Saturday, August 17, 2013

Smart Meters are Dangers to Our Health and Privacy

Here is my testimony, with links, before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission hearing on the dangers of Smart Meters on August 14, 2013. I knew they were bad, but I had no idea how much radiation we are bathed in daily by smart meters, cell towers, and many more sources. This is killing us, folks.

Testimony of Porter Haskell Davis for Smart Meter Hearing Cause No. CS 201300001

In the last few years, I have become increasingly concerned about the health dangers posed by radio frequency/microwave radiation (RF/MW) on the human body. My research shows a high correlation between the advent of radar and FM radio, followed by the panoply of devices we continually depend on, and most of the diseases that are on the increase in America and the world. After a presentation on this subject by our family physician, Dale H. Peterson, MD, in June, my wife and I have been taking active steps to decrease the negative effects of this RF/MW "smog." 

The daily exposure of Smart Meter radiation is of particular concern. In Oklahoma, Smart Meters seem to have been imposed on the people without any kind of thorough hearing to discuss the health issues. Based on OG&E's motion to dismiss, they maintain that the only remedy we Oklahomans have to protest and eliminate the health risks is to file a Federal action. 

On a personal note concerning the possible effects of RF/MF radiation. I owned and operated an FM radio station in Oklahoma City 1990-1995. The first 2 and a half years, we we located within a quarter of a mile of our own FM transmitting tower near Broadway and Brittion Road in Oklahoma City. All this was near the “antennae farm” area of the city. Our studios included transmission equipment to the tower. Later we moved to another location, but still had the transmitting equipment to send the signal to the tower. We were also near another 100,000 watt FM transmitter. In April, 1995, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. There are NO other incidences of this type of cancer in either side of my family lines. Whether RF/MW radiation contributed to the cancer onset will not be known, but I highly suspect it is.

I have a recent story about my experience with Smart Meters in Florida while on family matters and vacation. On a 4 week trip, my wife and I slept really well, except for the first two nights at a beach condo. Instead of the restful sleep which we expected, we tossed and turned both nights. Before the third night, I notices from the beach three red lights on the side of the condo. When I went to inspect the lights, I found that they belonged to three Smart Meters, just on the other side of the wall from where our heads were in bed. We moved to a guest bedroom about 30 feet away, and had no further trouble sleeping the remaining five days of our trip.

OG&E, a public utility with a monopoly in the generation, transmission and distribution of power, has a moral obligation to assure that the provision of their product does not endanger the health of the citizens. Likewise, the Corporation Commission, as the only entity directly charged with regulating electricity, has an implicit obligation according to Article 2-2 of the Oklahoma Constitution to make sure that they take utmost care to assure that the subjects of their regulations protect Oklahomans' ". . . inherent right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness . . ." If it can be shown that Smart Meters can cause or exacerbate health problems for citizens who suffer from Electromagnetic Sensitivity, then at a bare minimum electric utility customers should be able to opt out of having these devices on their homes.

To demand that one submit to personal injury from RF/MF as a condition of getting electrical power is not the mark of a free society, and it flies in the face of our Constitutional protections of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Any thinking person, after reviewing the mounting research, can see that Smart Meter radiation demands thorough study. And there is enough evidence already, that those who want to opt out personally for whatever reason, should be able to. "Better safe than sorry" is an adage that applies here. It matters not that the money has been spent if it is determined that these Smart Meters emit dangerous amounts of EMF, at least for some people. The fact that exposure is additive in effect also argues for extreme caution. 

Today I am submitting evidence to be considered in making your findings. I would urge you not to let technical loopholes cloud your judgment concerning the clear and present health dangers this new system of Smart Meters poses. Our first line of defense and remedy against man made threats is at the state and local level. I would urge you to do the right thing, and do it NOW. The longer you wait, the more people whose health will be harmed. 

The evidence I am submitting follows. Please study it carefully:

1. Letter from Dr. Dale Peterson, summarizing his research conclusions and submitting his own story concerning Smart Meters in his own life. 

2. About Dr. Peterson. As you can see, he is qualified to warn about the health dangers of RF/MW.

    "Dale Peterson, MD, is a cutting edge physician at the forefront of exposing iatrogenic illness.
Dr. Peterson is a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Medicine. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Oklahoma. He is a past president of the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians. He had a full-time family practice in Edmond, Oklahoma, for over 20 years and was a Chief of Staff of the Edmond Hospital. He was active in teaching for many years as a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine through the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center." 

