Friday, August 20, 2010

Bombshell: Barack Obama Conclusively Outed as CIA Creation

Ex-CIA Presidential-briefer Wayne Madsen has done what the MainStreamMedia should have done no later than the 2008 Presidential primaries. He has done the research to vet Barry Soetoro, aka Barack H. Obama. This report lays it all out. I had heard many of these things before, but now Madsen has organized the information with the skill of an experienced geopolitical researcher. (Madsen's expose about Obama and Rahm Emmanuel being lifetime members of a ritzy Chicago gay bath house was just a warm-up for the main event.)

In short, Soetoro is a CIA creation, a Manchurian Candidate in full service to the Globalist Ruling Class. He has betrayed his liberal constituency in favor of the Ruling Class. Liberals have been every bit as duped by Soetoro as Conservatives were by George Bush II. As I predicted in November of 2008 after his election, Obama has become Bush on steroids. The change he promised was more of the awful things Bush did -- expanded imperial wars, record deficits, expanded surveillance state, dictatorial Presidency, trashing the Constitution, providing military cover for Israel, etc.

Moreover, most everything Soetoro-Obama is doing is NOT designed to try to help America recover economically and restore us to health. In accordance with his Marxist ideological background (along with his CIA roots), he is doing his dead level best to DESTROY America irreparably. This is the Cloward-Piven Strategy. He is in the employ of those who would bring us a New World Order.This cannot help his cratering Presidency. The only things that can save him is war and/or drawing Sarah Palin as his opponent in 2012.

I hope none of this sounds at all outlandish to you. If it does, you are consuming too much MSM. You're stuck in the Matrix. Do the research. Far too many Americans are in complete denial about what deep s**t we're in. There is no easy way out, nor easy way through this. We are on the way to social and economic breakdown.

The US Government is bankrupt. Adding unfunded liabilities for things like Social Security, Medicare, and pensions, total debt is over $100 Trillion! That is an unfathomable number. There is NO WAY that money will ever be repaid, nor be there with any kind of value when the obligations need to be paid. The dollar fiat currency will be inflated away as was the German Mark after WWI and Zimbabwe's currency now. It now takes almost $1300 USD to buy the same ounce of real money -- gold -- that $300 bought just ten years ago. The dollar is worth 4% of what it was with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914. I still predict the death of the dollar by 2014.  An inflationary depression followed by a purging is inevitable.

All the western welfare state economies are chained together in a fiat money orgy tied to the soon-to-be-defunct US dollar. The dollar is ripe for a drastic devaluation that will drive up the cost of all those imported goods from China, just at the time when real unemployment is nearing 25%. (Oh, did the MSM Pravda tell you otherwise?) Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says that "Time is Running Out for the West," as the debt crisis is spiraling out of control faster than anyone thought. Need more evidence? Read 40 Horrifying Statistics About the Collapse of the US Economy.

(Incidentally, if you're finally getting around to doing something to protect your remaining assets with precious metals like gold and silver, stay away from your broker's recommendation to buy ETFs. They are a derivative financial asset, not the real thing -- a "golden shell game." They are not redeemable for metals, and when you want the metals, you'll have to sell the paper and see if you can get the metals. If you plan to park your money in cash, remember that gold and silver in your possession is the only real cash that is not someone else's debt.

And the states are little better off, and only getting worse. I'm sure you've all seen the stories.

So things are coming to a head this fall. Whether the Ruling Class follows through on taking us to war with Iran is still an open question. If they do, we will surely suffer horrible unintended consequences. They'll probably use some kind of false flag operation on US soil to shock and awe the brain-dead majority into following Der Furhrer into another great war against the "evil Islamofascists." It worked so well with Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, why not Iran? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Americans even now seem ready to throw away their blood and treasure for the new Boogie Man.

A false flag terrorist event will lead to military control over the country. That's what happens in wartime, remember? Especially if we're attacked again at home. Military control means martial law, the end of the free internet, round up of "suspected or potential domestic terrorists," siezure of the economy, etc.

If we somehow dodge this bullet, we still face breakdown at home. Paul Craig Roberts has created quite a stir with his recent articles: The Ecstasy of Empire (why the American Empire will end) and The Year America Dissolved (2017 - into distopian clan warfare). Chuck Baldwin warns America Faces Social Breakdown. Everything the Communists said we needed to do to collapse, so they could "bury us," has happened. We are rapidily becoming Soviet Amerika. The only thing not fulfilled is taking away our guns. And don't think they don't have plans for that.

Meanwhile, Obama and his cohorts (who will be quick to tell you how much compassion they have for the downtrodden little people), are living high on the hog in ways that would even make George Bush blush! Instead of setting an example of frugality and sacrifice to match that of their economically suffering countrymen, they are instead living like kings. Indeed, Michelle's recent trip on Air Force Two with 40 of her closest friends to cavort on the Spanish coast got her dubbed "Material Girl" by the NY Daily News.

I can't help but think that forcing the people into some kind of wide-spread civil unrest and even armed revolt is part of what they have planned for us. I certainly hope not.

My preference is more along the lines of that old slogan during the Viet Nam War: "What if they gave a war and no one came?" My hope would be that people will wake up to the reality of what the Ruling Class is up to, and what they're doing to us, and engage in massive non-compliance. Stop playing the game. Stop paying taxes, even stop voting. Stop being willing victims.

What do you think?

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