Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Need to Restore the Spirit of Liberty in America

America is at a crossroads. Do we resurrect the Spirit of Liberty that brought forth history's greatest experiment in human freedom? Or do we continue down the path toward fascism?

The disastrous legacy of the Cheney-Bush administration -- the pending financial disaster, the rise of the total surveillance security state, and the prospect of endless war -- threaten the survival of our Republic. Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain has the principles, vision and character to lead us toward more freedom and renewed prosperity. Congressional leadership is no better.

Congressman and medical doctor Ron Paul stands apart, and mostly alone, as a man dedicated to the principles of political liberty. He spoke Truth to Power in the Republican primaries and
became a phenomenon among young adults. He raised more money in the last quarter of 2007 than any other Republican. He insisted that his campaign was not about him, about the principles he holds and presents clearly and consistently.

Please read Dr. Paul's "Something Big Is Going On" to set the tone for your Independence Day holiday. And get his New York Times best-selling book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, for a clear-headed analysis and call to action. Michael Scheuer, recently retired CIA agent and expert on the mess we've made in the Middle East, reviews it here.

It is up to the people who discern the times, and know what should be done, to stand up and be counted. Only a precious few are able to see and think outside the bogus left-right analytical grid that obfuscates the real issues pertinent to political freedom. That you are reading this blog shows that you are one of them. With knowledge, comes responsibility. Take it!

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