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The Worst Election Outcome - Unbridled Democrat Rule

Warning! I write my blog for people who consider themselvles free thinkers. My paradigm is not "conventional." Your comments pro or con are welcomed. If you find yourself easily offended by anything I write, you should probably take a blue pill and go away. Or, you can venture forth and see how deep the rabbit hole goes . . . .

No matter how you look at it, the War Party’s candidate, McBama Ocain, is awful. Neither of the puppet candidates respects Constitutional government and will keep us on the destructive course of American Imperialism. However, there is a worst-case scenario: President Obama spearheading a Democratic supermajority. The result will be globalist, liberal fascism riding high in the saddle of George Bush’s police state.

The best possible outcome (if we must have McBama) would be a McCain presidency gridlocked by a Democrat Congress. A divided, hobbled government would do the least harm. Without a Republican president, some of the GOP members of Congress might even return to their limited government roots. Until the Banker Bailout Bill, the worst actions of the Bush administration happened before the Democrat-controlled Congress took office in January 2007. Unfortunately, Obama, Pelosi and Reid rammed through this monumental act of theft for their Wall Street owners, with the help of McCain and many top Republicans. The Democrats could have stopped it. They have the majority.

Now that my words have chased all the Obama true believers from this article, I’ll tell the rest of you why I’m concerned.

Obama is probably the most radical leftist person in the Senate, if not all of Congress. As bad as McCain is, Obama will be worse. Ideologically, he is an advocate of globalist, world government, as well as Marxism and black liberation theology. Since most politicians will say whatever is necessary to get elected, Obama’s ideas and associations are the best predictors of his actions.

Many of my ideological concerns are summarized in The Teflon President: “Surely a young politician's contacts, input, and readings must form his political philosophy and, therefore, create the policies and direction he intends to take the country. In Obama's case, his close and constant company of radical political and religious activists must be taken into serious consideration when electing the next leader of the Free World.”

Obama’s parents were communists. Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor and father (??) (??) figure, was a staunch Communist who put Obama in with Bill Ayers (and here) and the socialist New Party in Chicago. Ayers family and associates are hard core Maoists with significant involvement with Obama. His spiritual leader for twenty years, Jeremiah Wright, consistently preached the radical black liberation theology of James H. Cone. Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the globalist Trilateral Commission, Russophobe, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, and Taliban creator, is Obama’s most influential foreign policy mentor. The funding for his education is a mystery. The Communist Party USA endorses Obama. There are many more of these types, but you get the idea.

Expect Obama to continue the interventionist policy of American Imperialism. He long ago abandoned he anti-war stance that initially attracted so many followers. Given his control by Brzezinski, Madeline Albright and other advisors (even NeoCon rats are now jumping Bush’s ship for Obama’s), there is no doubt that the military-corporate-media complex will continue unfettered. Obama wants to “surge” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and who knows where else? The consequences for America and the world will continue to be disastrous.

Obama has called for mandatory public service, a 1 million member Stassi-like "national civilian security force", and I’m sure we’ll see the return of the draft. If for no other reason, these things will happen as make-work measures in response to Great Depression II. FDR set the precedent of entering WWII as his final trump card to pull us out of Great Depression I. There is little foreign policy difference between Obama and McCain.

While there are many kinds of Obama supporters, the hard core “Obamanoids” seem to consist of at least three overlapping groups:
  • True believers, who actually see Obama as some kind of religious figure (Oprah and others -- “The One”) (Louis Farrakhan -- “The Messiah”) ready to bring “transformational change” to humanity and elevate us to a new level of being;
  • Democratic party faithful, who will support whomever the nominee is;
  • Bush haters who so despise the Bush administration and what it has done that they’re ready to support any honest-sounding person who promises change.

We can expect the Obamanoids to faithfully follow their leader, with religious fervor and zeal, much as the German people followed their apparent Savior in the 1930’s. Bush’s true believers set the American pattern when they rationalized and justified every violation of their principles to stand by their man. There’s no reason to expect that Obamanoids will react differently.

Obama is extremely skilled in the techniques of conversational hypnosis called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has a preference for large rallies, e.g. Berlin, Invesco Field, where it is even easier to manipulate audiences. Expect him to use these venues regularly to make the case for his policies and to convince the susceptible herd-folk to accept the trashing of the rest of the Bill of Rights and the yoke of the globalist, North American Union.

There are a lot other things about Obama’s past that we don’t know, especially concerning his ideas. Here are a few that Detective Columbo might want to know.

The controversy surrounding Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency continues, despite a Philadelphia judge’s dismissing Phillip Berg’s lawsuit alleging Obama is not a “natural born” citizen last Friday. The Republican governor of Hawaii has placed the birth certificate under seal with instructions to bar press access. The government of Kenya, where Obama was supposedly born, has likewise conveniently blocked access to all Obama-related documents until after the November 4th election.

As Dr. Edwin Vierra points out, Obama’s eligibility to be President is a major issue that must be addressed. The Obama campaign could end all this speculation quickly by producing Obama’s original birth certificate. It hasn’t.

What will be some of the policies we can expect to see pushed by an Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate if Obama wins? We’ll deal with that in another article.

PS: I realize there are also very major problems with John McCain. He, like Obama, are owned by the Establishment, though Obama reportedly has garnered three times the money from the Big Banks. If it appeared he would be winning the election, I'd be unloading on him with many of the articles I've accumulated over the months. Believe me, there's plenty!

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