Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Obama Deception and Economic Collapse

Though I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from posting my blog for two months, I've not stopped analyzing current events with an eye toward developing meaningful responses. I've enjoyed my respite from the depressing task of chronicling the collapse of most of the world's economies and the apparent end of what remains of Constitutional government in the US.

If I didn't think that my musings might be helpful to some of my readers, I would stop taking the time to do this. Time is the most limited resource. So if you find my posts helpful, please let me know. I'm certainly not doing this for the money! I write in hopes of helping to wake people up and motivate them to take actions to survive the Crisis we've entered.

While I wish I could report that the Obama administration's actions in his first 50 days fulfill his promise of "hope" and meaningful "change" for the better, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the Obamanation is proving to be every bit as bad as I feared, and probably worse. Most every prediction I made in my post of January 2nd is coming true.

Whatever his motives -- whether sincerely trying to do the best for America (doubtful) or cynically carrying out a plan for the global financial elite to impoverish and enslave us (likely) -- his announced policies and pending legislation by his party and allies spell doom for the American Dream and Constitutionally-limited government of our founders.

While the timing of future economic events and consequences is uncertain, their probability is high. Austrian economic theory (Mises, Hayek, Rothbard) makes it easy to see why Keynesianism has failed over the long term, and why more of the same will not save us this time. Peter Schiff's accurate predictions 2006-2007 were based on Austrian theory. Government produces nothing but chaos and inefficiency, and certainly can't create productive jobs any better than the market can. All it can do is regulate, mandate, borrow and inflate away the value of our currency, as well as wage wars and otherwise meddle in the affairs of other nations.

What we need to do is follow the Austrian prescription and restore a sound monetary system. Abolish the Federal Reserve, balance the budget, bring home the troops to provide a real homeland defense giving a real stimulus to the economy with the freed up money, and let the economy purge itself of all the malinvestments caused by the last 95 years of stimulus and fiat money creation.

That is not likely to happen because politicians feel like they "have to do something," and fiat money gives them the ability to buy votes and favor their friends (see the "stimulus" bill's fine print). Instead, we have initial bailout commitments in the range of $8.5 Trillion with a derivative bomb of $700 Trillion to 1.28 Quadrillion still waiting to detonate. Do you think your paper dollar-based investments are going to retain their value? There is a good reason why gold is the best-performing investment of the last twelve months. This year gold will probably rise to $1500-2000 measured in depreciating USD. Shortages in gold coins are again appearing, as the Mint has decided to stop producing fractional coins altogether.

If you are still listening to mainstream financial advisers, stop it (unless they told you to sell your stocks by last summer and invest in gold). They are part of the system. They don't make any money off you unless they invest your money in conventional investments. Once you buy gold and silver and put it in a safe place, they make no money off you. So why on earth would they tell you otherwise, unless they are highly ethical?

Jon Stewart did a masterful job last week chopping up Jim Cramer (see video) as the face of all the CNBC and other mainstream financial commentators who have always promoted conventional investments and the buy-and-hold mantra. What a sad state of affairs when it takes a late-night cable TV comedian to step into the gap vacated by financial journalists. No wonder newspapers are going broke! People want the truth!! I rarely miss watching The Daily Show.

Do not be deceived by the current strength of the USD relative to other currencies which are deteriorating more rapidily. This short term so-called "flight to safety" (sic) into the USD and the continuing near-zero interest rate on treasury debt is just the latest financial bubble. The Treasury has to float 2.7 $Trillion ($450 billion a month) in new debt by September, and no one has the cash. If they get it, the bubble gets even bigger. If they don't, watch it burst.

The flight from the USD could come suddenly and happen rapidly. The global consequences could be more devastating than anyone wants to contemplate. The global financial system is so interconnected, that it could suffer a massive meltdown. When the bubble bursts, expect a stampede into precious metals, commodities and other real wealth stores of value.

We're seeing The Looting of America's Coffers right before our eyes! To add injury to insult, the head of the Fed and Treasury Secretary refuse to tell us who the ultimate recipients are! Moreover, Washington is preparing the FDIC for massive bank failures with a new bill authorizing $500 billion in "loans" to insure bank deposits. (Now we know why 60 Minutes featured the FDIC smoothly handling a bank failure last week.)

It is important for you to realize deep down in your gut that the economy is not in a mere "recession," no matter how much you hear the talking heads say it. We are in a collapse or "massive deleveraging" or Greater Depression or a condition "worse than the Great Depression" exacerbated by the actions in the last days of the Bush Administration and continued by Obama. (Always remember that Obama worked hard to get the original Banker Bailout Bill passed last fall.) That being the case, we all need to make preparations NOW to survive in precarious times unlike any most of us have ever experienced.

Increasing numbers of people are already making preparations. The basics include: putting in a basic food supply (yes, "victory gardens" are back); a water source and filtration system; secure heirloom seeds and plant a food garden; securing a supply of basic medications; securing self-defense tools and abilities; converting paper investments to gold, silver and barter items; relocating to a safer location if possible; and many more. See the excellent Dare to Prepare. Also read Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects.

