Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Poisoning of America Begins

Swine Flu
The Poisoning of America Begins this week. Read this article. If you take the shot you risk irreversible damage or even death. The "lucky" first recipients can get a nasal spray which can spread the virus when they sneeze. Sweet!

The media campaign has begun. It's a full court press from all sides. Why do they want you to take the shots that the government paid $8 billion for? Have you done your homework yet? Do you trust the government to tell you the truth still?

Read why Propaganda Trumps Truth. Americans are just as willing as 1930-40's Germans to believe the Big Lie. I've observed this repeatedly in conversations with friends and family. I'm sad to say that only about ten percent of the people I encounter have any kind of curiosity or open mind to consider new information, especially if it challenges their currently held beliefs. Even though most would say they hold Truth as a high value, their actions show that they prefer self-delusion and the comfort of lies. How strong is your commitment to seek and live by Truth?

WeAreChange Oklahoma has a good video on what might be the State's response and plan in Oklahoma. Your state's response will probably be similar.

Freedom of Speech
The internet is now under the complete control of ICANN. The US, which developed the internet, has turned it over to a private corporation under UN (NWO) control. The internet provides alternative news sources which are the greatest threat to the NWO. Incremental controls impose China-like censorship on all of us.

Death of the Dollar
Last Saturday the web bot folks posted this warning that their predictive linguistics are saying that the USD could die much more rapidly than they previously thought. I strongly urge you to get their reports at the steep price of $10.

The price of gold hit an all time high today when it went up to $1044 in USD. If you are still wondering if you should take a risk and buy gold instead of the "safe" USD, your procrastination has now cost you more money. The World Bank and the IMF Join Global Attack on the Dollar. Have you positioned what's left of your investments and retirement plan to survive the death of the USD and its displacement as the world's reserve currency?

Robert Fisk reports that the Arab states are in secret negotions with China, Russia and France to replace the USD as the main currency to settle oil transactions. This prediction that the death of the dollar began on September 30 appears to becoming fulfilled. The HalfPastHuman web bot folks predicted the "death of the dollar" meme would be come increasingly prevalent throughout the fall.

Economic crash and collapse is ahead of us. Also, Martin Weiss writes Three Government Reports Point to Fiscal Doomsday. Are you preparing yet? If not, why?

Martin Armstrong, former head of Princeton Economics, thinks gold may be headed to $5,000. Stated differently, the dollar may drop to 20% of its current value within a few years.

Martial Law
American Constitutionalists, patriots and veterans have again been named as potential terrorists by in a warning issued by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Girl Scouts have joined the Boy Scouts in teaming with DHS to help them out in emergencies. Remember Obama's civilian national security force? Now Obama Youth = Hitler Youth.

Was Israel involved in the assassinations of JFK and JFK, Jr? The thesis about both seems strong, especially for JFK, Jr. What is clear with any study is that Jr. was murdered. It was no accident. Both father and son had multiple enemies who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the crimes. The truth is likely that several parties were involved in each, at least in the cover-ups.

While putting this post together, I found this series of videos about JFK, Jr.'s murder. Pay attention to how long it takes to start a search and how the Pentagon suddenly gets involved. Surprise, surprise. The Bushes seem to be implicated, too.

When I encountered a health challenge fifteen years ago, I made drastic changes to my diet. One of the things I did was add lots of soy. It was touted a healthy source of protein. Recently I've read a number of articles that point out that soy is actually bad for you! "Why Soy Is Bad for You" is a great summary. It references The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food (available in our Amazon store). Since soy so pervasive in most processed foods, you need to learn about this.

A virus seems to be involved in aggressive prostate cancer cells. To my knowledge the medical establishment denies PCa could be virus-related.

Understanding the Times
One of my favorite bloggers is Les over at Smoking Mirrors. I've added his site to my Best Analysis sites. Check out one of his latest "Alas Babylon and the Neanderthal Mind."

Big Lies
Catch this video where a professional photographer (a man who is trained to observe) says there is not discernible airliner debris at Shanksville, PA eight years ago. Just as 9-11-01 had coincidental anomalies where the first three steel framed skyscrapers supposedly collapsed for the first time in history, Shanksville joins the Pentagon as sites where large airliner crashes left no discernible debris. Are you still afraid to know the truth about 9-11?

That's about it for now. The beat goes on. . . .

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Critical Updates as We Move into October

Traditionally October is one of the most chaotic months in US history. This month promises more of the same. Most everything covered here is an update of continuing trends that serve as the theme for this blog. Please check my resources at the right side of the blog, including our new Amazon store to make it easy for you to get needed resources.