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. -- These comprise a 5-part overview of the scientific research that clearly points to the dangers of RF/MW, dangers any rational person concerned about their and others' health should conclude need to be thoroughly studied, and in the meantime, warrant an opt-out for any person concerned about those dangers. I will point out some of the things that demand your attention:
  • The widespread adoption and use of devices that emit RF/MW is what Dr. Peterson calls "the worlds largest experiment." We are all living in a worldwide lab test whose results have been coming out negatively, while at the same time, there has been little to do to alert the populace to the dangers, with active cover up by industry and the military. A great many diseases like cancer, coronary, neuromuscular and others are on a huge upswing concurrent with the adoption and implementation of these technologies.
  • Studies funded by the industry or military conclude there RF/MW is safe. Studies funded independently conclude by the same wide margin that RF/MW is dangerous to human health. Repeatedly researches funded by industry lose their funding if they conclude it is not safe, so their studies are never replicated. No funding, no research, no replication. We should not be surprised that those with an economic incentive to prove the safety of RF/MW conclude it is safe.
  • No "safe" level of RF/MW has been determined. The effects of repeated exposure are additive, just as we find with X-rays and gamma rays.
  • Most studies have looked primarily at the generation of heat and damage it causes. They ignore the non-thermal effects of RF/MW, which are considerably more dangerous than the thermal effects.
  • A 1995 study demonstrated that a single 2 hour exposure to microwave radiation lower than the government's "safe" level caused breaks in DNA." DNA damage is one of the primary triggers for cancer development. The authors were unable to receive funding for further research.
  • An increasing number of scientists are taking issue with the idea that RF/MW is safe. 
  • We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with respect to RF/MW. The growing citizen awareness and activism to fight these technologies is indicative that this information is getting out.
  • RF/MW radiation breaks down the crucial blood-brain-barrier that protects the brain. Many of these effects are irreversible. 
  • Smart Meters, being new on the scene, have little specific research on their effects. But given what we are finding out about RF/MW radiation, there can be little doubt they they just increase the health hazards to the general population. The danger is not just from the home meters, which is bad enough. We also have the extra transmissions to the network of data collection substations. Most Smart Meter seem to transmit at least twice a minute, which is close to 3,000 times a day! 

8. Statement from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, approved July 12, 2012.
  • After listing a number of medical conditions exacerbated by RF/MW, they conclude:
  • "Because Smart Meters produce Radiofrequency emissions, it is recommended that patients with the above conditions and disabilities be accommodated to protect their health. The AAEM recommends:
  • that no Smart Meters be on these patients’ homes, that Smart Meters be removed within a reasonable
  • distance of patients’ homes depending on the patients’ perception and/or symptoms, and that no
  • collection meters be placed near patients’ homes depending on patients’ perception and/or symptoms.

9. 20-page packet from the County of Santa Cruz California, from January 2012, where they propose a moratorium on Smart Meter installation until the health risks can be fully evaluated. It includes a review of the medical literature. Pay special attention to the graph on the 18th page that shows how much more FR/MW is emitted by Smart Meters than by cellphones, microwave ovens, WiFi routers and FM-AM radio broadcasts.

10. Report from, August 8, 2013,  reporting the latest findings by leading scientists sounding the alarm bell. They point out that the most common measure of EMF's (RF/MW), the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), is "totally inappropriate." It measures primary the heating, or thermal, effect of EMF based technologies. "But countless studies have brought to light adverse biological effects at radiation levels significantly below levels where a thermal effect is detected." Using this in appropriate measure to establish exposure outcomes. Using this measure lead to:
  • "Studies which show 'no effect' are likely 'false negatives.'"
  • "Studies that show an effect are likely under-reporting the true risk."

11. Smart Meters have a dual, negative effect on individual users. Not only do they transmit their RF/MW radiation through the home. The other problem is that being attached to the main wires coming into and out of the home, every time they pulse, they charge the home's electrical lines, sending "dirty electricity" throughout the home. Remember that electrical wires surround most rooms in the home, so that "dirty electricity" is creating additional RF/MW stresses on the individuals inside. Below is a listing of some important links on the negative effects of "dirty electricity."

Dr. Magda Hava main website on dirty electricity

Diabetes and Electrosensitivity

Multiple Sclerosis & Dirty Electricity – Dr. Magda Havas

Rapid Aging Syndrome – EMF can harm and heal

Dr. Magda Havas, WI-FI Dangers

Dirty Electricity Explained: What Is GS Unit?  – Dr. Magda Havas

In conclusion, I've just been getting stared on my research. The more I discover, the more alarmed I am.

As members of the Corporation Commission, I hope that you will review the research for yourself. Realize that YOU and YOUR FAMILY as just as much at risk as the rest of us. It is time for you to do the right thing for the People of Oklahoma, and not sidestep this issue based on some kind of technicality. It is time to order that:
  1.  opting out of Smart Meters should be available to anyone so requesting. 
  2. an immediate study of the short and long run health risks of Smart Meters be conducted and a report made to the People of Oklahoma.
Thank you.

Porter Haskell Davis
Former State Representative