Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive?

Did you know you are worth more to the Government dead than alive? If that shocks you, then be sure to read "57 Trillion Reasons to Murder 100 Million." Did you know that the Global Elite want to reduce the world population from about 7 billion to 500 million? Search it. Here's a few to get you started: Food Shortages or Globalist Population Agenda and this listing from New World Order magazine.

Obama Science Czar John Holgren is heavily involved in the eugenics movement. Being a good eugenicist, there's every reason to think he'd like to see the population reduced to a level the Global Elite deems "sustainable." Favored methods of population reduction are wars, pandemics, sterilization, abortion, disease and starvation. For a comprehensive look at the PTB's plans to eliminate up to 95% of the world's population, read "Depopulation By Inoculation."

Do you think they care if you and your family are there to see it?

Speaking of pandemics, Will Americans Refuse to Take Flu Shots? - The Constitution Party is standing up for those who think mandatory vaccinations violate their Constitutional rights. (They do.) As more Americans realize how the pandemic is being hyped up (like this Canadian medical expert), and about the many dangers of vaccines (like the mutating polio virus in Nigeria), I expect we'll see more resistance to taking the shots. Then things will get interesting. Swine Flu Jab Linked to Killer Nerve Disease.

Here's a nice video on flu prevention and treatment.

Evidently the Swine Flu is becoming resistant to Tamiflu. Donald Rumsfeld's bank account thanks all those governments that spent $millions/billions stocking up on the stuff.

Maybe we'll see an increase in swine flu among the military. Already 67 soldiers in Iraq have it. They have to take lots of shots, no questions asked. We should always remember that more people died or were injured in the 1976 flu scare from the vaccines than from the flu. And that back then flu first appeared in soldiers from Ft. Dix. Far be it from someone with a vested interest to taint shots for the military to help speed things up a bit.

One researcher makes a good case that using the laws designed for a much deadlier disease than the Swine Flu may create a perfect storm of death and disease in vaccine recipients. "The result of the new bioterrorism laws . . . , which allow use of untested products AND give manufacturers an incentive to avoid comprehensive testing (to avoid being found guilty of willful misconduct) have combined with the political imperative to provide citizens with vaccines in a hurry, yielding a potential Perfect Storm. . . [they] are likely to cause more autoimmune illness than occurred in 1976 . . . The manufacturers have been given liability protection, as have the government program planners. Efficacy and safety are unknown. But no compensation mechanism has been created. And the public has not been informed. "
The President of Whole Foods outlined a simple program to streamline and cut the red tape and out of the medical system. Will Congress go for it? Not a chance. Anything that doesn't involve more bureaucrats and health czars running our lives, and less freedom of choice, doesn't stand a chance with Congress and Big MedPharm. Besides, Obama and Congress will have their own plan.
The end of August into November still looks like a time of great financial unraveling. Jim Willie gives a taste of his latest newsletter with "Pressure (Countdown) Toward Breakdown." I've been taking his excellent newsletters over a year, and find them uncannily on target, with an expose' of financial corruption in the world and US markets that will make your head spin.

LEAP/2020 follows the same line of thought with its forecast of an intensifying global systemic financial crisis this fall due to a perfect storm confluence of three destructive waves beginning this summer:
"1. Wave of massive unemployment: Three different dates of impact according to the countries in America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa
2. Wave of serial corporate bankruptcies: companies, banks, housing, states, counties, towns
3. Wave of terminal crisis for the US Dollar, US T-Bond and GBP, and the return of inflation"
I'm no fan of Glenn Beck, since he's a conservative gatekeeper. He's not paid the big bucks by Rupert Murdock to tell you the real way the world works. He won't tell you the truth about 9-11 or FEMA camps. But this interview with former Carter adviser and Democratic pollster Pat Caddell shows that Obama and Rahm Emanuel are just as crooked as anyone in the Bush-Cheney administration. Of course they are, they all work for the same people.
John Pilger makes a good case that Obama is a corporate marketing creation who is a perfect front for the PTB. And if you disagree with Obama or any of his proposals, you must certainly be a "racist." Interesting how many white people I know whose primary stated reason for voting for Obama was some variant of "how neat it will be for America to finally get a black President." Is is just me, or isn't that a racist reason?
We're all used to those meetings and speeches by our politicians showing supporters as background props. They're so "believable." Joe the Plumber was shown to be a plant. Now see how Obama and his Congressional supporters' town hall meetings are full of plants. Yes, of course, their fellow traveler Republicans do the same thing.

Ever been in one of those group meetings designed to achieve consensus to make some statement or solve some problem, and felt that there was a hidden agenda being promoted? I have. This explanation of The Delphi Technique explains how it's done. Once you know, you can use it against them. A taste: "In her book Educating for the New World Order, author and educator Beverly Eakman makes numerous references to the need of those in power to preserve the illusion that there is 'community participation in decision-making processes, while in fact lay citizens are being squeezed out." The same could be said of the illusion that voting makes a difference.
Guess who's funding the Taliban? USA, USA, USA!
Imperial overreach continues. Seems the US will now be officially stationing US soldiers in Colombia. Now they will have more direct access to protect their Colombian client from drug-financed guerrillas while cracking down on competition for the CIA's own drug-running at the same time. And they have another up-to-date base to attempt domination of the rest of South America, including the oil reserves in Venezuela. Three-fer!
This is "Change We Can Believe In"? Apparently Obama's first act as President was signing Executive Order 13489 sealing access to all his records! Transparency we can believe in!! Oba-a-a-a-a-a-a-manoids, all at once now: "He had to do it so he can do all the good things he has in store for us. It's just politics. These things are only bad when Bush did them."

Grace and Courage and Peace to you!


Marik said...

In re Executive Order 13489:

I believe that President Bush issued an Executive Order back in his first year that sealed all the records of all Presidents as long as a President, current or ex-, wished those records suppressed, so this order does not appear to be a change from Bush's policy.

Marik said...

Here is a summary of Executive Order 13489, in case you are interested.In fact, what this Order does, apparently, is rescind Bush's policy, a policy that made it EASIER for Presidential records to be kept from the public.

"The Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2009 (H.R. 35) limits the authority of presidents and former presidents to block the release of presidential records. The bill sets deadlines for the review of records prior to release, gives the incumbent president the authority to reject former presidents' claims of privilege, restricts the ability to assert privilege claims to presidents and former presidents, and eliminates the ability of vice presidents to make privilege claims concerning vice presidential records.
The bill also overturns Executive Order 13233, which was issued on November 1, 2001 by President George W. Bush. That order broadened the authority of presidents and former presidents to block the release of presidential records, extended that authority to former presidents' heirs, and granted similar powers to vice presidents concerning vice presidential records."

It seems that your blog is repeating misinformation. To what purpose, I wonder.

Porter Davis said...

Well, Marik, I guess I should feel honored that my little blog warrants my own Fed disinfo agent. You're on the wrong side. They'll get rid of you when it suits their purposes. Better to serve God than Mammon.

Anonymous said...

if by mammon, you mean the son of the devil (just in case someone who is ignorant may read...) i totally agree. Obama is just an obamination. Anyone tries to force me or my children to take an inoculation is going to be in for a big suprise when i break their knees and they walk with a limp for the rest of their life. Obama was right. We need change...he's just not giving us the change we need.