Sunday, October 5, 2008

Critical Update

If you haven't read my Oct. 4 post, do it now. Some people are having trouble accessing the audio download in the first paragraph. As of the moment, I am still able to download it.

Watch this interview from Oct. 4 with Naomi Wolf who wrote the book and article on the 10 steps to a police state, and how to fight back. We are well on the way to the police state. She is "scared to death." So am I. The coup to steal America went into high gear last week with the passage of the bailout bill. The Treasury has been set up as a fourth branch of government, unaccountable for its actions.

These two articles, Mindwars and Mindwars 2, explain how the mass public has been brainwashed to follow the leader. The trauma of 9-11 is the prime example. If you understand that the official story is a total sham, this will explain to you how the manipulation was done.

Fear is the doorway they use to hack your mind. Fear was used to ram through the Patriot Act and justify the invasion of Afghanistan, that was already planned and in process before 9-11. Fear was used to sell the Iraq War. Fear was used to re-elect Bush, as the terror threat levels were constantly being lowered and raised leading up to the 2004 elections. Fear was used to ram through the Fat Cat Bailout.

If you still believe the official story, then please, try to work your way through these articles. Understand how your mind and emotions have been manipulated. Go through the mental and emotional pain to consider seriously what you heretofore have considered so evil as to be unthinkable. Not only is it thinkable, they have done it. Several links on the right side of the blog will take you to sources that debunk the official conspiracy theory, IF you are able to ignore the official explanations and think for yourself.

If you still believe the official story, you are believing a lie, pure and simple. If you smugly deny what I am saying and reject it as a "conspiracy theory," then you are behaving as you have been programmed.

If you are not curious enough to investigate what I am saying, then you have no excuse to claim you didn't know when it becomes obvious for all to see. Moreover, you will not be able to evade your responsibility for helping to support the lie any more than the ordinary German people can evade their shared responsibility for Hitler.

Remember, Nazi Germany arose in the midst of one of the most highly educated, industrialized, and Christian nations in history. Most those good German Lutherans gave Hitler their whole-hearted support. They had no idea of his ultimate goals, but rationalized everything in terms of what was necessary to promote and protect their Homeland from internal and external threats ("terrorism").

In this age of sophisticated advertising, television and mass media, the job of manipulating the populace is so much more advanced, subtle and easy. The fact that you might reject all I am saying and think that you are somehow above it all is incredibly naive. As Christ told the Believers of His day, "even the elect will be deceived." At the risk of sounding ridiculously tautological, deception is not deception unless someone is unknowingly deceived. That's why the Truth will set us free from deception. But first, we must be willing to face the truth.

This is a good time to watch again (or for the first time) "The Matrix" (original) and "V is for Vendetta" to help understand the mental chains that restrain us all to some extent. "V" also shows how false flag terrorist operations can be used to frighten and subdue the populace.

There's a good chance that the Internet will come under severe restrictions in the near future. Alex Jones and others have posted stories about an Internet II which will correct the "deficiencies" of the current Internet. "Corrections" will limit free access to web sites. This could also be justified in reaction to crisis to limit "destructive rumors."

Remember this: the Internet was one of the major tools used by the people to defeat the first version of the bailout bill. The last thing our rulers want is for the people to have free access to uncensored information and the ability to communicate freely on a mass scale. Limiting access to communication and information is one of the ten steps to a police state mentioned by Naomi Wolf.

Because things are happening so fast, I may not send an email announcement of every post. So check back to the blog now and then just to see if I posted anything.

Instead of spending so much time crafting a post with lots of links, I may be firing one out with one or two with important updates and more of my synthesizing thoughts. People are starting to send me things to share, like I have in this post. So feel free to do so, but don't be mad if I don't use everything. My time is limited.

We need to hold our nation up in prayer. The times are dire. We need to pray for discernment to see through the wolves dressed in the same clothing as the sheep from our own flock ("conservative," "liberal," etc.) We need to pray for the courage to make preparations and to speak truth to power. We are on the cusp of losing all our forebearers fought and sacrificed for, and far too many people don't even have a clue what the real game is. The elections are a dog and pony show.

I hope those of you who visit this site find it worth your while.

Grace and Peace and Courage be with you!



Tom said...

The problem with conspiracy theories is that they cannot be disproved in the minds of those who hold them. Any evidence to the contrary is just claimed to be part of the conspiracy.

Porter Davis said...

Why, of course, Tom. There are no conspiracies. Throughout time, everyone who has wanted to do some kind of evil has always disclosed their plans and announced their actions for all to see. How could I have ever thought anything was ever done in secret? Why, Webster must have invented the word "conspiracy" to describe a fictitious situation. How foolish of him and me to think that such a thing as "conspiracies" ever existed.