Governments at any level will not be able to save us. The politicians don't have the money or the expertise. What's more, with unemployment rising and oil prices and property values falling, tax receipts are falling. So most governments are experiencing significant budget shortfalls, if not outright bankruptcy. Services and transfer payments will be cut. Most pensions will not be paid, except with greatly depreciated dollars. Most baby boomers won't spend their "golden years" on the golf course, unless they had the foresight to put their investments into gold (and if golf courses are not planted in food or covered with tent cities).

Most pensions and government retirement, medical and insurance programs are all Ponzi schemes that depend on continual economic growth and new contributors to keep paying out benefits. Experts have been warning for a generation that Social Security and Medicare are unfunded liabilities (the "trust funds" are "invested" in government IOUs) and would go bankrupt sometime between 2010 and 2020 when the baby boomers move significantly into their retirement years.

The politicians at the national level mostly know all this. Reports of the super-secret closed-door session of Congress a year ago say they were warned then about the coming financial crisis last September and the prospects for martial law. Senator Inhofe and Rep. Brad Sherman both reported that impending martial law was the threat used to push through the Banker Bailout Bill after its initial rejection.

My personal view is that we are headed for outright, conscious dictatorship under Obama. If you are still misty-eyed and goose-bumpy over the "hope" you have in Obama, I'd urge you to look at the facts and connect the dots for yourself. You are just as prone to make the same kinds of denials, rationalizations and justifications for Obama as conservatives made for the incredibly reprehensible actions of the the Cheney-Bush cabal. It is human nature not to admit you've been wrong or conned. I often ask Obama fans if they think Obama supporters will stay in denial as long as Bush supporters did. The most common response is silence and a blank stare.

Obama is no more in charge than Bush was. His "lost years" make speculation about his being some kind of "Manchurian Candidate" easy. They work for the same people. Obama had three times the amount of campaign contributions from Wall Street as John McCain, and his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, made his fortune in a few years of investment banking plying the connections he made in the Clinton administration.

Whether you want to call them the global elite, the Illuminati, the Anglo-American establishment, the Capitalists, the Communists, or whatever, they are the same people that have been in control from more than a hundred years. No one becomes President without their blessing and support, and no one stays President unless they go along with the program.

It is no accident that Obama's administration is stuffed full of members of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, ex-Wall Street financiers and Zionist agents. When Jimmy Carter replaced Gerald Ford, it was commonly said that the Trilateral B Team was simply replacing the Trilateral A Team. For a good overview watch Alex Jones' new film, The Obama Deception. Share this video with all your friends.

If your mind wants to reject this kind of thinking as "conspiratorial," just ask yourself where did this revulsion against "conspiracies" came from? Did you come to this conclusion yourself, or did you pick it up in college or from the mainstream media? As Murray Rothbard wrote "It is also important for the State to inculcate in its subjects an aversion to any outcropping of what is now called 'a conspiracy theory of history.' For a search for 'conspiracies,' as misguided as the results often are, means a search for motives, and an attribution of individual responsibility for the historical misdeeds of ruling elites."

Some required introductory reading in this field includes: Conspiracy: A Biblical View (free pdf); Call It Conspiracy; The Creature from Jekyll Island; The Occult Technology of Power (free).

It is easy to make the case that the recently passed "stimulus bill" is a prescription for chaos designed to consolidate more power in Washington, specifically in the Executive branch. "It has all been planned. And the goal is not to help the economy. The goal is to achieve chaos, because chaos leads to more government control . . . They don't believe they should be bothered with elections or dissent or any of the nuisances of a free society. They believe they deserve perpetual power, because they are part of the enlightened elite.

Prepare for harder times than you have seen in your lifetime.
Prepare for more debt.
Prepare for more redistribution of wealth, more unfairness and inequity.
Prepare for one bailout after another.
Prepare for more "emergency" legislation like the so-called "stimulus" bill.
Prepare for unilateral
executive action through presidential decision directives.
Prepare for attacks on the free press and free speech.
This is where we are inevitably going with the "change" promises by Obama.
You're going to get change all right.
The government is going to show you how bad it can get, so you will accept its most draconian solutions.
You haven't seen anything yet."

Obama's prescription for Amerika is a "toxic brew" that seems intent on a revolutionary upheaval that will move us closer to the USSR, Nazi Germany or Castro's Cuba than anything imagined by our Founders.

In my next post, I'll get into more detail about the coming dictatorship. Start preparing NOW!

I cannot stress enough that you should try to listen to Alex Jones Sunday-Friday. You can hear a continuous loop of his 4 hour show. You can also subscribe to his podcast and control your listening. I also recommend Michael Rivero's What Really Happened radio show and web site, which also runs continuous loops, so you can listen any time you want to. Peruse these sites, as well as the others listed as my "top news sites," and you'll be able to get far more than I give you on my blog.

Grace and Peace and Courage to you!

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