Saturday, October 4, 2008

MUST READ!! We Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet!

Just before I was to post what follows below, I got this interview done Oct. 4. Listen. It fits with everything I'm picking up. Do what you can Sunday and Monday to prepare. It's hitting the fan, folks! God help us!

Billionaire Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen got his Fat Cat Bailout for his Wall Street bankster friends. The cost of bailouts so far is up to $1.8 Trillion! Rep. Brad Sherman reported that Congressmen were warned that the consequences of not passing the bill would be dire, including the imposition of martial law. I saw many commonsense, less draconian measures that could have helped. They were all ignored in favor of the pork-laden mess we got.

Paulsen has been given the powers of a financial dictator, making our government more overtly fascist than before. He will have the power to choose who lives financially and who dies. (Hint: Goldman Sachs, the former employer of Paulsen and Robert Reich, Treasury Secretary under Clinton, will live.) Moreover, the entitlement guillotine blade of unfunded liabilities in the range of $70-100 Trillion will start its deadly fall as more Baby Boomers reach retirement age. That event is the ultimate limit to the US economy as we know it, and to the legitimacy of the American government.

Nevertheless, the financial tsunami "perfect storm" is gaining intensity. One interesting analysis compares this crisis to a "pre-planned . . . financial 9-11." I expect the end to come before then.

One of the hidden provisions in the final bill is one giving the IRS expanded powers to run undercover operations to force compliance. This is just another tool of social control like the Patriot Acts, Military Commissions Act, REAL ID, etc. whose unstated purpose is to control Americans and suppress opposition to the government.

The financial bubble, which began with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank 95 years ago, is bursting in spectacular fashion. The age of American supremacy is over. Most Americans just don't realize it yet. But the rest of the world does. Since the US Dollar is the world's reserve currency, and since all the bailouts (many more coming) will destroy the value of the dollar, there's lots of talk about designating a new world reserve currency.

My prediction that the dollar will be toast by 2013 (100th anniversary of the Fed) will probably prove to be conservative. The US seems destined to follow in the steps of the Weimar Republic. Sadly, the PTB will probably get us into another world war to cover their tracks and misdirect the blame for our woes.

I'm getting lots of emails from people who advocate voting against every Congress Critter who voted for the bailout. This video points out that many Senators received huge contributions from Goldman Sachs and commercial banks, including McBama Ocain. The only way we can hold our elected representatives accountable when they vote against the will of the people they're supposed to represent, is to vote them out. Regardless of party. I agree. Here's the roll call vote record. Spread the word.

Lately I've become intrigued with the Urban Survival web site. Not only am I checking the news section of their site daily, but I've subscribed to their newsletter at Here's a fascinating interview with their software developer, Cliff High. You can download an mp3 file, or read the transcript.

I find the idea of advanced linguistic analysis performed on data compiled a web bot to make forecasts from "the future leaking into the present" fascinating. Evidently, he's had some incredible predictive success. For more than a year his work has been forecasting a major event around October 7. This dovetails with lots of buzz about possible bank closings, terrorist attacks, etc. I hope he's wrong, but I'm acting as if he's not.

Monday, I repeat, Monday, it would be prudent to get a month's worth of cash, extra basic foodstuffs, batteries, water, fill your gas tank, etc. When I was a Boy Scout, our motto was "Be Prepared." Still good advice.

Grace and Peace and Courage be with you!


Anonymous said...

I think you got your day wrong. September 7th has already come and gone. Do you mean October 7th?

Porter Davis said...

Yes, of course, October 7th. Thanks!