complete the police state, and destroy the American economy at such a breath-taking rate that Bush-Cheney must be green with envy, not to mention Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. Too bad most Americans are still trapped in the Left-Right Paradigm (and don't care to figure out how this keeps them enslaved and impotent to change things).

Web Bot Update
If you've been following my blog, you've seen my write about the "WebBot" project from HalfPastHuman. Their predictions have had a good track record. You might want to listen to this interview with Cliff, the inventor. Caution: Don't do this before going to bed. You might not sleep well.

More Government Lies
Remember the first Gulf War under Poppy Bush where we kicked Saddam's butt and lost just a few hundred US soldiers. Seems now that over 73,000 Gulf War vets are now dead, and and over 1.6 million disability claims filed. I guess all the depleted uranium we spread all over Iraq and all the vaccines the soldiers were costly to the US. What will be the true toll on our current military, and any of you government trolls reading this. Do you think you and your family are not expendable also?

I hope you and your friends are making preparations for hard times and civil unrest. And you have to decide you if you will take the vaccine, a vaccine that is likely a bioweapon. Do the research. I've given you plenty of link to start with over the last ten days.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are You Concerned Yet?

As a sometime visitor to my Facebook account, I see that most of my friends are occupied with normal life, with no hint of the monster crisis bearing down on them. Like the coastal inhabitants shortly before the tsunami arrives, they are blissfully unaware that shortly their lives will change forever. Those who have seen my posting notices, but ignored them because they don't look pleasant, will be most affected. Some preparations will be better than none at all.

While the financial crisis will itself bring great hardship with another hit to savings, increased unemployment, the death of the dollar and resulting social unrest, the swine flu pandemic and the probability of mandatory vaccinations and martial law is going to be the Big Threat.

What I have learned about the swine flu pandemic is alarming. Here are a few things I think are true and/or real possibilities. A little research will justify all my concerns. You had better think about them:

  1. The H1N1 "swine flu" virus could not appear in nature. It was intentionally made in a laboratory.

  2. So far the threat has been hyped up. Few people have died from the swine flu, certainly not enough to justify the world-wide gearing up to force vaccinations on up to 4.9 billion people!

  3. The second wave of swine flu is coming this fall/winter. The second wave is always more virulent.

  4. The US military, along with armed forces and police forces around the globe, are gearing up to force the vaccinations on their populations. Under WHO guidelines, resisters could be put in FEMA concentration camps or dealt with using deadly force.

  5. Vaccines in general are much more dangerous than the general population knows.

  6. The various strains of swine flu vaccines in production now will be used without sufficient testing, especially any testing that includes the mercury-based preservative like thimerosol, and the oil-bases adjuvants like squalene.

  7. Many people have already died or been injured in preliminary tests of the swine flu vaccines. The Mainstream Media is predictably not reporting this.

  8. Many ignorant people are already signing up to participate in the limited trials that are taking place, risking their lives for $75 as they are injected with unknown substances.

  9. Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers stand to make $billions on the vaccines. At the same time, they've been given immunity from prosecution for any bad side effects.

  10. Reports last spring, as well as recent reports, of stockpiling of millions of plastic caskets and construction of mass burial facilities in cemetaries around the country, make more sense in this context.

  11. The Global Elite (the PowersThatBe) have pushed a eugenics agenda for over a century. Current statements by many indicate a desired global population of 500 million, down from about 7 billion now. What could hasten that process faster than injecting billions of unsuspecting people with untested soft kill bioweapons?

  12. As I indicated in my previous post, most of us Americans are worth more dead than alive to the US government. Now that most manufacturing has been shipped overseas, massive unemployment in the US, and an aging group of Baby Boomers moving into retirement, the unfunded liabilities of the US Govt would be greatly reduced with fewer people to need them.

  13. Baxter Labs sent vaccines with live virus in them to 16 countries last winter. An alert Austrian lab tech discovered this. If it had not been discovered, a mass outbreak of the virus would have happened. Is it possible that an errorof this magnitude can happen by mistake? Or was it intentional?

  14. There is a good chance that vaccines being proposed for use on the US population can combine to result in a mutated virus that will create a real pandemic. Read the long quote from Bob Willie below.

