Friday, June 20, 2008

Saturday Round Up

There are so many things whizzing past my eyes that need to be shared. Here are a few important ones:

Barack Obama and "Change?" The more things change, the more they stay the same. Obama released the names of his Foreign Policy Advisory Panel. We see the cream of the crop of the globalist Carter-Clinton CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateral gang. Madeline Albright found it "acceptable" that 500,000 Iraqi children and old people died as a result of Clinton's blockade in the 1990's. Tim Roemer and Lee Hamilton participated in the 9/11 Commission Cover-Up. David Boren, ex-head of the Senate Intelligence Commitee, was eating breakfast in Washington, DC with his protege, CIA Director George Tenet, when the 9/11 attacks were announced.

Ralph Nader says "It is quite clear [Obama] is a corporate candidate from A to Z." But who listens to Ralph any more? Indeed, who has the opportunity? The corporate lap dog media has ignored him just like they ignored Ron Paul, except to make an occasional joke at their expense. Guess who the joke is on, folks?

The FLDS Raid and the NAFTA Super Highway. Devvy Kidd speculates that the real reason for the Texas Child Protective (sic) Services raid on the FLDS compound at their Yearning for Zion Ranch was not about child welfare or polygamy at all. It just so happens that their 1700 acre ranch is on the route of the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor that is an integral part of the new globalist North American Union to merge Mexico and Canada in an EU-like regional government with the US. Oklahoma's Amanda Teegarden of OK-Safe did the research on this. If you wonder what all the hoopla is about, watch this 10-minute video on the Trans-Texas Corridor.

"Why the Oil Price Is High." The always perceptive Paul Craig Roberts fingers the two major suspects -- weakness in the US Dollar and the Federal Reserve's inflation-creating money pumping. Actually that latter causes the former. Just as the Fed created the money the made the and real estate bubbles, the Fed's money creation is funneling all that extra cash into commodities as the hedge funds scramble for more profits and ordinary people try to protect their savings. Add a little extra for the uncertainty caused by saber-rattling against Iran (and recent simulated Iranian bombing missions by the Israelis), and you get record high prices. Who remembers that before Bush invaded Iraq five years ago oil was just $27 a barrel? And gold was priced at a mere $330 per ounce? Any realtionship to Bush's war? Nah. Just move on along folks . . . . Nothing to see here.

And finally, Justin Raimondo discusses the unholy alliance of the Demopublicans in The Welfare-Warfare State: How it works. All those folks who gave the Democrats an electoral mandate in 2006 to end the Iraq war shouldn't be puzzeled by the Democrats' failure to carry out that mandate. They're part of the War Party as I discussed a few days ago in "The Two Party Charade Continues." In exchange for some paltry funding for some social programs, the Dems gave Bush all the funding he wanted AND increased his autonomy to wage war in the Middle East. Listening to my liberal-progressive friends rationalize the betrayals of their party leadership shows how easy it is for the masters who run both the War Party plantations to keep their servile subjects in line.

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