Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ron Paul -- The Revolution Continues

In case you haven’t heard yet, Congressman Ron Paul has shut down his Presidential campaign and started a new organization, the Campaign for Liberty. Though he received over 1.1 million votes, raised almost $20 million and has 46 delegates to the GOP National Convention, he has no hope of the GOP giving him a platform to promote his Constitutional views.

Instead, he’s planning an alternate convention with a rally in Minneapolis on September 2. He’s inviting all interested supporters to show up and rally for the cause of freedom.

In his announcement for the Campaign for Liberty, he encouraged his supporters to gear up for the long haul to return the GOP to its roots in Constitutionally limited government. He urged them to continue their grassroots “fourth generation” warfare to take back the party from the NeoCon currently in control. The new group will be supporting candidates, lobbying, and engaging in educational efforts. He’s like the “Swamp Fox against the GOP Tories and redcoats all over again.

Dr. Paul’s announcement is well worth spending 9 ½ minutes watching. He says “we will never give up, never give in” as encouragement to the thousands of people who rallied to his message of liberty. The most encouraging thing is that so many who joined the Ron Paul Revolution are under 30 years of age. Many are home schoolers who have escaped the government brainwashing mills. Maybe freedom has a future in America!

Ron is very specific in the areas we need to change our policies: foreign, monetary, domestic and taxation. We’ve got to deal with the impending bankruptcy of the US, runaway deficits and inflation, and the loss of our civil liberties. Above all, we must restore the respect for the rule of law and demand that our politicians start obeying the Constitution.

Almost 90% of Americans sense that our system is broken. While this is a dangerous situation, it also provides us with great opportunity. It is time to get to work educating families, friends and ourselves.

A great place to start is Paul’s new book, Revolution: A Manifesto, a powerful primer on the principles of liberty. It’s a refreshing, hopeful way to think about politics. It is still ranked No. 10 on the New York Times bestseller list. If you're puzzled about all the enthusiasm for Ron Paul, you need to read it. If you think you don't like what he stands for, but can't explain why concisely, you also need to read the book. You might be surprised what you find.

You might want to watch his recent interview on CNN. His straight forward, principled way of speaking is refreshing amidst all the spinning politicians out there.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Paul's speech in Houston made the exhausting convention completely worth it. I do have to commend all those Texas Patriots that stuck that whole Painapolooza out-they showed class and perserverance.

The thing about Ron Paul's message that struck me most was that he was glad to put the campaign aside because it was keeping him from the level of involvement he wanted with the growing numbers of Americans on fire to reclaim the Constitution for their country. He seemed impressed with the momentum and seeing that this is what he has been hoping for for many, many years, he wants to be where he can do the most good.

I am absolutely re-energized.