Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stop the Bailout! Act Today!!

**News Flash!** According to Sen. Shelby, the Demo bailout plan includes $billions to go to ACORN and other favored Obama community organizations for them to use to handout and buy votes in November!

This is it! If we are to save our country, please act today to stop the Bailout!

Please do not delay. The vote may happen Friday.

If the Bailout passes, freedom will probably never return to America.

Ron Paul has the best summary of this swindle engineered by Fat Cats, for Fat Cats. If the people of this nation rise up in numbers and say "Enough is enough!" then we have a chance. Support is anemic among the people, and many Senators and Congressmen are afraid to vote for it. Here's a comic strip that says it all.

Ignore the Mainstream Media. They are controlled by the same people who want the Bailout!

You can find the phone numbers of your Senators and Congressman here. Call NOW, not later. Tell them "no more bailouts for Wall Street crooks!" Then pick your most detestable boondoggle -- the wars, illegal immigration, etc. and tell them the madness has to stop! We're bankrupting our country and selling out our children's and grandchildren's futures.

If you need more ammunition, read "Wall Street's Trillion Dollar Swindle," "No Amnesty for Wall Street," and look here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Here's Wolf Blitzer inverviewing Ron Paul. Paul deconstructs all the bogus arguments of Wall Street and Bush. Dr. Paul is perhaps the only person in Congress who understands what the problem really is. He says we can have a year or two of pain with no, or a decade of pain and loss of our freedom with the Bailout.

Please act today. Every phone call counts! Turn up the heat to they will see the light!! The future of America really does depend upon it.

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'Sandie' said...

Great post and thanks for joining our facebook group with phone and faxes listed too


PS This one is for all the marbles folks, don't let them roll us again . . .