  15. In my posting of August 10, I wrote about how a 9-11 type of event would serve the Obama administration well. The rising opposition to his fascist-Marxist state, his plummeting polls, the awakening of American populism, rising opposition to the Iraq-Afghan-Pak war, the financial crisis -- all could be overshadowed by a shock and awe event like a ---- pandemic.
Connect some of these dots yourself.
One-third of UK nurses will refuse flu shots -- what do they know?
Pandemic Vaccination: Why You Should Be Concerned -- Dr. Ott
DHHS Czar Sebelius on the swine flu - "We're gearing up for the worst."
WHO Plans to vaccinate more than half the world's population
Government prepares for "Unwillingness" to take WHO flu vaccine
Militarization of Swine Flu Preparations - martial law
Man arrested for claiming flu vaccine a bioweapon

And here's one I've followed for several years. Many of the world's best microbiologists have died mysterious deaths. These are the same people that could either help develops designer viruses, or develop cures or preventative measures. Here's a list. Dr. David Kelly was murdered in a staged suicide to shut him up.

Is this the stuff of science fiction? Do I have too much time on my hands? You be the judge. But don't decide without doing the research.

I wrote about the existence of Evil a few posts ago to remind you that Evil is a more active and organized force than most people realize. (Particularly, Christians are prone to dismiss actual human evil.) False flag operations like 9-11 are just penny antes in a high stakes global poker game. My fear is that the PTB is not bluffing this time. The flu pandemic may be just another dry run to test their control systems, but my sense is they are pulling the trigger this time. If this is not The Big One, then it is just another step toward it.

PLEASE READ what Jim Willie had to say in his latest :

No vaccination should EVER include live virus, but rather only dead virus. That is the starting point. The vaccination program has evidence that vaccines contain mercury (in form of thimerosal) which is known to damage the brain function. Most flu vaccination shots contain mercury, but few know it. Tens of millions of Americans are expected to receive innoculation against (or injection of) swine flu this season in hopes of protection against the nasty virus. However, more than 80% will also get what some say is a hefty and dangerous dose of mercury. Experts claim the vaccine benefits outweigh potential risk, but one must wonder in today's day & age. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that almost everyone, including pregnant women, receive the innoculation, despite written warnings from the vaccine manufacturers. See the Natural Health Blog article (CLICK HERE), or the Center For Disease Control questions & answers about thimerosal (CLICK HERE).

Authorities admit to vaccines containing thimerosal. The majority of influenza vaccines distributed in the United States currently contain thimerosal as a preservative. However, some contain only trace amounts of thimerosal, still considered by the Food & Drug Admin (FDA) to be preservative-free in a blatant denial from expedience. Manufacturers of flu vaccines use thimerosal early in the manufacturing process. The thimerosal is diluted as the vaccine goes through the steps in processing. By the end of the manufacturing process, enough thimerosal remains in the vaccine to act as a preservative but the vaccine is still officially labeled preservative-free. Giving a 3-year old child the flu vaccine would raise the blood level of organic mercury beyond what the CDC has defined as a chemical poisoning. The recommended USGovt schedule requires that this dose be given twice, one month apart. See the Journal Sentinel article (CLICK HERE).

An orchestrated complex plan seems clearly underway to disseminate swine flu to the US population. The process has two steps. The first stage involves the spread of two weak swine flu types, which will certainly meet each other in the population. When they do, they will combine to form a more deadly flu strain, putting the lives of both parties in grave jeopardy. The second stage is actually intended to encourage that mutation, while introducing a more powerful live flu strain. On its face, this seems like premeditated genocide. My research cannot find any strong evidence to the contrary. The mercury poisoning is anticipated to weaken the human immunity systems. Some believe the second stage is intended to deliver a stronger live flu virus to people whose systems have been weakened not only by mercury but also by the active flu from the first stage. People who do not participate in the process stand the best chance of survival. Investors and executives at the major pharmaceutical firms stand to profit in an outrageous way, which could result in their rise in global political power. The collusion among pharma firms, the CDC, and US Military has been well documented to produce a virus as a weaponized microbe. The CIA laboratories are located at Fort Dietrich in Maryland, where many other microbial weapons have been developed and are stored. Bear in mind that a combinant virus from human, swine, and bird is a natural impossibility. It can only be produced in a laboratory. The public is told that the vaccines are intended to be as powerful as possible for protection against different flu types. Actually, the same development process can be designed for genocide. See the Bilderberg chronicles for discussion in their meetings for virus release and global population reduction."

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!