Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama's Dick Cheney

When Jimmy Carter took office, his Trilateral B team replaced the Gerald Ford’s Trilateral A team. The Powers That Be (PTB) were still in control, despite outward appearances. With Obama, we see the PTB B team (“muscular liberals") again supplanting the PTB A team (NeoCons). “It’s deja vu all over again,” as Yogi Berra would say.

Another helpful way to look at the US political process is to compare it to professional wrestling. You pay your money to watch the wrestlers go through the motions of a real match as entertainment. When it’s over, the owners of the WWE pocket the money, pay the wrestlers for their services and retain control. (At least the World Wresting Entertainment organization has had the integrity to replace “Federation” with “Entertainment” in their name. And the spectators are in on the game, unlike most political partisans.)

With Obama, nothing substantial will change. As Lew Rockwell said: "under Obama, taxes and government spending will increase, government regulation and control over our lives will increase, economic disorder will increase, state police powers will increase, and imperialistic wars will continue unimpeded (and likely increase). In short, the political establishment will continue to pursue its agenda - without a break in meter - regardless of who it places on the throne. In the words of Emma Goldman: 'If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.'"

Confirming our understanding of the nature of the political game, Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel as his Chief Of Staff. The COS is usually the most powerful person on the President’s staff. The COS is the chief gatekeeper for news, analysis, access, as well as the President’s CEO. He has the power to shape POTUS’ view of the world, his thinking and actions. (Cheney’s VP office served this function for Bush, as his immediate puppet master.)

Who is Rahm Emanuel, (known as “Rahmbo” for his tough, abrasive style) and what conclusions can we draw about his appointment as Obama’s COS?

With “Rahmbo” Israeli Zionists cut out the middleman. He is a likely Mossad collaborator, if not outright agent. As the Jerusalem Post says: Emanuel is “a fiercely principled Jew and supporter of Israel, where his pediatrician father, Benjamin, was born and volunteered for the [Zionist terrorist] Irgun before moving to America. Emanuel, whose family name comes from the first name of an uncle killed in a 1933 skirmish with Arabs in Jerusalem, went to summer camp in Israel as a boy and grew up speaking Hebrew with his father. ‘He is unabashed about his own connection to Israel,’ said Michael Kotzin, executive vice president of the Jewish United Fund-Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. ‘If he goes to the White House . . . Israel will have a friend [as POTUS’s right hand man].’"

Deceased Chicago journalist Sherman Skolnick’s reports on Rahmbo are chilling, and well worth your time. You’ll find out about: his influence and fund-raising with the Clintons, Mossad connections, White House sex scandals, nuclear secret sales to China, Chinese secret police, money laundering, Monica Lewinsky, and more. Mossad controls elections, politicians and media in the US and Britain.

The Palestinians are alarmed, and see Rahmbo’s appointment as a signal of no change in American policy in the Middle East. If Obama names Dennis Ross “Special Envoy to the Middle East,” their fears will only increase. If he picks Jane Harman has CIA head, we may have a pro-war trifecta in charge of Obama’s foreign policy.

In a revealing article, John Walsh details much about Rahmbo as a hawk on Iraq, advocating increasing the size of the military and setting up a new domestic spying operation to fight “terror.” After volunteering for Israel during the 1991 Gulf War to “rust-proof brakes” on an “army base,” he returned to the US to join the Clinton campaign “opening a spigot on needed campaign funds.” [From where, and why?] After leaving the Clinton administration, he spent 2 1/2 years for Wall Street financier Bruce Wasserman, hauling in a nice $18 million for his efforts. Makes you wonder what the story behind the story is. I can’t help but wonder if Rahmbo helped “open the spigot” for Obama’s reported $200 million in funds from “unknown sources.”

With Rahmbo as COS, no longer will the Israelis have to engage in ordinary spying (Jonathan Pollard, Aldrich Ames, Richard Perle, Larry Franklin, “art students,” et al.) to get access to US secrets. One of their own is deep on the inside, and will have access to any and all the information Israel wants.

Progressive are already figuring out that Rahmbo’s appointment as COS means they’ve been conned into thinking that Obama was anti-war. He supported Bush’s 2003 Iraq invasion and recently fought against restricting Bush’s ability to wage war on Iran. As head of the DNC Congressional campaigns in 2006, he successfully filtered out anti-war Dems in favor of their pro-war opponents. Samantha Power, often referred to as “the other half of Obama’s brain,” is a strong supporter of “humanitarian imperialism” by advocating military intervention in oil-rich Darfur. Such crusades for “human dignity” could result in a foreign policy worse than Bush’s. Many are beginning to see that we really have a One-Party system. Rahmbo will help continue the expansion of American empire.

Paul Craig Roberts gives a comprehensive run-down of Rahmbo’s top picks so far. Roberts says “Obama’s selection of Rahm Israel Emanuel as White House chief of staff is a signal that change ended with Obama’s election. The only thing different about the new administration will be the faces.”

Dick Eastman has long fought the abuses of the Bush-Clinton-Bush administration. He sees Obama as a fresh face that will allow the PTB to finish the destruction of America. I disagree with very little of his assessment. We’ve got to wake people up, especially those entranced by Obama.

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