Thursday, October 2, 2008

We Must Win the Battle of Financial Armageddon

Flash! The bailout is all about shipping the US taxpayers' money to foreign debt holders! Watch this 8-minute video.

And, get this, US Congressman says they have been threatened with martial law in the US if the bailout is not passed! The "shock doctrine," fear-mongering is the constant method used to stampede the people into supporting the loss of their freedom.

The Senate caved in the the Fat Cat Bailout Wednesday night. So, please call your Congressional Rep and ask them to vote "no" tomorrow. Our calls worked Monday, and they can work again. Here's where to get the information.

And here's why:

The battle of Armageddon is the prophesied future biblical event in which the forces of evil battle the forces of good to determine the future of humankind. So it is only a slight overstatement to call the battle to defeat the Fat Cat Bailout, or No Banker Left Behind Act (thanks DFR), the people's financial Armageddon.

This act, which has grown from a 3-page set of talking points to a 450-page Congressional $850 Billion wet dream. Who knows what hidden land mines, or "wooley buggers" we used to call them, are in this bill. Just like the Patriot Act that was sitting on the shelf waiting for the right opportunity to be trotted out, so must much of the Senate version. It still sets up the Secretary of the Treasury as our unaccountable financial dictator and ensures the enslavement of the American people to foreign investors and governments. European leaders are calling on Congress to rush through this law in an act of "statesmanship" to save their countries.

Perhaps it is a fitting end to the American Empire ("superpower" rings a little hollow, don't you think?) that our consumers who have ridden so high on the hog on borrowed money and hubris will end up in chains of financial bondage as future generations labor to pay off our debts.

This is a putsch, a power grab, pure and simple. Once Paulson has the power to control every aspect of our economy, our enslavement will be complete. Think about that. He will have control over all banking, mortgages, insurance and credit. Pretty close to control over the power to "buy and sell," isn't it? Give him the international biometric ID system the REAL ID Act will impose, and everything necessary for a literal "mark of the beast" system is in place.

Paulson's former (wink, wink) employer, Goldman Sachs, is one of the last "investment" banks standing on Wall Street. Surprise, surprise! Paulson's Fat Cat Bailout, even smeared with the lipstick of so-called "sweeteners" to bribe the naive taxpayers, is still a bad deal for Main Street. It is "Bankers' Socialism", a way to socialize the costs of failure onto the public, and privatize the profits to the bankers.

Paulson was one of the main architects of the securitization revolution that is now eating its young. Now it appears he's trying to preserve the obscene profits and companies of those who benefited most by the credit fiasco. His conflict of interests in the bailout is huge.

The pressure on Congressional Reps who voted "No" on the first bill must be immense. Yesterday, a group of 20 or so Oklahoma millionaires/billionaires issued a joint statement calling on the holdouts to "do the right thing." Since money is the "mother's milk of politics," and since these are the people who control the majority of the so-called contributions to political campaigns, it will take a truly principled politician of the caliber of Ron Paul to stand up against them. I'll be surprised if any Oklahoma reps are left standing. Only those with close races will be allowed to keep their "no" votes so they don't jeopardize their elections.

Many have alleged world domination and control by "international bankers" over the years.If we knew who the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are, I'm sure we'd see Goldman Sachs and their cronies right in the middle of it. Conspiracy or not, events are happening as if there is.

Paul O'Neil, Bush's first Treasury Secretary, calls Paulson's Fat Cat Bailout "crazy." He has some sound ideas for a solution, but can't even get his calls returned by Congressional leaders. O'Neill and many others have lots of sound ideas to help mitigate the crisis that will not create a financial dictator and pay off Paulson's friends. But those are NOT the ideas being proposed by Congress.

Bob Chapman warns the bailout won't work, and "the system will implode." He makes a good case that the 777 point drop in the Dow after the first bill was defeated Monday was the Plunge Protection Team's way of scaring the people into lowering their opposition.

Catherine Austin Fitts gives "Ten Reasons Not to Bail Out Wall Street."

Even George Soros is against the bailout. He says it is "ill-conceived."

