Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feds Radiating Americans

America's current reality as described by George Orwell 1984 is our current theme. Orwell portrayed Statism -- an all-inclusive police state with controls designed to keep the masses of "proles" from realizing they were slaves. The implementation of the total surveillance society in America ramped up drastically after the false flag 9-11 attacks. No doubt, setting up the Amerikan police state was one of the primary goals of this blood-thirsty coup.

Homeland Security is first, and foremost, about controlling the American people. If defending us from external terrorists of the "Islamo-fascist" variety were the goal, the border would have been sealed from day one, and we would not have seen the illegal immigration of 18 million people in the interim. You'd think at least one terrorist disguised as a Mexican illegal would be hiding at least a bar of C4 to detonate in some unsecured shopping mall to disrupt Christmas shopping and injure our economy and spoil the holidays. Hasn't happened, has it?  This conclusion is such a no-brainer that it is lost only on the die-hard supporters of Bush-Obama and the CorpGov fake TwoPartySystem. They are the willingly enslaved who doom their grandchildren to poverty on the CorpGov plantation.

Alex Jones has today's lead story detailing the roll-out of hundreds of mobile backscatter X-ray machines to spy on Americans on roadways, athletic facilities, and in their homes in addition to the ongoing roll-out of the "naked body" X-ray scanners by TSA at American airports. These will be used in conjunction with their ControlGrid databases for DNA, fingerprints, blood, facial and body recognition, to track us everywhere we go. Moreover, repeated low-level radiation doses increase one's susceptibility to many cancers, so this is a "slow kill" operation as well. The Ruling Class can't let us become "useless eaters," and BigMedPharma is determined to drain our families' net worth as they use their cut-burn-poison arsenal on us in "heroic" efforts to "save" our lives in our last few months on earth.

Already Italy has pulled out the naked body scanners due to potential dangers. I suggest you avoid them at all costs if you must fly. Complain to the airlines that they deter you from flying. Take the extra time to get inspected if you need to. Massive, peaceful noncompliance is one of the acts we can each use to fight back and bog down the system. (That's one reason why new reporting requirements for taxes are being rolled out.)

Television is the Ruling Class's most pervasive propaganda tool. Most of us think we are immune to its effects. To the extent that we are aware of the true state of affairs, that may be true. We've developed some discernment as to what we're watching. But what we don't get as well is that when we watch TV we go into a hypnotic-like state that opens portals into our mind, soul and spirit that allow input not only of what we're overtly aware, but also that which we are not -- the subliminal messages and even ideas and images that can intrude on frequencies beyond our conscious awareness. "The physical way in which TV affects the brain makes it a  perfect vehicle for propaganda.  It’s important to note that your eyes grow directly, stem-like, from the brain. They really are the window to the soul and the perfect conduit to access the brain’s inner sanctums."

These statistics from a recent survey illustrate the problem:
  • Each day in the U.S., people spend on average 4.7 hours watching TV, 3 hours listening to the radio and 14 minutes reading magazines.
  • The projected average number of hours an individual (12 and older) will spend watching television this year is 1,750.
  • In a 65-year life, the average person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.
Mind-boggling, huh? These come from a Burning Platform post on the author's re-reading of Fahrenheit 451. This must-read article is rich in insights: "Bradbury envisioned gigantic flat screen wall TVs that interacted with the audience and people wearing seashell earbuds so they could listen to the radio. Anything to keep from reading, thinking, questioning or wondering. Today, anesthetized kids and non-thinking adults sit in front of the boob tube with their Playstation controllers in hand and a microphone attached to their ear, killing zombies while talking to their fellow warriors, sitting in their own living rooms somewhere in the world."

The Police State needs constant crises to expand and maintain its power. The movie "V is for Vendetta" illustrates how false flag terrorism is a time-tested method used by tyrannies to increase their power and demonize their opposition. Rahm Immanuel, Obama's Zionist chief-of-staff and fellow lifetime member of Chicago's top gay bath house club, is famously quoted that a crisis should never be wasted, but used to advance one's political agenda. That's why it is naive to think that the Obamanoids really believe that the policies they're pushing will make things better for the USEconomy and most Americans. That is not their goal.

On the contrary, they know what they're doing. Sure, some Obamanoids may be merely misguided Keynesians who don't understand economics. But the inner circle are surely following the Saul Alinsky-inspired Cloward-Piven strategy that bankrupted New York City in 1974. Their goal is to so overwhelm the US economy and destroy our vital moral, spiritual and economic infrastructure and foundations that we will never recover. This conveniently ties in with the long-term strategy of the globalists pushing for a New World Order. Let that sink in for a few moments. It may change your life.

Numerous informed observers are concluding that the US as the founders intended is dead (a walking zombie, I said in my previous post). The The End of the Rule of Law in America, says Bob Livingston. Paul Craig Roberts has written recently about The Nazification of the United States, Death by Globalism, The Collapse of Western Morality, and It's Official: The US is a Police State.

Meanwhile, everyone acts as if everything is "normal." I still get lots of eye-rolling whenever I try to talk with people about what's happening, what's important that will affect their and their offspring's futures in the most negative of ways. But most of them are plugged into the MindControlMedia that soothingly tells them that everything's under control, or if they are alarmed, at least the Tea Party and Sarah Palin will save them as the Republicans expect to re-take control of Congress in November. If that happens, all we'll see is a change in rhetoric and faces as the good guys and bad guys change roles in our political pro-wrestler con game.

Before you Conservatives get excited about the prospects, just remember Charlie Schlutz' classic Peanuts cartoons that coincidentally ran every fall around election time. No matter how fervently Lucy promised she wouldn't pull away the football just before Charlie was to kick it, she always did. Fooled again, Charlie Brown. Will we fall for it again, too? Remember also that without Bush, Obama would not have been possible. At the end of the day, they work for the same Banksters.

Speaking of propaganda, here's a just-in example of the MindControlMedia financial talking heads busy at work persuading the average American to ignore the continuing 10-years upward march in gold and silver prices because the "bubble" is about to burst! Right. Not!! I hope you're learning to SpotTheProp and ignore them.

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