Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beck's Fruits

Glenn Beck accomplished his goal when Rick Perry won the GOP primary in Texas. Perry won 51% of the vote, Hutchinson came in second and Debra Medina finished third with 19%. Before the Beck hatchet job, Medina was catching on rising about 4-5 points a week in the polls. She was a 20% when Beck blind-sided her and never recovered.

The jury is no longer out on Beck. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Jesus said that we would know someone by the fruits of their actions. In this case, Beck's fruit is rotten. His intentional surprise attack on Medina was a critical blow to her campaign.

Anyone who loves liberty, the Constitution and is aware of the importance of establishing 10th Amendment rights and State Sovereignty as a primary protection against tyrannical federal government cannot at the same time hold Glenn Beck as a champion of our cause.

Alex Jones called a probable GOP Presidential slate for 2012 - Perry and Palin. It's a long time until then, but so far that sounds as plausible as anything else. Thus far it looks like undiscerning Tea Party folks will fall for it. Beck and Palin are taking their acts on the road, appearing together in Tulsa Friday night.

So far the conservative leader I wrote about in my last is totally unrepentant about his unqualified support of Beck, claiming he has no time do do the research, even when provided with the links.

Obama continues to disappoint. Now it appears that freedom of the internet will now die on his watch. How's that for "hope"?

Pat Buchanan lists recent reasons why the Global Warming scare is becoming known as the "Hoax of the Century." This will make no difference to the true believers who regard GW with religious belief or the Marxists who are using it to push their political agenda.

Crashing Toward a New World Social Order 2012?

Fortunately some of the sheeple on the Left are waking up about how bad Barky is:
Ralph Nader Was Right about Barack Obama

The Right agrees:
Obama the "Biggest Disaster in American History - move over Jimmy Carter

This weekend I'll be publishing a list of articles with all the information you need to protect your capital and retirement plan from destruction.

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