Martial Law Update

I had a chance to preview the new video, "Camp FEMA" this week. There is no doubt that under the highly classified Continuity of Government program triggered on 9-11, concentration camps have been prepared all over the US. These are NOT for foreign terrorists or illegal immigrants. These are for the American people. We've written about these before. I hope to write a review next week, but you need to order this video immediately. In the meantime, Brother Nathaniel writes on the FEMA camps and coming gun confiscation laws.

Most everything that follows are factors that can play into chaotic conditions to trigger martial law.

Swine Flu Update
Sixty Minutes expose on the death and destruction caused by the Swine Flu scare of 1976 is relevant today. Here is some good info on using homeopathy to fight the flu. Remember the vaccine is untested. This doctor had the courage to admit on TV that his family will not be taking the vaccine. He considers it more dangerous than the flu. Just remember that the vaccine will contain some or all of the following adjuvents: squalene (a cause of Gulf War syndrome), thimerosol (mercury) and formaldehyde. Dr. Russell Blaylock has advice on what to do if you are forced to take the vaccine.

Trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, thinks resistance to the Swine Flu shot may be the reason for the next big Tea Parties. With the military, big corporations, schools, health care groups and others making shots mandatory, a showdown is looming. Nurses groups, doctors, and parents are protesting. Couple that with the coming financial crisis and start of World War III with an attack on Iran, and this fall promises to be exciting.

Speaking of frauds by Big Pharma, apparently HIV is actually a bogus disease created by collusion within the CDC, Big Pharma and other fellow travelers who gain to profit. This article reviewing a new documentary, "House of Numbers," summarizes the main points. I haven't seen it, but want to. It's conclusions are not surprising given what I've learned about Big Pharma and Big Medical over the last 15 years.

New World Order Update
What the heck is going on in Hardin, Montana? Steve Quayle has reported there are at least 400,000 foreign mercenaries based in the USA. If so, the New World Order plan continues to unfold. For supporting info, see Devvy Kidd's The Destroyers Who Control the White House, Congress and the Media.

This short video lays out some of the basics of the New World Order. These folks are real, and they're determined. It appears they're pushing their end game now. Check out our new Amazon book store for some great books to arm yourself. In this video clip, we see Robert Welch laying out the process by which the NWO folks would take over and destroy America. According to this check list, they're almost ready to hang their own "Mission Accomplished" banner. Note also where a Rockefeller minion boasted in 1969 that the US would be de-industrialized. Folks, if you don't think this has been planned, you have terminal naivete.

Obama, of course, is another in the long line of Presidents directly part of, or under the control of, the New World Order. While he neutralizes the Left as Bush did for the Right, he prepares the way for his next Republican NWO successor. Saw my first Newt 2012 bumper sticker today. Huckabee ("The Huckster") managed to publish a book before the elections last fall and get his own show on Rupert Murdock's FAUX News. I'm sure it is because he is so talented. If it bothers you to read this, you're probably still stuck in the left-right paradigm, and probably a loyal Democrat or Republican.

As long as Americans buy into the false left-right paradigm, they will be putty in the hands of the political manipulators. Glenn Greenwald points out how this confusion affects Judas-goat Glenn Beck and others. If you're still trapped in this mindset, you had better start working to get free. A good start is to listen daily to Alex Jones over at Infowars.com.

Pray to Obama? Maybe he is the anti-christ. One writer just asks Obama to show us which passport he used to travel to Pakistan in 1981. That should clarify his citizenship. Please watch this excellent video on how iconography was used to help elect Obama. Pretty powerful stuff. Most people are unaware of many of the mind control and influence techniques used on them daily.

Here's more on John Holdren, the eugenicist serving as Obama's Population Contol Czar.

Financial Tsunami
Jim Willie writes cogently about the looming "Systemic Failure" of the financial system. The web bot folks at HalfPastHuman think it likely could begin October 25. (I highly recommend you buy their $10 report.) If you plan on protecting any of your wealth by converting digits and dollar-denominated asset into precious metals, the time is now! Porter Stansberry has some good advice on how to protect yourself.

Here's a good video on what we might expect with runaway inflation.

False Flags, anyone?
The FBI and others have been busy flooding the airwaves with preemptive strikes on domestic terrorists before they can attack. Are they setting us up for the Big One, a domestic false flag to blame on Iran? Or to start their coming war on American patriots, designated potential terrorists by DHS?

Chuck Baldwin notes that the US is nearing the historical limit for empires at 219 years. Will the US fall apart in 2010? Another author says "Doomsday is Coming to America." Greg Evansen says The Death of Liberty: The Final Scene Unfolds. If you still have doubts about the gravity of our situation, read Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!