Monday, October 6, 2008

The Crisis Continues

It is apparent that the PTB will be using the fear and confusion resulting from continuing crises to seize more and more power. The orchestration of fear ("shock and awe") following last Monday's vote down of the first bailout plan is a prime example. The articles on Mindwars in the October 5 post explain this method clearly.

Banking expert Joan Veon maintains that the power seizure in response to the credit crisis is the last remaining piece to put in place before the United States yields its sovereignty to "a global regulatory system to merge our banking, insurance, and stock market and commodity industries to that of the other countries of the world." It is a major theft and fleecing of America. Soon the Fed may own substantial portions of states and corporations.

Both Obama and McCain are solidly in the pockets of their puppet masters. Republicans should be used to blindly sacrificing their principles to support their President or candidate. Those Democrats, who are in a religious fervor believing Obama will be different, will have their wake up call soon enough. A little research will show that he is just another empty-suited political whore, every bit as much as McCain. Sorry to dash your hopes. (Predictably, most Obama True Believers either won't do the research or discount anything they find -- just like the so-called "principled conservatives" did with Bush.)

Since Obama is probably going to win the election -- barring an "October Surprise" (likely) or more GOP vote fraud (likely) -- here are some "interesting" Obama videos: The Original Kids for Obama, An Interpretation, Another Interpretation, Another, Another, and finally, this. Sorry if you think this is unfair. And don't miss this one. Open your eyes, please.

In light of the above, remember that Obama is continually reminding his audiences that he's going to be calling on all of us to sacrifice for the greater good. Berit Kjos calls it "Training a Socialist Army of World Servers." Read it for a blueprint of what the US will look like with Obama acting as our Great Leader and Savior. Check out footnotes, too.

I've written before about Obama's call for a Stasi-like "national civilian police force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the military! He also wants to double the size of the Peace Corps and quadruple the size of AmeriCorps. A few days ago he was offering to trade a college education for public service. In Great Depression II, many people will buy into these programs just to get a job and health benefits (like the TSA?)

Might be a good time to order and read The Rise of the Fourth Reich.

Here's a long list of current warnings of the incoming police state. Check it out if you think I'm being unnecessarily alarmist. A coup has taken place. Our democratic republican form of government is doomed.

Paul Craig Roberts' excellent article points out that the good news about this financial crisis is that it will bring an end to the American empire and necocon supremacy. The bad news is that the coming collapse of the dollar will remove it as the world's reserve currency, leaving us with much lower living standards.

How interesting it is to see Ron Paul interviewed on all the cable news networks to get his views on the economy. Now that he has been ignored to the point that he couldn't get a real shot at the Presidency, they're fascinated by his views on the financial meltdown. Among other things, Paul calls this a massive tax increase.
The US market was down at one time today almost 800 points. Euro stocks in the biggest fall since 1987 and are "falling into the abyss." Tomorrow ought to be the big slam.

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D. Frank said...

Good points. Well taken. I wish I could find something to argue about so keep going. I may find something yet.

Just a reminder: hoard cash, get all your medicines (pharmacies can close just like banks and they have no way to print medicine), then stock up on groceries. We may have a sharp sudden crises. If you're stacked up you're less likely to panic.