Friday, November 2, 2012

Why OK County Needs Darrel Sorrels for Sheriff.

The most important vote residents of Oklahoma County can make November 6 is for County Sheriff.

But in Oklahoma County, we have a crucial opportunity to replace our ineffective, self-dealing, liberal Democrat Sheriff with a man of unquestioned integrity, Republican Darrell Sorrels. I have known Darrell for 18 months and recommend him highly. He has the heart of a public servant, not a politician.

Darrell Sorrels is an Oklahoma County native. He graduated from Choctaw High School and attended Oklahoma City Community College and Oklahoma State University Tech. He earned an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate and is a state certified police instructor. He is a retired deputy from the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office and is currently a special deputy for the U.S. Marshal in the Western District of Oklahoma federal courts. He is a member of First Southern Baptist Church and lives in Midwest City with his wife, Lynn. He is a father of five and has eight grandchildren. He is a conservative Republican who advocates traditional values and will defend the Constitution and its original intent to protect the rights of the citizens of Oklahoma County. Campaign website:

Below are my reasons for supporting Darrell Sorrels, with links to supporting information.

1. Political Party Affiliation Matters
Don't believe the lie perpetrated by the Democrat Whetsel campaign that party affiliation is irrelevant in the Sheriff's race. Conservative values of self-responsibility, constitutional government, adherence to our 2nd Amendment rights, and a fiscally responsible approach to governing are just as important for Sheriff as for any other office. This is especially true given Whetsel's pathetic 16-year track record in office. Whetsel's campaign consultant, Pat Hall, is former head of the OEA and only works for liberal Democrats. Sorrels has been endorsed by the OK County and State GOP.

2. The top issue is to fix the existing jail or build a new one for at least $340 million.
Even though the jail is just 22 years old, it has many defects lingering from its shoddy construction. Most of them can be fixed for under $20 million. Whetsel and his courthouse gang cronies want to build a new jail. That means more needless taxes on you and me. We're already taxed to death.

John Whetsel has been the Sheriff of Oklahoma County for 16 years. He originally ran against J.D. Sharp on a platform of fixing the jail. Not only has he not fixed the jail, he has made it worse. The Department of Justice performed an inspection on the Oklahoma County detention center and issued a report listing 60 key deficiencies of the jail. Of those 60 deficiencies, 55 of them were management in nature, not structural deficiencies. WhetselοΎ’s answer to this is to build a brand new jail. He wants to impose a new tax on the citizens of Oklahoma County to the tune of at least $340 million to build a new jail that will not fix over 90% of the problems outlined in the Department of Justice report.

Darrell Sorrels firmly believes that fixing some physical issues, routine maintenance, and better management can get the job done. What we don't need at this time are any increases in taxes or bond indebtedness. What we need is competence in public service.

Read an excellent analysis here:
Listen to radio ads here:

3. The jail has been mismanaged under Whetsel.

Ask anyone knowledgeable about the jail operations, and they will tell you that there are a number of inmate areas that are NOT supervised. These areas have no visibility by direct human observation or by television. It is no surprise that the jail is the site of weekly beatings, rapes, murders and suicides. As of 2008, about 44 people died in the jail from beatings and suicides and other preventable reasons. Jail conditions have been so bad that at least one grand jury has been convened to investigate. Moreover, the jail is under threat of Federal lawsuit and in 2008 had its contract for temporary holding of federal inmates revoked.

Read about one of the latest suicides here:
And a recent beating here:

4. Whetsel is a liberal gun-grabber. Sorrels is a strict adherent of the US Constitution.
As police chief of Choctaw, Whetsel somehow became President of the International Association of Police Chiefs, 1994-95. A study of their history shows that they are very liberal and in alignment with UN Agenda 21, which came out of the Rio de Janeiro UN Sustainable Development Conference in 1992.

Read where Bill Clinton thanked Whetsel for his efforts to kill legislation allowing Concealed Carry of firearms: this about his support of the Brady Bill:

5. Whetsel illegally uses inmates for slave labor.
Last summer the Sheriff's office was caught using inmates to make campaign signs. It is incomprehensible that Whetsel would not know. What else have inmates have been used for? There are serious penalties for using inmates for campaigning. The Sheriff's Office cavalier attitude toward using inmates in this campaign, in this age of the alternative media, indicates they are used to doing this for other purposes, too.

Channel 25 report:
See this:
And this:

6. The Fraternal Order Of Police failed to endorse Whetsel for the first time in 16 years!
Despite bringing his own voting staff members to the meeting, Whetsel was unable to garner their endorsement.

7. The Sheriff's office is vitally important and should be held by a Constitutionalist.
Many people don't realize that the Sheriff is the supreme law enforcement officer in the county, above the municipal police and federal agents. The Sheriff is the ultimate protector against Big Government and corruption at the county level. As one example, the Sheriff can prohibit Federal agents from enforcing ObamaCare and unconstitutional gun laws in Oklahoma. The same goes for Federal overreach in hundreds of other areas. Darrell Sorrels is a Constitutionalist.

Check out the following for more information:

What Is a Sheriff?
The Power Behind the Badge:

Please pass on this link or email to all your friends in Oklahoma County and vote Darrell Sorrels for Sheriff November 6.