Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ruling Class vs. the Working Class

The Liberty Movement faces numerous obstacles in restoring the freedom envisioned by our Founders. Piercing the fog of propaganda, disinformation and lack of understanding of basic principles is not easy. The masses are easily manipulated by the Mainstream Media using well-tested buzzwords. The unfocused anger of much of the Tea Party movement is a case in point.

So we have to figure out how to get through to people. How can we create an opening to communicate our message quickly and effectively? How do we get agreement up front so that we have permission emotionally and intellectually to persuade them to the side of Liberty, and all that entails?

A big part of the answer is to re-define political reality, to change the paradigm and terms of discussion. Whoever defines the terms of the debate controls the debate.
Increasing numbers of people are realizing that the left-right paradigm is a trap, designed more to obfuscate and confuse, rather than explain political reality. The Elites have skillfully supported this illusion making the contradictory liberal and conservative positions into seeming polar opposites while hiding their own existence and role in public affairs. Yet year after year, decade after decade, the trend is toward ever larger, more expensive, more intrusive government, regardless of which party is in power. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama is a continuous trend in the wrong direction. They're all puppet Presidents working for the same Elites.

I've lately become convinced we can easily change the way we talk so we can change the paradigm.

Surprisingly, we need to start using the terms of class analysis. Just as it worked for Karl Marx, it can work for true American patriots! We just need to use terms that apply to our situation.

We need to start speaking in terms of the Elite vs. the People or Power vs. Liberty. For the elite, we can use the terms elite, ruling class, political class, rulers, parasites, etc. For the people, we can use terms like Workers, working people, country class, etc.

I tried it out recently while checking out at an ice cream store. I commented on a closed credit card swiping machine. The clerk, in his 40s, said it was also used for food stamp cards. I guess the 40 million people (grasp that number) who get food stamps, actually get what looks like a credit card. I asked how much they get, and he said $500 a month! Grasp that!. Then he said, "It makes me wonder about the 2 jobs I hold and the 65 hours a week I work." I said, it makes you wonder who the Elites are and why the Workers put up with it. He said, "Sure does." Straight, simple communication. My wife and I had a discussion about the word "entitlements" as in "entitlement programs" on the way home. ("Entitlements?" Who is entitled and why? And who pays?)

Folks, the Elites are parasites, who think they're better than us stupid rubes who believe in the Constitutional foundations of this country. Whether they are at the top of the CorpGov food chain as politicians or CEOs, or their minions administering the various bureaucracies, or the "entitlement" recipients, they're all parasites.

The Workers are the tax-slaves supporting the whole system. I'm starting to see these themes appearing in all kinds of publications. We need to help clarify the situation for the Workers. Once increasing numbers of Workers begin to think about who the Elites are, and how they control the Workers, the sea change will happen. Then we can start offering solutions.

Below are some clear articles that will help you make the change yourself. Digest them and start using these terms as you go about your business. Be ready for some amazing results. According to these articles, over two-thirds of the country is still not part of the Elite Class. There are more of Us than there are of Them. So what's wrong with this picture? As Karl Marx said so effectively 160 years ago: "Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!"

And if you haven't read Atlas Shrugged ever, or even lately, get a copy. Ayn Rand draws clear distinctions between the men and women who work, invent, create businesses and earn an honest living and the Looters and Moochers who practice the "politics of pull."


Bob Donohoo said...

I agree! I like the language of "the few against the many" ... people seem to get it.

Anonymous said...

Franz Oppenheimer (1864-1943): the political means vs. the economic means of acquiring wealth (1922)

"There are two fundamentally opposed means whereby man, requiring sustenance, is impelled to obtain the necessary means for satisfying his desires.

These are work and robbery, oneʼs own labor and the forcible appropriation of the labor of others.

Robbery! Forcible appropriation! These words convey to us ideas of crime and the penitentiary, since we are the contemporaries of a developed civilization, specifically based on the inviolability of property.

And this language is not lost when we are convinced that land and sea robbery is the primitive relation of life, just as the warriorsʼ trade — which also for a long time is only organized mass robbery—constitutes the most respected of occupations.

Both because of this, and also on account of the need of having, in the further development of this study, terse, clear, sharply opposing terms for these very important contrasts, I propose in the following discussion to call oneʼs own labor and the equivalent exchange of oneʼs own labor for the labor of others, the “economic means” for the satisfaction of needs, while the unrequited appropriation of the labor of others will be called the “political means.”

[Source: Franz Oppenheimer, The State: Its History and Development viewed Sociologically, authorized
translation by John M. Gitterman (New York: B.W. Huebsch, 1922)