Monday, June 9, 2008

Totalitarian Republican Convention in Minnesota

Here's a report on last weekend's state Republican convention in Minnesota. Just as they did in Oklahoma, the Minnesota GOP "leadership" railroaded the convention. Not only did they cancel the meeting room for Ron Paul to address the convention, but they controlled the convention agenda so tightly that hardly a peep was heard from Ron Paul or his supporters.

The last thing the GOP wants is to be reminded of how far they've strayed from their heritage of Constitutionally limited government. The Neocon mentality has taken hold in most all the party "leaders."

If you still have any illusions about the GOP being a party of the grassroots dedicated to the ideals of individual liberty, it is time to abandon them. The GOP has become a party of hypocrites, buttressed by the hollow rhetoric of liberty. I've known some of the party leaders when they were more dedicated to liberty. It is sad to see how they've abandoned their principles out of dedication to Party.

See the report here:


axxiom said...

As a newly active Republican I appreciate your insight.

So, let me ask you this. If the Republican Party is no longer "of" the "grassroots dedicated to the ideals of individual liberty"

Then does that mean the Republican Party itself has been altered beyond repair?

I’m thinking it might be time I stretch beyond my tendency to embrace a fatal optimism. At this point it may be necessary to sacrifice a little of my sunshine in exchange for more utility.

It is impossible for me to define what exactly is ailing the GOP but I am beginning to chart the symptoms. The most obvious of which is malnutrition which would roughly translate to hypocricy in a political sense.

Then I wonder, does the GOP refuse nutrition due to an inherent malfunction or is it possible that the subject is being starved?

Which brings to mind another question in regards to a strange experience of mine.
Why would a group of Republicans gather for the stated purpose of political participation without any requisite of religion see fit to solicit freely for John Hagee who represents a very narrow dogma found within the wide range of Christianity ?

Care to take a stab at any of these for me?

Porter Davis said...


The best explanation I have for the first part of your question was stated by Lord Acton when he said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." You see this repeated over and over again in politics. When the party that is "out" gets in, they practice corruption as easily as their predecessors (though it may take them a while to become as adept at it!)

In the GOP's case, they've spent almost 8 years defending and rationalizing the actions of the worst President in my lifetime. They used to criticize "yellow dog" Democrats who would vote for a yellow dog if it was a Democrat. Now the GOP will do the same thing for a Republican. Principle has been sacrificed for the sake of Party. So sad.