Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Pot is Coming to a Boil

The Dog Poet has written an excellent post on why we should expect multiple crises to ramp up exponentially Any Day Now. I couldn't agree more. Highly recommended. The Global Elite is in trouble. More and more people are waking up, and they have to do something to put a stop to it.
For all you people who think electing Obama will solve all your problems, you'll love this new video, "The Government Can." For the rest of us realists, we'll be laughing out loud. BHO's credibility continues to dissolve as shown in the 7 Big Lies in his recent Health Care Speech. More on collapsing government credibility below.
As more news comes in, my sense on the Swine Flu scare right now is that the H1N1 is less virulent than is being publicized. BUT, the scare is being used to push the vaccines, as part financial scam and part eugenics population reduction program to produce vaccine-induced auto-immune disorders and possible create breeding grounds for a more virulent virus mutations.

Judge Napolitano weighs in on mandatory vaccinations in Massachusetts. The Judge is the only bright spot on Fox, and they've relegated him primarily to the internet.

Retired State Trooper Greg Evensen follows up with confirmation of his earlier report that the mandatory vaccination program will include stainless steel bracelets with microchips. Boston already has such a vaccination tracking system.

Dr. Russell Blaylock has a 4-part video on "What To Do If You're Forced to Take the Swine Flu Shot."
As government becomes increasingly impotent to deliver on its promises, and as the public continues to awaken to the coup that has place the USGov under the direct control of the large banks and financial institutions at the expense of their long-range well-being, we'll see more outrage. The Tea Parties and 912 events are just part of the beginning.

Now we see graffiti appearing at Walgreen's warning of Swine Flu vaccine dangers. Protesters are appearing at drive through vaccination stations handing out literature. They report that some people are turning away as a result, saving them and their children from the vaccine side-effects.

It is also becoming apparent that the entire Homeland Security apparatus has been set up primarily to control the American people themselves. The MIAC reports, the DHS Terrrosim Lexicon, FEMA drills involving foreign military to police the US, and increasing armed military presence in civilian policing situations all point to this for anyone who has eyes to see and is not afraid to think the worst.

Feds Probe Census Working Hanging in Kentucky - Rahm Emanuel, the Israeli agent controlling Obama, hates to let a good crisis go to waste. Now he has a reason to label all who protest the unconstitutional parts of the census (most of it) as potential "domestic terrorists." The MSM drumbeat is already starting. See how obvious it is that the biggest threats to civil order are precisely those people who still believe in the US Constitution?

If you're a Constitutionalist, the nice government men are preparing a "Civilian Inmate Labor Program" to rehabilitate you in a FEMA camp. I hope to review the new video, Camp FEMA, for you next week. I hear it is a blockbuster, and should expose Glenn Beck's lies when he feebly tried to debunk their existence last spring.
Although I've seen numerous reports over the years that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December of 2001, his corpse is brought out like El-Cid on horseback whenever the PTB needs another terrorism booga booga.

The latest bin Laden fake several weeks ago was audio only, as most of them are, and of very poor quality. Isn't it surprising how the average dumbed down American believes that bin Laden masterminded the defeat of the US intelligence agencies and air defense from caves in Afghanistan, but can't afford a $100 video camera to deliver realistic video and audio messages of bin Laden that can easily be verified? Remember: Al Quada (al CIAda) is fake. (See the quote at the upper right hand of the blog.)
War with Iran looks increasingly inevitable. Iran has dumped the US dollar for the Euro to protect the value of its foreign exchange reserves. Saddam signed his death warrant when he did the same thing prior to the US invasion of Iraq. If you think war with Iran will be a good thing, realize that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are helping bankrupt the US, and that both are far from successful. The fallout from war with Iran will likely be radioactive. I hate it when that happens.

Yet our Zionist masters say war with Iran is inevitable unless we impose severe sanctions on Iran. We're hearing all the usual stories about Iranian nukes, atrocities and anything else the MediaWhores can think of to stampede us into war with Iran. We've seen all kinds of "preventative" terrorism ops in the last week to prevent terrorism. So it seems we're likely to get another 9-11 false flag event to conveniently blame on Iran.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Ahmadinehab gave a speech to the UN, much of which could easily be given by any US patriot. But delegates from the US, Canada, Israel and parts of the EU walked out. Nevertheless, he's still a politician in a country where dissent is still suppressed. But that's no reason to go to war with yet another country.
For a good look at how the world really works, check out the interview with whistleblower Sibel Edmonds in "The American Conservative." Though she has been under a gag order for years, much of her story has gotten out. Now that she has spoken out, the MSM is ignoring this detailed story that implicates high level neocons, congressman and the Chicago machine as well as the Israeli and Turkish lobbies.

For another look check out this interview with ex-Congressman James Traficant who just got through serving seven years in prison after being targeted by AIPAC. Israel dominates much of our media, Congress, domestic and foreign policy. How many of you have a knee-jerk reaction that we have to defend Israel at all times and for all reasons? Where did that come from? (Watch all 3 segments.)
The Federal Reserve has admitted to gold swap arrangements that result "in the surreptitious international central bank manipulation of the gold price particularly and the currency markets generally." Seems GATA has been right all along about gold price rigging. Those who have ears to hear will realize that the gold price has been kept artificially low for a long time. You know what that means? Ever try holding a basketball under water for a long time? Maybe it will hit $1500 before year-end. Certainly, if war breaks out with Iran.

Speaking of gold, housing prices have fallen by 2/3 since their 2005 peak -- if priced in gold. Worth thinking about: "Priced in gold, the median house bought 460 ounces of gold in 2001 and 490 ounces at the peak in 2005--a gain of 6%, considerably less than the nominal price in dollars. Had a homeowner eschewed the blandishments of the housing bubble in 2001 and sold his/her home for 460 ounces of gold and rented for eight years, he/she could now buy a home for 160 ounces of gold and have 300 ounces in hand."
You've got to see the pics of Omar Khadafy's female body guards, his "Amazon guard." If two pictures are worth 2,000 words, I can't even begin to think of what they are!
This weekend I'm going to post some great articles on who the Global Elite is and what their plan for the New World Order is. Be sure to check for it.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

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We should probably look for changes to begin occurring sometime around late October, when we 'bomb the moon'.

Apparently, like the Iranians, those already there won't be to thrilled with our overtures.