And John McCain "always aspires . . . to be a dictator." Oh, it was a joke? He wasn't laughing. What do you think?

And did you know that while the magicians in Congress were distracting the people with this misdirection, they slipped through a mere $488 billion spending bill to continue funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Never mind the British have pulled out of Iraq and think Afghanistan is a lost cause.

If you are so inclined to look at prophecies that result from prayer, you might want to look at this one. I don't know him, but I wouldn't find any of these things surprising, if they happen soon. I'm not saying they will, but I wouldn't be surprised. I just started subscribing to the weekly newsletter ( based on the web bot intelligence gathering software described in this prophecy. They're projecting a shock and awe event like 9/11 to happen around October 7. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm topping off my gas tanks, getting some cash, beans and rice, basic supplies, etc. Can't hurt to be prepared to ride out a disruption. Jim Sinclair just recommended the same.


Keith Davenport said...

The President of the “Untied States” went before the cameras again this morning with another message of impending gloom and doom, but what was he really saying?

I’ve often been referred to as a prognosticator of fear. The politically correct term is “fear monger”. That’s a term that has become appropriate for anyone who is bold enough to disperse an unpopular truth. Here’s one stark difference… we stand to gain nothing by our words, while people like the President stand to gain access to tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers money as well as unfettered power and other resources.

So, who has the most to gain by so called “fear mongering”?

That’s not really the point of this editorial. Instead of placing the blame for the calamity exactly where it belongs, I’m going to present an alternative to the Bush gang’s plan.

It seems to me that to throw money at the financial crisis does nothing more than exacerbate the issue. It’s like throwing fuel on a gasoline fire.

With that being said, let’s think this thing through. Hmmm… now that’s a novel idea.

Here’s the President’s plan… to give him and his cronies access to what will likely amount to closer to $2 trillion of taxpayers' money with no strings attached. How they intend to use the money to “bail” the citizens out is not clear, to be sure.

So, instead of giving the money to the Bush gang, what about taking the same money and incrementally disbursing it, with pre-determined guidelines, to the consumers who are defaulting on their loans. The money would be disbursed as part of a voucher program. The vouchers would be made payable to their particular mortgage company to help them get caught up on their mortgages.

First, with just this simple idea, who would benefit? Everyone. The consumer would be relieved of the financial stress of being behind on their mortgages; it would increase consumer confidence and the mortgage companies would receive their money. Everyone would gain.

With this plan, I would also suggest that the consumer be required to attend classes of some sort on the topic of money management. Hmmm… that’s one that maybe the government should be required to take as well….

Here’s another idea that would send a message to the consumer concerning the sincerity of the politicians; take a cut in pay.

Does it make sense to anyone that our country’s leaders should continue to profit while its citizens are facing the worst financial decline in recent memory? President Bush is the first president to receive an annual salary of $400,000 per year. Before he became President, the leader of the Bush gang strong-armed, I mean lobbied Congress to double the annual salary of the President.

That’s not all! The United States Congress continues to receive a periodic cost of living increase while our salaries are decreasing and the cost to live is increasing. What’s wrong with that picture? Plenty! For those of you who don’t know what goes on behind the scenes in Congress, there is no shortage of special interest groups, PAC’s and fat cats who are willing to grease the pockets of any legislator who will swing a favor (I mean vote) in their direction. If you think that members of Congress are struggling to get by on nearly $200,000 per year you may want to get checked for the onset of senility.

Anyway, each member of the congressional delegation could send a powerful message that they really are interested in country first, by forgoing a portion of their salary; at least until the Untied States budget comes out of a deficit. They haven’t earned their pay until they stop costing us money. These ideas should be enough to get them started. The real point is there are real alternatives to the stick-em-up posturing of the Bush gang.

Superb Jon said...

Dude, you need be knowing how this bail out is becoming international and the way the global conspiracy is getting one world governement through one world banking. What we gots to be doing is throw out anyone who visits the same foreign country more than once or who don't speak English at home. Andrew Jackson was right to shut down the central bank. We need to shut down the borders, shut down the air waves and internet and trade and immigration and usury banking and be American first and only again.