Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Concentration Camp information contines to roll in

False Flag and FEMA Concentration Camp Update

Yesterday I connected more dots of the coming dictatorship in America. I accidentally caught a radio talk show discussing the FEMA concentration camps. It was NOT mainstream media, but a small Christian station. Even they kept using the terms "internment, resettlement and re-location" in reference to the camps. Everyone seems reluctant to call them what they are: concentration camps.

The show, Faith2Action, had a guest who put the issue in greater context. He pointed out that Obama, his good friend Bill Ayers, other Chicago (Communist?) fellow travelers are lifelong disciples of Saul Alinsky, as is Hillary Clinton.

They played a video of former FBI agent, Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the murderous Weather Underground back in the 70's. Grathwohl told how the leaders discussed the necessity of killing the 25 million Americans they said would not be able to be re-educated to accept their new communist society. Alinsky also talked about how to stage events to provoke a reaction that would then be used to crack down on the people.

Chuck Baldwin just wrote about these camps. He includes a link to a stunning satellite photos of a concentration camp in Idaho. He says: "Obviously, the question that begs to be asked is, 'Who is the US government planning to intern and resettle?' And another question is, 'How many people are they planning to intern that would require the massive number of camps that are apparently being constructed?'" He also notes, as I have, that the Feds have already begun to marginalize patriots of all shapes, preparing the way to round them up and protect society from these dangerous influences. No doubt that Tom Paine, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would be included in this list today.

This image is causing fits for Obama. In this case, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Heath Ledgers's Joker is now an archetypal image of naked, self-conscious evil. The mainstream media never said a thing about the many images of Bush II during his reign of terror, but now depicting Obama as the Joker is racist and disgusting. Oh, how the MSN worships Obama!

In case you haven't seen it, a Pentagon exam calls protests "low level terrorism." So by their definition, all town hall protests are a form of "terrorism." And "terrorists" are who Homeland Security is designed to protect us against. Slick, huh? Feel safer exercising your rights to free speech and free assembly? Or posting signs? On cue, just in time for another false flag operation to blame on members of patriot groups, is this report on the upsurge of militia activity in the US. I fear we will see Obama's 9-11 in September.

Steve Quayle, who has many inside military and law enforcement contacts, has recently been reporting many unusual military maneuvers in Idaho and Montana. Here's a disturbing report from one. Let's see. We tie up our military and National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan, while foreign military keep showing up clandestinely in the US. He also said today that Camp San Luis Obispo is training thousands of snipers for use in a time of civil unrest.
More ObamaLies. How long will those who call themselves "liberals" rationalize away Obama's lies and betrayals. C'mon guys. I thought you considered yourselves smarter and more enlightened than the conservatives who gave Bush II a free pass. Step up to the plate and help stop the fascism train.
Afghanistan promises to be another Viet Nam. It was for the USSR. No one has ever conquered Afghanistan. Obama has almost doubled the number of troops there to 38,000, with the commanding general calling for another 45,000. In July 95 US soldiers died there. It seems the US will do anything for the Zionists. (Hey, Christians. Zionism has nothing to do with the promises to Israel in the Bible. Look it up.)

The Military-Industrial-Banking-Media complex has a huge financial interest in keeping us in perpetual wars. Read "The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War. Millions of lives lost and ruined mean nothing to these monsters who make $billions from war.
Our economic glass is less than half full. Lest you believe the talking heads and invest in the stock market's last hurrah, check out:

The Gifts That Keep on Taking

The Bill is Coming Due

Traders Brace for September Collapse

The Royal Scam

This is a Planned Financial Demolition

How Cash for Clunkers Program hurts the poor and will raise the price of cars for all of us. Time to review Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson where he says the art of economics is merely thinking through the logical consequences of an action. Both Republicans and Democrats need to learn these simple lessons.
Daily posts at George Ure's Urban Survival continues to point out the steady achievement of "markers" validating the time monks' predictions in their latest report, "The Shape of Things to Come," at I highly recommend spending the 10 buck it costs to see what the global unconscious mind is anticipating in the future. Their "summer from hell" marker is gaining momentum.
The CDC seems to be moving ahead with it's "Damn the Torpedoes" approach to forcing untested, and very possibly unneeded, swine flu vaccinations on us this fall. Luckily, there are good Constitutional arguments against forced vaccinations. Not that Presidents and Congress feel constrained by Constitutional limits any more.

In conjunction with the stories on FEMA camps, this story on the manufacture of designer pandemic viruses to consolidate control and reduce world population by the Global Elite make sense. Also, see Biological Warfare and the National Security State.
Violence between competing political groups was a hallmark of Nazi Germany before Hitler totally consolidated his power. His group of thugs were the "brown shirts." Putting his community organizing to good use, Obama is unleashing his own brown shirts. HCAN is organizing efforts to shut down protesters against ObamaCare. Then we have the previously reported "snitch on your neighbors" program for those who oppose ObamaCare. Numerous photos are now on the internet documenting thugs beating up protesters at town hall meetings.

ACORN, of course, now seems to have unlimited funds from numerous government sources to fund its operations. In tough economic times, it should be easy to hire thousands of goons. We've already seen how they're locating the precise GPS locations of all Americans. No doubt the fusion centers are compiling all this data into handy lists for rounding up all potential dissenters to be resettled in FEMA internment camps.

All this fits with Obama's National Civilian Security Force.
That's the way its, folks. Pray and prepare.

Grace and Courage and Peace be with you!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to note it turned out the photos Pastor Baldwin references were doctored photos from North Korean prison camps. However, that has nothing to do with whether the camps are being built.

Marik said...

Got a chuckle out of Pastor Chuck who, flying over Colorado, converses with a fellow passenger about the "internment camps" below.

"Do those look like internment camps to you."

How many internment camps has Pastor Chuck seen from the air that such a question would even pop into Pastor Chuck's mind? Or the mind of his fellow passenger? What are the odds that two paranoid/schizophrenics would be sitting next to each other on such a flight?

And, goodness, one would think that photos of such a facility could be taken from the ground or, at worst, a helicopter. Pictures taken with a telephoto lens.