Friday, September 25, 2009

Will You Let the New World Order Enslave Your Children?

During the 40 years I've been studying the way the world works, I've mostly avoided speculations about the "New World Order" as somehow not that important. The NWO was not something that I needed to be too worried about. After all, I lived in America, and Americans had a fierce history of freedom, were the dominant world power, and would always be free.

How wrong I was!

Headlines about this week's G-20 meeting are all about "New World Economic Order Takes Shape at G-20." Is this something you and I should be concerned about? You bet! Here's just small sampling of what they have in mind.

The more I read, observe and connect the dots, the more I see that those working to bring about the NWO have dedicated countless $billions over the last 200+ years in a patient plan to rule the world. If you are not already tuned in to this idea, then you had better wake up quick. The NWO means the end of freedom as we remember it in the US. What they have in mind is a new feudalism, with about 1/8 of the current world population.

You may be thinking that concern about the NWO smacks of "conspiracy theories," and any intelligent person know there are no such things. Where did you get this idea? You learned it in the public schools, reinforced by the MSM. If you believe your Masters, you deserve to be a slave!

If you disagree with me, then you owe it to yourself to do the research. While the internet is still relatively uncensored and our speech is still mostly free, you had better do the work. The same forces are at work to greatly limit our ability to share this information. Internet freedom is doomed if the PTB has their way.

I'm going to give you a bottom line that came to me with great clarity while I was awakening recently: The major impediment to implementing a global dictatorship right now is the American people. The NWO conspirators need to eliminate that obstacle, and will do it with war, poverty, pandemic, starvation, inflation and whatever else they need to use.

Despite the massive dumbing down process in the government schools over the last several generations, the mind-numbing TV mass culture, the de-industrialization and destruction of our economy, and all the rest of the debilitating influences afflicting us, we are still armed and cherish our freedom. Most Americans will not go meekly into slavery.

As the conspirators' plans become more clear, the American giant, though weakened, is awakening. We have seen it in the run on guns and ammo since last fall, even before Obama was elected. We've seen it in the massive outpouring of support for Ron Paul's Presidential campaign. We've seen it in the End the Fed Rallies, the Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings. We've seen it in the rise of organizations like Oathkeepers and de-centralized groups like We Are Change and 9-12. We've seen it in the exploding number of blogs like mine and radio shows like Alex Jones. The Giant is awakening.

And that is problematic for the NWO conspirators, the Global Elite as I have referred to them. Though they have patiently worked their plan though the 20th century, their efforts for what they now call "global governance" are rapidly coming to a climax. But they can't do it without destroying America as a world power.

When I refer to America as a "world power" I'm not referring to the American Empire. The American Empire is dying from overreach and bankruptcy. No, America is a world power because of the ideas and ideals of the American Revolution of 1776. The spirit of Liberty, of teeming masses yearning to be free, seeking a better life for oneself and generations to come is the real source of American Power.

It is the power of freedom embodied in the Spirit of America that the Global Elite must destroy. They've tried to use the American Empire to destroy the idea of freedom. But that only goes so far. What they must destroy is the American people, specifically all those who still hold onto the American Ideal. That is their Final Solution.

The Final Solution for America is why those who could best be called American Patriots have been demonized as potential terrorists by the Department of Homeland Security and all its affiliates. American Patriots are the heart of the stumbling block for the NWO. American Patriots love the idea of American liberty and have grown up ready to die to protect and defend it for future generations. American Patriots are the Enemy of the NWO.

The Final Solution appears to be at the heart of the H1N1 scare and the push to vaccinate as much of the population as possible. All vaccines are dangerous, and the various vaccines being developed with their dangerous components, could very easily create the deadly pandemic they are purported to prevent. After all, dead or disabled American Patriots (and those caring for them) are no threat at all to the NWO.

I've reported previously on the dangers of the vaccines, and more is pouring out as resistance groups and websites are springing up everywhere. School children captive to the government schools, young children and pregnant mothers are in the crosshairs. So are health workers, military and law enforcement personnel who will be needed to help deal with the coming civil unrest.

So do the research now if you haven't. Previous articles have provided numerous links to help you get started. Warn your family and friends, though I've found that if you're aware, you've already been labeled a kook by the unthinking, government-trusting masses.

Yep, we American Patriots can't count on the masses on this one. The welfarized and government-bureaucratized folks are already chopping their share of cotton on the NWO plantation. Too many of them are literally fat, dumb and happy.

But there is still a somewhat fertile middle ground out there, where all political campaigns are won or lost.

These are the decent, hard-working, tax-paying folks who just haven't been paying much attention to the larger picture due to any number of reasons associated with making a living and raising families. These are the folks who still love America, but have a hard time grasping that the America they love has become the evil American Empire in service to the NWO. They can't believe that Americans would kill Americans in false flag operations like 9-11 to stampede Americans into supporting invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. They can't believe that politicians would actually support policies that they know will destroy American freedom. They can't believe that our government would actually force deadly vaccines on them and their children in an effort to kill or cripple them.

These are the people that are starting to wake up. We must do all we can to help them do just that. The time is growing short. This autumn promises to be as crazy the autumns of 2001 and 2008 combined.

I fully expect another false flag event of some kind in an effort to snuff out all the patriot movements and activities. All the hints are being dropped by the media daily attempting to demonize American Patriots who they call "right-wingers." We had best be prepared.


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This is an excellent 5-part series on the Global Elite from Global Research. Grasp this, and you'll not need to read many history books:

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Finally, two of the best books I've read recently on the subject are G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and Jim Marrs' "The Rise of the Fourth Reich." See our new FreeOklahoma store.

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